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Monday, November 19, 2012

Switch by Desiree Holt, Lisabet Sarai, Elizabeth Coldwell, Wendi Zwaduk, Amy Valenti, Lauren Gallagher

Switch by Desiree Holt, Lisabet Sarai, Elizabeth Coldwell, Wendi Zwaduk, Amy Valenti, Lauren Gallagher
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (240 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Fetish, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Thistledown

'Top or Bottom?' by Desiree Holt

When you think something is missing from your BDSM relationship, maybe it's time to ask 'top or bottom?'

Both Keith and Shea were looking for something a little different in the BDSM world. Their chance meeting in an adult toy store gave them the opportunity to switch for an afternoon.

But when their playtime was over, would they be fulfilled? And could they go back to their normal roles or would they still crave something more?

Reader Advisory: This book contains active BDSM play and a high degree of smuttiness.

'Mastering Maya' by Lisabet Sarai

Behind the mask of control hides a spirit aching to surrender.

Mistress Maya bears the nickname 'The Ice Queen'. Her precision in administering discipline, her skill in evoking a submissive's devotion, and her unshakable self-control are legendary in the small but active Boston kink community.

From the moment newcomer Master Shark sees Maya flogging a sub at Club Inferno, he's obsessed with her beauty and power. He'd determined to break through her defenses and bring her the same release she grants to the lucky slaves she tops. When Maya dismisses Shark as young and inexperienced, he offers her a challenge: a night together, during which he'll show her what it means to be mastered. If he fails to bring her to new heights of sensation, he agrees to become her slave.

What begins as a test of wills evolves into something deeper and more intense. As the younger man uses his insight and skill to coax Maya into submission, he comes to understand the wounded spirit hiding behind her mask of control. Can he make Maya trust him enough to surrender? Or will the flawless, untouchable dominatrix take possession of his body as well as his heart?

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to gang-rape and the ignoring of a safe word, which take place prior to the start of the book. It also contains scorching scenes of D/s and pain play.

'Wagers of Sin' by Elizabeth Coldwell

Selina will never be a true dominant until she learns to submit...and Marcus bets he can show her how.

Selina prides herself on her skills as a dominatrix, with a string of pretty slave boys as her lovers. But these affairs never last, and her equally dominant best friend, Marcus, knows she needs something more. He claims she'll never be a true dominant until she learns what it means to submit, and during a day at the races, he offers her a wager to prove it. If his horse wins, she must submit to him for a month. If it loses, he'll switch and become her slave.

When the horse takes first place, Selina's world is turned upside down. Mistress becomes servant, as Marcus puts her through her paces, issuing instructions she's forced to obey and making her endure the most public of punishments. But Selina can't deny she loves the feeling of submitting to her gorgeous friend, even as he tests her to her limits. She might have lost the bet, but has she won the love of a true master?

Reader Advisory: This book contains anal play and all the excitement of a day at the races!

'Still The One' by Wendi Zwaduk

She'll be his salvation if he's willing to switch.

Being stressed out sucks, especially when you're in charge of a team. Just ask Eric Trask. The pit crew of the Fifty-Four truck team depends on him. The stress of keeping things running smoothly is wearing Eric down. What's a guy to do to get a little relief?

Janine Walters knows exactly what Eric's up against. She's the public relations face of the team. Pressure is all a part of the job. Her outlet for stress just happens to be wielding a crop.

Can Eric embrace her methods for stress relief or will her suggestion tear their fragile relationship apart?

Reader Advisory: This book contains the use of a crop, spanking, a little bondage, a little pegging, some toys and a woman who knows how to use a strap on to pleasure her man.

'Switching Off' by Amy Valenti

With his collar around her throat and her pulse pounding through her body, can she switch off enough to submit to his every whim?

Nina loves her job in middle management—her dominant personality and organisational skills make her indispensable to her employers. But, when her boss puts too many demands on her department, she finds it impossible to leave her job at her desk and enjoy her weekend with her sexy best friend, Jon.

When Jon takes away her phone and tells her she's not allowed to check her emails until Monday morning, Nina challenges his right to order her around. His response is to kiss her into silence, then to order her to her knees. What's even more startling is that Nina finds herself obeying—though not without a fight.

Can Jon succeed in getting Nina to switch off her managerial self as well as her phone? Or will she safeword before she can reach the sublime subspace he's promised to guide her into?

Reader Advisory: This book contains BDSM play and a woman who shirks her duties at work for a kinky two-hour lunch tryst—shocking!

'Who Compels My Strength' by Lauren Gallagher

'Can switching roles restore their confidence in their Dom/sub relationship, or are these doubts happening for a reason?

After some seemingly open-minded friends turn up their noses at Bridget and Ian's kinky lifestyle, both start having doubts of their own. Ian wonders if he truly is mistreating his wife, and Bridget can't shake her friend's accusation that she's a wimp and a doormat for letting her husband beat her.

To put their worries to bed, Bridget and Ian switch roles. Tonight, she's in charge, and they're each walking in the other's shoes.

But what happens if those shoes don't fit?

Reader Advisory: This book contains Dominance/submission, pain play (nipple clamps, flogger)

Turning the tables in a BDSM relationship can get a bit dicey, but isn’t that part of the fun?

The six stories in this collection are seductive and show how delicious it can be to change roles for a night, or longer. There aren’t that many books that delve into the charged role of a switch. The ability to move back and forth between the Dominant and submissive role is exhilarating and each of these stories comes across in a different way. Part of the mystique of BDSM is the dynamic of the power exchange. What makes a top a top and a bottom a bottom? In this collection, you find your own boundaries tested as you experience situations that will have you squirming in your seat.

Top or Bottom by Desiree Holt is the first piece in the collection and the imagery was amazing. Being in an adult toy store and striking up a conversation with another customer and having things move in a kinky direction was oh so delicious. This story was the perfect beginning to the book and brought you places I was longing to go, only I didn’t know it. Hurray for the special twist at the end. No, I am not telling…You have to read this one to ferret out the hidden delights for yourself. Trust me. It will be worth it.

Mastering Maya is the second story and at once, I was captivated by Lisbet Sarai’s vision. Maya is a Domme that stays detached from her subs during dungeon play and feels the eyes of a new Dom watching from the audience. The magnetism and pride take them both in interesting directions. The name, Master Shark, was different, but it didn’t change the way I felt about the story. It was hot. The building tension between the two characters was fire hot and when they ended up at opposite ends of the flogger, things sizzled and popped.

Wagers of Sin is the third piece and Elizabeth Coldwell does an excellent job of teasing the senses with her description of a Dom having the tables turned on him and the sub taking the reins. I eagerly turned the pages on this one and could not get enough of her descriptive style.

Still the One is the fourth story by Wendy Zwaduk. This story was a little different as it has a setting in the racing world and not in the usual bondage situations. Here you have a man stressed out of his mind and erupting after his promotion into the job of manager. His friend has a suggestion that will blow his mind in more ways than one and we are happily along for the ride. This is an original story and a bit lighter than some of the other reads in this collection, but the application is still the same. Boy, isn’t it nice to see the tables turned and oh what a relief it can be.

Switching Off is story number five. It is penned by Amy Valenti and as with anything I have ever read by this author, it gets right into hot sex scenes and some pretty interesting predicaments. Management is stressful. No doubt about it. How wonderful that our heroine Nina has a Dom in the closet friend in Jon who can help her with her little problem. And take her in hand he does. Nina was a bit of a pill at first, but as Jon works her into submission, I found myself sighing contentedly wishing I could borrow him for awhile.

Who Compels My Strength is the last piece and was written by Lauren Gallagher. I enjoyed this story. What if you thought you knew somebody and had sort of, well, slept with their husband a few times in a swinger kind of way and all of a sudden they judge you for your kinky ways? People are funny. It happens all the time. When Bridget and Ian are left feeling bewildered after their dinner date goes off kilter, Bridget has a plan to turn the tables to see things from the other side of the whip so to speak. This story was imaginative and really led you into what it feels like to hold a Dom in your clutches and have your wicked way with him. Seriously. I was half taking notes.

These stories are perfect for readers of BDSM erotic fiction that want a bit of a change. It was great to see the tables turned on Doms/Dommes and see the other side of the coin is just as shiny. Absolutely stunning with imagery, sex scenes, dialog and overall emotional draw for the reader, this book has some great scenarios. The only points in the book that bothered me at all were very minor. Master Shark as a character name in Mastering Maya and Nina’s attitude in Switching Off, but neither of those things made any impact (with a flogger or otherwise) on my extreme savoring of this collection.

If you are game for a bit of a different flick of the wrist, try this collection. You won’t be disappointed. It is one of my favorite reads lately.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks for your kind words and the five stars!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks! The kind words are very much appreciated. :D

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thank you for the fantastic review! Much appreciated!