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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Liaison by Aliyah Burke

Holiday Liaison by Aliyah Burke
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Interracial
Length: Short Story (123 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating 4.5 stars
Reviewed By Fuchsia

A Christmas getaway may be just the thing to fulfill your greatest desires.

Conall Lennox is trying something new this holiday, a single's gathering at a resort in Colorado. The woman he meets there is a breath of fresh air for him. It doesn't take long and he's envisioning a lot longer than the short time they have together.

Sage Addison comes to the Village Resort to avoid the stress of Christmas with her nagging family. Still, meeting tall, dark, and handsome makes her think of spending more than just Christmas with him.

After their time together is over will Conall and Sage learn that not all liaisons are meant to be brief but can be the beginning of something new, something wonderful? Miracles can and do happen in Wonderland.

Holiday Liaison is the third book in a collaboration of three authors, Aliyah Burke, Yvette Hines and Bridget Midway. Each book by these authors had original characters but the stories are connected by the setting which threads throughout all three books. Rekindling Christmas by Yvette Hines, O come by Bridget Midway and Holiday Liaison by Aliyah Burke all take place at the Village Resort in Starview, Colorado. The characters all come to the Village Resort for the singles week hoping to find a match or just to have fun. These three authors also collaborated another time with the Taken series.

In Holiday Liaison, Sage Addison decides to make it a real vacation by booking two weeks at the Village Resort and staying until the day after Christmas. Sage just wants to avoid hearing her mother harp on her about not being married, not giving her any grandbabies, and trying to get her back with her ex Charles. She figures that she will relax the first week, get in some skiing, sightseeing and then enjoy the singles event the resort offers the following week.

Conall Lennox’s three co-workers Ben, Travis and Steve talked him into going to singles week at Village Resort because they wanted him to relax. All he did was work, they wanted him to meet women and maybe have a liaison with one or more of them. Conall had no intention of doing that he wanted to get through the week and get back to work, but then he saw Sage standing there watching him and his friends as they got out of the van.

Holiday Liaison was an excellent read, the characters were likeable and this reader enjoyed watching Conall and Sage’s love affair blossom. Their love developed slowly but it was a welcome change from stories that has the characters ‘hooking up’ after seeing one another from across a crowded room, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It was just a refreshing change especially since you knew that when they did get together it would be well worth the wait.

Even though this was a short story, the characters were very well developed even the supporting characters were fun to get to know, and they added to the story. I like that Sage didn’t have the typical office job and that she was a forest ranger which added to her appeal. A strong female character to match a strong male character makes the story interesting and memorable. Holiday Liaison can be read as a standalone but you will get more enjoyment out of it if you read the series, especially since Cynda Richmond the main character from O Come as well as Ryanne McCall the main character from Rekindling Christmas each meet and interact with Sage. So I recommend that you pick up all three books, sit in your favorite chair and surround yourself in the spirit of Christmas.

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