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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon by Doris O’Connor; Raven McAllan; Cherie Nicholls; Michaela Rhua; Arya Grey

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon by Doris O’Connor, Raven McAllan, Cherie Nicholls, Michaela Rhua, Arya Grey
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (170 pgs)
Other: M/F, anal sex, multiple partners, spanking
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

When the blood moon coincides with Halloween, the forces of darkness unite to wreak their evil spells. Will this All Hallows Eve bring joy or sorrow? Curses abound and destiny calls, as a vampire watches over his human. Devils atone to the moon, and shifters hunt their mate on land protected by a powerful white witch. An angel takes human shape to protect the gypsy girl he loves, and a black widow hunts her prey in human form.

In these five chilling and sexy tales, is love enough to break the cycle? Or is all lost under the orange glow of the menacing sphere in the sky?

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon is an anthology with five different paranormal stories.

Destined Lovers by Doris O’Connor was a nice story with characters that I quickly came to like, for as just as Suzzanna felt entirely human, Drake had that otherworldly characteristic that made him exquisite. However, I found the ending of this short to be a bit confusing.

Atone for the Moon by Raven McAllan had some spanking but it was not sizzling hot in the sex department. It was definitely a fun story that had me laughing at some points but I believe it could have been much more enjoyable had it been longer.

Property Lines by Cherie Nicholls was my favorite of the five stories in The Eclipse of the Blood Moon anthology. The chemistry between Adam and Celeste is present from beginning to end making it impossible to drop the story. Ms. Nicholls write a short, very hot story that feels complete (even if I would have loved to learn more about the characters).

Gypsy Butterfly by Michaela Rhua was different. Though the interaction between the characters felt a bit forced, the plot idea was interesting and different.

The Black Widow by Arya Grey was not your usual vamp story. With a very original idea and very vivid descriptions, I really would have liked to read more on this one, especially since the ending felt a bit rushed to my taste.

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon was, in conclusion, a good and entertaining read with stories suited for all those that like things that go bump in the night.

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