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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Sexiest Time of the Year: Erotic Encounters at the Yule Season by Clarice Clique, JP Archer, Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

The Sexiest Time of the Year: Erotic Encounters at the Yule Season by Clarice Clique, JP Archer, Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej
Publisher: Renaissance E-books
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Holiday, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (161 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Multiple Partners, Forced Seduction, Fisting, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

During the holiday season everyone's thoughys turn to amour. Everyone has an idea of what kind of romantic or sexual encounter they want as a present. No wonder it is the sexiest time of the year. Have a happy, merry, and - best of all - kinky holiday season with this anthology of yule erotica! Wishes are fulfilled from true love to forbidden sexual longings in these stories by Clarice Clique, JP Archer And Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, and edited by our own master of erotic romance, Sascha Illyvich!

Cold winter nights are perfect for snuggling up to someone to keep warm, and if you don't have someone you better find them quick. That is what these stories are all about; they may not love each other just yet, but they sure do enjoy sharing some body heat.

Winter by Clarice Clique

Winter has always been viewed as a time of death before spring, which brings a new beginning. In this historical fiction story the death is not only of the planets, but of the sacrifice that must be made to the gods so they will show favor and make the season less harsh and help in a fruitful bounty of spring. Yet, Therion made a grave mistake this season and instead of choosing a virgin he decides to sacrifice the witch who taunts him with her body and sexual independence. The storyline was entertaining. I especially loved the main heroine. That is because at moments you can see the woman she was forced to be, and other the woman she wants to be. It is clear that what some many consider has proven to be a curse as well. She has seen too much in her life, which has jaded her and it seems that only her prince can offer the light she needs after a cold winter night.

The Ark Hotel: Before the Dawn by JP Archer and Lani Rhea

Angie and Noah's story really touched a part of me that a story hasn't in a while. While the previous story in the anthology was hot and spicy, The Ark Hotel created that slow burn that I knew would warm the characters during the winter months. Angie's previous abuse relationship played a large role in this story. I liked that the author started, not during the abuse, but right after Angie decided to stand up for herself and take a chance on her. While Noah did not have a abusive ex-lover, he had his own hardships. Another character I was impressed with was Lizzie. I found myself wondering if she to had her own story to tell, because I would have loved to heard it. This was truly one of those stories I wanted to re-read as soon as I was done.

Demon Protection Plan by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

When ordered to protect the eccentric Kasidy to ensure she stayed alive long enough to testify against a criminal they have been trying to get for a while, Decland hadn't realized he would be the one needing the protection. Kasidy's character has a way of looking at the world that is refreshing yet scary. She lives for the moment which I can honestly say I envy, yet because of who she is she cannot let anyone close to her. That is until she is trapped in a cabin with the delectable Decland. He makes her question not only her ability to keep her panties on, but also her ability to maintain the walls she had erected around her heart to protect herself and anyone who dares to care about her.

While I expected the holidays to play a larger role in this anthology, I enjoyed the cold winter months none the same. All three stories were truly unique to one another each could really stand on their own. This anthology helped to introduce me to some excellent authors that sure do know how to heat a girl's blood and keep the pages turning.

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