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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wet by Cathryn Fox

Wet by Cathryn Fox
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (113 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by: Foxglove

A look, a kiss, a taste of melted chocolate...

Whispering Cove, Book 2

Celebrity chef Kathleen Wilson has returned to Whispering Cove for her high school reunion. Tired of big-city life, she’s looking forward to relaxing in the quaint fishing village. The one thing she’s not looking forward to is facing the boy from her past. The boy she turned her back on ten years ago. The same boy she has never gotten over.

Firefighter Trent Parker has never given up on reuniting with his Katy. When he hears she’s back in town, he figures the quickest way to show her where she really belongs is to launch an all-out, blatant campaign of seduction. An accident with a fire hose leaves her soaked—and ignites a firestorm of need in them both, with only one way to extinguish the flames.

Soon they’re burning up the sheets, but when morning comes and the smoke clears, Katy faces a choice she never thought she’d have to make again. To leave for another ten years…or admit that the heat between her and Trent isn’t about to burn out.

Kathleen Wilson followed her dream, leaving Whispering Cove to become a successful celebrity chef. She always planned on returning, to the town and to the man she left behind, hunky firefighter Trent Parker. What she didn’t plan was how long it would take, and once she does come back, she isn’t sure if he still feels the same about her. As for Trent, he let her go, knowing she needed to live out her dream so they could eventually be together. He is sure how he feels, but isn’t sure of Katy’s heart anymore. After so much time apart, she in Chicago and he in Whispering Cove, have they changed too much to make it work between them? Can Katy be happy with her fireman, or does she need the big city excitement? Can these two have a happy ever after, after all these years?

Wet, by Cathryn Fox, is the second in the Whispering Cove series, and it is as well developed and engaging as the first book. This one has the same hometown feel to it, with folks we’ve seen before and want to see again. This story is a bit more light-hearted than the first, but still as passionate and captivating in its own right. I am enjoying this look into a relaxed and small town environment, where life has its own pace and people are friendly and open to each other.

Kathleen ‘Katy’ Wilson is smart, talented and successful. She left Whispering Cove with the blessing and encouragement of her long time boyfriend, and she has fulfilled her dreams, becoming a celebrity chef, and enjoying her life in Chicago. When she returns to Whispering Cove, she hopes Trent still wants her, and is a bit afraid that things may have changed. I like Katy, and her courage and determination to follow her dream, knowing it could cost her a chance at true love.

Trent Parker is a firefighter, strong and dependable, and sexy to boot. When he learned that Katy wanted to leave, follow her dream to become a chef, he secretly hated that idea. But he supported her in spite of his feelings, thinking she would be back home soon. I loved that, as he waited, he learned to cook, and created recipes himself, while he hoped and waited for Katy.

There are some problems ahead for these two characters, with the publicity surrounding Katy and Trent as they try to work through their feelings, and also the feelings Katy has about the direction her career seems to be headed. The secondary characters are, once again, stellar, and the story is fun and engagingly hot. This is a great short book, perfect for those moments when a novel just doesn’t fit.

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