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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Review: Give It To Me

Give It To Me
by Desiree Holt

Carolina (Callie) Michaels is tired of being a good girl. She has deep, erotic fantasies she’s just dying to live, but none of the men she dates seem to want to share them. She decides to give herself the birthday present of a night to remember, but when her intended date decides she’s too adventurous for him, Callie’s attention turns to dark, sexy Sam Winthrop, her next door neighbor who’s had his own erotic dreams—about her. She invites him to celebrate her birthday with her, and when he gets to her place and discovers what kind of celebration she has in mind, Sam’s convinced that tonight his fantasies as well as Callie’s will come true.

If you like dirty talk, this is the book for you. Or even if you think you might like it. I can’t remember ever reading a book that had the man talking dirty so much, or so well. It was really hot, actually.

I was pleasantly surprised by the humor and lightheartedness of the opening scene. The conversation the girlfriends shared on the phone was great.

Sam is sexy, in control, and thoroughly capable of satisfying Callie’s every desire. This story is mostly about the toys that Callie bought at the adult store. Sam and Callie use all of the toys in succession, and he still can’t seem to get enough of her.

Besides all of the hot and sexy action, the author manages to blend in some tenderness that didn’t seem out of place or unrealistic. It made a nice balance with all of the intense and descriptive sex and worked for me. A little more relationship development would’ve been appreciated, but not necessary. This book is about hot, kinky, fantasy fulfilling sex, and the author executes it perfectly.

Review by Aster

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Review: Santa Knows I'm Naughty

Santa Knows I'm Naughty
by Tessa Rae

Aimee was a very bad girl this year. Girls this naughty don't get lumps of coal for Christmas. They get large, bruising, wicked toys from their husbands. But why did Aimee's husband, Nathan, buy her the toy? Is he tired of playing with her? Has he found a new playmate? When Aimee confronts her husband, determined to force the answer from him, he seizes her new toy and changes the rules to the game.

Is Nathan's gift more than Aimee can handle? Or will they wear the batteries down before New Year's?

The whole “Santa” aspect of the story seemed limited to the first line and the end thought. I didn’t feel like it was nearly integrated enough to warrant being the title. It seemed tagged on to me. This story is mostly about a woman so hot for her husband that she uses the amazing vibrator he bought for her while he’s away. They are relatively newly married, and, apparently, go at it like bunnies, because she can’t handle it when he hasn’t satisfied her for the few days before he leaves.

I do wish I had known before reading how much of the sex was going to be masturbation. Really all of the encounters, except the last one, were Aimee playing with the toy, or herself, on her own. That’s just not my preference in erotic romance stories. Also, the final sexual experience with Nathan seemed a bit adversarial and out of place. I wanted it to either be about the toy, or be more Dominant/Submissive with the husband’s and wife’s interactions; with both subjects being there in such a short story it weakened both by being less cohesive.

Still, I really liked the heroine. I felt her emotions were right on target. I liked the small side-note her sister made as a secondary character, too. There were some funny moments, too, which were well developed. I liked her reactions, too. Nathan was also well-written in terms of his motivations.

Review by Aster

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Review: Taboo - Taking the Job

Taboo – Taking the Job
By Cheyenne McCray

Software design consultant Elsie Meyers schedules an interview for a position at Bennett Consulting — but a rainstorm, a spilled purse and a chance encounter with a steaming hunk she met under very compromising circumstances a few months ago change that interview into an outright erotic fantasy.

From the moment John Bennett spots Elsie and remembers where he first met her, he knows she would make a perfect submissive. When she drops her briefcase and a flogger tumbles out, the interview takes a whole different turn, into taboo territory.

The beautiful redhead is in between Doms and John is in between subs. In a sensual encounter John finds himself offering Elsie a different position, then discovers he'd like to make that position permanent — and convince Elsie to take it.

I really liked this novella, how it started out really hot and fast, then deepened as the story developed. I’ll be very clear – this book has BDSM elements to it, but they are represented as an alternate sexual experience that heightens pleasure, not a freaky fetishy lifestyle that inflicts pain.

There is a very intense sexual scene with multiple partners, but all are focused on the woman’s pleasure, and it was hot.

John seems to be motivated by pleasure. Then he moves to possessiveness. These feelings grow, and I believed the progression. Elsie is a vibrant woman who wants to be dominated in the bedroom. She could have been a bit more developed emotionally for my taste. The bulk of the couple’s emotional connection happens “off screen,” so to speak, but that didn’t bother me.

This story is ultimately a story about very hot sexual encounters, with a nice, neat, believable love story along for the ride.

Book Rating:

Reviewed by Aster

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Review: Sultry Saudi Nights (Destination Pleasure 4)

Sultry Saudi Nights Destination Pleasure 4
by Allie Standifer

The past is supposed to stay in the past, right? Tell that to Sheik Damon E'Darvue. He showed up in Ariel Lake's life after a one night mistake three years ago. With amazing amounts of bad luck and bad timing, Ariel finds herself married to a man she's never been able to forget. But this time will she find the courage to stick around and find out what happens once passion is satiated?

This one is a very quick read, and I do mean quick. I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about a story that jumped right into the physical aspects of the relationship, but before I knew it I was coming to the end of the story and I had a smile on my face.

When first we meet Damon and Ariel they have been thrown back together after having shared one incredible night of passion. They parted ways three years before due to miscommunication and misunderstanding. Damon wants Ariel back and isn’t above using manipulation of circumstances, namely being in the right place at the absolutely right time, to get her back in his arms where he knows she belongs. Ariel has other ideas, but comes to the conclusion that one more night in this man’s arms could be what it takes to get him out of her system--something she hasn’t been able to do for three years.

While short, this tale did touch me, if it didn’t exactly yank at my heartstrings. Of course, we do get our Happily Ever After with a few touches of character quirks and some chuckles along the way. All in all, this was a fun, quick read, even if I did wish it was longer, just so I could get more character and plot development to satisfy my nosy soul.

Book Rating:

Reviewed by: Viscaria