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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Review: Hunter's Moon

By M.J. Spickett

Her pack demanded she take a wolf king. Who knew the sexiest, most
protential wolf king was already the largest part of her life. Kayla O'kqua has been a werewolf alpha - queen - for many years and has yet to take a king.
Her duty has been to protect her family, and her pack, but when her path crosses that of a sexy new wolf she may have just found her new mate. However, looks can be deceiving and this new wolf may be someone all too familiar to her.

I enjoyed this tale of the werewolf alpha who is also a wife, a mother, and some sort of cop, as well.

Kayla and Kevin, her shaman husband, show true love and real affection for each other. Kayla is a strong alpha wolf, who has duties to her pack she takes very seriously.

I was surprised at the ease with which Kayla had a sexual encounter with a stranger while being married. That bothered me, personally, even given the ending. There were also several minor editing issues that occurred that I only mention because they affected my overall rating.

Other than that, I highly enjoyed the tenderness and devotion shown by Kevin to his wife. They made a wonderful couple on the page.

Book Rating:

Reviewed by Aster

Friday, December 7, 2007

Review: Santa Six

Santa Six
By B.J. McCall

Divorced and eager to begin her new life, Anni Marks attends a Santa auction on Celestial Desires, an adult entertainment space station. On auction, twelve handsome younger men and one night of holiday pleasure.

To earn extra money, Niko Dante takes on an extra holiday duty. As Santa Six he's up for auction. He's never done the sex for money thing, but one beautiful bidder gives him a night he'd never forget.

Sometimes the best presents are unexpected.

This is a sexy little holiday story that is sure to make you smile. The opening scene immediately got my attention, and it didn’t stop there.

I really enjoyed the believable characters, and the futuristic elements of the story. The situations weren’t ones I’ve ever been in, obviously, but I felt a connection to the characters’ feelings just the same.

Niko’s and Anni’s interactions are sexy and realistic. Anni’s specific noticing of Niko’s parading during the auction said a lot to me about her. Both the dialogue and sex fit together nicely to provide the reader with a nice little holiday treat!

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Reviewed by Aster

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Review: Secret Santa 4U

Secret Santa 4U
By Paisley Scott

Christmas was always the loneliest holiday for Sophie Mulligan. But at least this year, her sex life was fabulous! Too bad it was only online. Then, on Christmas Eve, a sudden snowstorm sends her Secret Santa to her doorstep and Sophie finds herself on his naughty list.

This story was such an unexpected holiday treat! I never thought I would find such a complete story in such a short format. Sophie is the local college’s librarian and Brody is her helpful, but much younger neighbor. After some shared holiday shopping and a convenient snow storm, Sophie discovers that her sexy internet Santa is looking for more than just a quick online rendezvous. What is a woman to do?

Sophie is a complete woman – with real insecurities and questions about this possible relationship, and she is incredibly well-written and authentic. Brody is every woman’s sexy-young-thing come to life. He genuinely cares for Sophie and has been actively pursuing her. The question is, will she risk their friendship and give their chemistry a real chance at a relationship?

It’s so rare to find such developed characters, motivations and plot in such a short story, but Paisley Scott does the impossible with this shouldn’t-miss holiday tale. The online sex and actual sex are incredibly hot, but are both just a component of this love story about how “Mr. Right Now” ends up being
Mr. Right.


Reviewed by Aster

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Review: Winter's Fyre

By Carolyn Gregg

Shelby Fyre owns Fyreside Inn. It's a respectable bed and breakfast, except for one thing. There's a strange man appearing in her shower, in her kitchen, and in her bedroom. The only problem is...Shelby lives alone.

** Warning: has explicit language, masturbation**

This story was a pleasant surprise. Shelby is alone for Christmas and wishes for someone to love. Wayne is also alone for the holiday, but there is something that isn’t quite right going on in the old Victorian house. But who is haunting whom?

I really liked the concept of this short story. It worked, even when I thought it wouldn’t and where I thought there’d be kinks. The writing and dialogue was crisp, yet flowing. There were moments of both tenderness and great sexual tension.

Carolyn Gregg has created a world where anything and everything is possible, but the most important things are still the connections people make with one another.


Reviewed by Aster

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Review: Tinsel and Takeovers

By J.T. Schultz

Keeping the family company from financial disaster is a full time job for Sage Taggart, one that leaves her social life in ruins. With a little white lie made over the Thanksgiving holidays and a trip home for Christmas on the horizon, she’ll have to come up with a boyfriend fast. But should she let her fingers do the walking and hire a male escort?

When Jesse Francis agrees to meet one of his brother's “clients” at the airport to let her know she’ll be minus one escort for the holidays, he can't believe his luck, or his body's reaction to the woman known to him by reputation as the “ruthless bitch in heels.” It's unfair and unethical, but with his company set to take over hers in only a matter of days, taking his brother's place is the perfect opportunity to gain inside information.

Yet, amidst the tinsel, Jesse sees a soft and very sexy side of Sage, and the question becomes, who is taking over whom?

An interesting twist grabbed my attention from the start of this fun holiday tale. Jesse and Sage are perfect for each other, but wouldn’t have met outside of business if it weren’t for Jesse’s brother’s unique profession.

The tough business woman with a ball-buster reputation shows a vulnerable side that is endearing. Jesse’s journey and revelations about life and love are nice, neat and believable. Their chemistry is palpable, the dialogue good and the sex scorching. The secondary characters, although stereotypical, filled out the scenes nicely.

This is an ideal story to curl up with over the holidays.


Reveiwed by Aster

Monday, December 3, 2007

Review: He's The One

He’s The One
by Jane Beckenham

Wedding consultant Taylor Sullivan is sensible, successful, and creates fantasies for a living. The fact that business is booming isn't enough. She wants to be the best and one thing is holding her back—her own lack of sexual experience. What Taylor needs is a good teacher.

Enter bad boy Cade Harper. Cade is known for his talent in the bedroom and the long string of broken hearts that he's left behind. When Taylor approaches him with a simple business proposal he can't say no. In exchange for one night of no-strings-attached passion, she'll help him develop a promotional plan for his new business.

As things heat up between them and business turns into pleasure, the man who doesn't believe in lasting love, roses, and the white picket fence finds himself falling hard and fast. Weddings, love, and commitment are Taylor's business. Can she put her fears aside long enough to make her own fantasy come true? Maybe…if he's the one.

This was a sweet, and at moments spicy, read with just enough humor thrown in to make you smile. It’s only as we get to know the protagonists that we find that they have some pretty serious issues keeping them from enjoying a full and fulfilling relationship. Which wasn’t what they wanted in the first place, right?

Taylor comes to Cade with only the hope that he will help her with the inconvenient problem of not being able to answer her clients’ questions about sex. She’s not looking for commitment, and in fact, due to a heart-wrenching past experience, she doesn’t think she’s cut out for it. She’s just looking for someone to help her with her little “personal” problem.

Cade is the perfect choice as far as Taylor is concerned. A self-proclaimed playboy with devastating sex-appeal and a wink and a smile that have women clamoring for his attention at every turn. Cade, however has his own demons that he battles. His own painful childhood has led him to the conclusion that commitment is impossible, for him at least. He finds himself intrigues by the prim and proper Taylor as she very bluntly propositions him. Before his mind can catch up with his libido, the deal is made and their story takes off.

Taylor and Cade are the perfect example of how we can let our past experiences, betrayals and hurts color the way we deal with others in our world. They run a constant battle with themselves and with each other as their pasts continually jump up to haunt them and to make their own interactions even more volatile as they try to come to terms with the burgeoning feelings neither one of them thought they wanted. There are definite moments of humor, ranging from a hysterical phone call from one bride with a very interesting question to the hijinks of Cade’s bar patrons. That humor as well as the way it all works out in the end with everyone finally realizing a few things about themselves and how life should be lived, make this a fun, and sweetly fulfilling read.

Review by Viscaria