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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Review: Snowbound: Captive Heat

Snowbound: Captive Heat
by Lexxie Couper

Darci set out to win a bet on Mount Saint Elias. What she won was infinitely better -- and wilder.

This story made me all tingly! It was extremely sexy and fast moving. Darci Watson is amazing -- Olympic skier, adventuresome young thing and out in the cold mountains on a bet. I want to be her! Flying down a hill "just because".

Mr. Blue Eyes sounds hot! He is a mystery through the whole story. Lexxie Couper let me use my imagination up until the very end...and I still wanted more.

At one point, Darci is pinned up against an ice wall by Mr. Blue Eyes. She should be freezing to death, but Mr. Blue Eyes is just emanating sex and power, keeping her HOT. WOW! I felt the goose bumps on my back and furnace-like heat everywhere else. It's an awesome picture. It makes me feel like I would while driving on a highway, going 100 mph -- just going with reckless abandon. But there is no crash; just soft fur and intense heat. I would even say, raw sensuality.

I am definitely putting Lexxie Couper's backlist on my TBR pile.


Review by Ivy

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