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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Review: Rent-A-Stud

by Lynn LaFleur

It isn’t Jade Talmage’s idea to accept her daughter’s offer to hire and escort for the hospital gala. But the absence of her brother paul – her usual companion – leaves her with no choice.

Enter Zachary Cooper, one-third owner of Cooper’s Companions, a professional escort company. Despite his good looks and sex appeal that make her hormones scream, Jade has no intention of being the next in a long line of the rent-a-stud’s conquests.

A weekend of mind-blowing sex has Jade’s heart crumbling. Zach is exactly the type of man she wants in her life. Yet she’s sure a relationship with a man ten years her junior would lead to nothing but heartache.

Zach doesn’t care that Jade is older than he. He wants a lifetime with the woman he’s fallen for so desperately. All he has to do is convince Jade that he’s much more than a rent-a-stud… he’s the man who loves her.

This was a fun, hot read that moved at a nice pace through a burgeoning relationship. I liked the concept of an older woman with a younger man who thinks she is the hottest woman in the world. Every woman should have a man who thinks the sun rises because of her. It made me smile and eventually made me sigh.

Zachary Cooper loves his job! No really, he does, and who wouldn’t love escorting beautiful, appreciative women around on the town. As part owner of Cooper’s Companions, the premier escort service in town, he has a job every man envies. He is perfectly content to continue wooing women and leaving when they’re both satisfied. That is, until he meets Jade. Suddenly, his life doesn’t seem to be so satisfying. What’s a stud to do?

Jade Talmage doesn’t think that a rent-a-stud is the answer to her problems. All she needs is a date for one night, nothing else. Her daughter convinces her to hire and escort for one evening. The moment she sees Zach at her door, her hormones go on high alert and she’s hard-pressed to keep her hands to herself. When she gives into her desires and indulges in a very hot weekend with the sexy younger man, she finds he heart is involved much quicker than she would like.

These two are an interesting contrast. The younger man who thought he was content to remain single and older woman who thinks that she would not be an asset to a younger man. I had a great time reading this story, and getting to know these characters. We run the gamut of emotions, between pure bliss and just wanting to smack the characters for not seeing what’s right in front of their faces. It’s very satisfying when we finally get our Happily Ever After and two people who are very much in love realize that life is much more satisfying when shared with someone else. I would recommend this book and I am definitely looking forward to reading the stories of the other characters I was introduced to in this tale. Highly entertaining and a great read.

Reviewed by: Viscaria

Friday, January 25, 2008

Review: Femme Metal

Femme Metal
by Nathalie Gray

Alexandra Novona has been called many things. Soldier, Enemy, Bodyguard, Bitch. Her body’s been through enough refits to trip every metal detector in the system. But nowadays, she’s what is politely referred to as a “privateer”. A new tag for an old job – slaver.

On the Femme Metal, a tough, ugly-as-hell little ship, she prowls deep space procuring males. Human or alien. She doesn’t much care. As long as they generate profit. And nothing will stop her from supplying her wealthy customers with top-grade male specimens for their brothel ships. Not even the seven-foot, blue-skinned, silver-haired wonder her customer very specifically requested. Unfortunately for Alex, she hadn’t counted on the gorgeous Yithian being a Hunter or how her own attractiveness and desirability could get her and her crew into hot water.

Sekmeth Meroh always gets his prey. For an exorbitant fee, he will catch anyone, of any race, on any world. He’s the best of his kind – a Hunter – and sneaky to boot. Sekmeth’s latest assignment – capture Alexandra Novona and her all female crew for a brothel ship near his own home world.

One little problem… Neither Alex nor Sekmeth can keep their hands – or lips -- to themselves.

This was an intense, action-packed race across a future, as-yet-unknown galaxy that kept me on the edge of my seat and hot under the collar. Nathalie Gray has a talent for writing the fantastical that makes you feel as if you are right there in the middle of it all, no matter how fantastical it may seem. To say that I enjoyed this first installment of the Femme Metal series would be a gross understatement. I loved it!

“Alexandra Novona to those who knew her well, Captain Steel to those who didn’t. Only friends could call her Alex.” That is our first introduction to Alex, and it couldn’t have been any clearer that this is a no-nonsense woman who has seen just about everything. She is a capable warrior and woman who doesn’t make any apologies for who or what she is.

Sekmeth Meroh is not your typical Yithian. He is one of the elite of a race that is already above and beyond what is considered superior. He is a Hunter, and he is one of the best. He’s never met a target he couldn’t acquire easily. When he crosses paths with Alex, he finds that he may have met his match. How do you say, “Let the games begin!” in Yithian?

This is a complex tale that keeps you guessing as to how it’s really going to end. You find yourself hoping and wishing for the Happily Ever After, but there are several moments throughout that have you wondering how in the heavens it will ever be worked out. Nathalie Gray sure knows how to weave a tale that keeps you guessing and revs you up all at the same time. A definite recommend for anyone looking for a well-told tale set in the future with enough heat to keep you warm at night.

Reviewed by: Viscaria

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Review: Making Memories (Memory book 3)

Making Memories
by Elizabeth Jewell

Overcoming the childhood abuse inflicted on him by his father, Alex has begun to trust his vampire lover Liam. Now that their relationship seems to be maturing into a relationship, Liam decides they should try dating. But when their first date unexpectedly brings them face-to-face with an old enemy, their world threatens to unravel once again.

A vampire necromancer and previous mentor of Liam's, Antoine uses his dark magic to switch their identities. Trapped in a vampire body, Alex must conquer the dark lust for blood and sex. Equally trapped in Alex's body, Liam must figure out how to reverse the spell. But the only remedy could cost Alex his life.

A wonderful ending to a great series. Very fulfilling. This story follows Alex and Liam’s relationship through thick and thin. A very interesting take on a human trapped in a vampire body, well written descriptions of the need for blood and sex. Excellent to see how the characters develop and become everything to each other. A great first series for someone who has never read M/M erotica before.

Reviewed by Snowdrop

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Review: Persistent Memory (Memory book 2)

Persistent Memory
by Elizabeth Jewell

Abused by his father as a child, Alex has found healing in the arms of Liam, his vampire boss. But when strange magic bares the darkest sides of their souls, will their tentative relationship be shattered beyond repair?

A continuation of the Weary Series in which Liam helps Alex rid himself of childhood demons. The story starts out with Liam and Alex continuing their new relationship in a most sensual way. Sadly, an ancient artifact that is being studied in the house, releases some strange magic that causes them both to do things that are beyond their control. These dark moments cause a breakdown in their relationship and trust in each other. Liam goes above and beyond to continue helping Alex through the memories of his past.

I enjoyed the story line very much. The characters are showing more emotion for one another. The scenes are well written. The author actually made the M/M sex scenes very sensual and easy to read. I was unsure of my ability to read anything in this genre, but I am actually really enjoying them. They are passionate and emotional. Nothing too risqué or rough.

Reviewer: Snowdrop

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Review: Weary Memory (Memory book 1)

Weary Memory
by Elizabeth Jewell

Since childhood, Alex has carried a painful secret. Liam has secrets of his own, and understands more about Alex's pain than Alex himself. Can a broken human find healing in the arms of a vampire?

Publisher's note: This is a story of healing for two adults, one of whom has been the victim of childhood sexual abuse. The material may be difficult for some readers.

This is my first M/M novel and I actually enjoyed it very much. Well written, easy to follow and understand. Alex has had a terrible trauma and has carried a dark secret for most of his life. He has kept it hidden for many years, but after viewing some sketches that his boss has drawn of nude women and men, his memories are surfacing faster than he would like to admit.

With the help of his boss, Liam, he is able to realize that what happened to him as a child was violence and abuse. Liam is able to show him love and passion and help make Alex’ fears go away. At the same time Liam is able to share some of his secrets with Alex and the healing begins for both of them.

The next question is: Is Alex falling for Liam? Can’t wait to read the next installment of the series.


Review by Snowdrop

Monday, January 21, 2008

Review: Christmas Cookies: Christmas of the Damned

Christmas Cookies: Christmas of the Damned
by Marie Treanor

No one remembers why, but every year on the same cold December night, the survivors of the ruined City of the Damned gather to celebrate a miracle that never happens…

When a wounded wolf appears outside the city's most popular nightclub, Sol, the tough doorman, rescues her from the violence of his patrons. He recognizes that the wolf is more than she seems. But then, so is Sol. A man of few words who hides his gift and his generosity, only he can unlock the wolf's lost humanity.

And as it turns out, the meeting of these two remarkable creatures is just one of the miracles of this Christmas night.

This was a very short piece that I could see a lot of potential being turned into a full length novel.

Sol, the bouncer, appears to be a hard hitting tough guy, but once he tries to save the wolf and bring her back from the brink of no return, you can see he truly has a wonderful heart and soul.

Jez, the wolf, has lost herself because of pain that has been forever in her life. She needs human touch and the warmth of someone who cares to bring her back to her true form. The romantic scenes were quite short, but fulfilling considering the needs of the characters and well written. A pleasure to read.

Review by Snowdrop

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Review: Restrictions Applied

Restrictions Applied
by Fiona Jayde

Maya Drake is employed by Rookery Cove to catch a psychotic telekinetic. All she has to do is find the guy, work her spell and cash the check since this witch can freeze a perp at twenty paces and have him wrapped and waiting for the boys in blue.

Ex-cop Joe Holland doesn't think it's all that easy.

A septiel, able replicate himself into a squad of seven men, Holland is hired to stop the creep who pops in and out of Rookery Cove. As the attraction to his Kevlar and micro-mini clothed partner grows, Holland decides to burn the little witch out of his system -- even if he has to split into two, or three, or four, just to exhaust her.

As the threats against the Cove residents increase, Maya and Holland must find a way to work together, maintain their professional relationship, and keep their minds off sex and on the job at hand.

This was a unique story with great characters. I liked how the author so effortlessly pulled me into the world she created. It was just such a complete picture. The characters were all so well-developed and described – even the ones in the background.

I also appreciated that I had never read a story with a similar premise. How often can you say that? In this world that Fiona Jayde made my favorite part was Holland being a septiel. It means he can split into up to seven of himself. It made the sex scenes oh, so fun to read.

As for the emotional connection between the main characters, it was a bit on the light side, but based on the action-packed storyline wasn’t unbelievable. What I wanted most was for this story to continue. I think this world is too well-developed and fun to be relegated to just a short story. My hope is that the author has more for us from this world, or perhaps even a continuing story with Maya and Holland.

What I liked about this story was that it worked. From start to finish, the tone and events that progress all happened in a believable way and celebrated the essential paranormal element.

Reviewed by Aster