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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Review: Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
By Cara North

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off is a fun contemporary erotic romance about two people needing each other for different reasons and finding out that together they are one insatiable force. Bethany Dodson is running from her past and her fiancé. She needs a new last name and to get lost fast! Jack Johnson needs to marry a woman to get his inheritance so he can stop working on other ranches and rebuild the one his family owns. When he meets Bethany, his goal is basically to get some action then get on searching for a wife. But Bethany kills two birds with one stone and the next thing he knows he's the one getting dragged down the aisle! What they discover is more than surface needs. They take each other to new heights in and out of the bedroom, push boundaries, and fall in love

Have you ever been in the mood for a story that embraces romance at it's sweetest yet is sensuously erotic? Then Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off is for you.

When Bethany falls for Jack, the story is just getting started. Bethany is a complete delight. She is like one of those Fireballs - the candy that is benign to look at, initially lava-hot but totally sweet in the middle. Her sense of humor was refreshing and saucy and really complimented Jack and through him, his family.

When Bethany decides on a course of action, she is fully prepared to back it up with everything she's got. Blew my socks off when she stood up to her mother. What a conversation that was! You ever have the wish that you could verbally parry with someone who really deserves it and come off as not only the winner but totally vindicated? To totally trounce someone yet remain dignified and classy? That's Bethany. I like her style.

As for Jack. He is just scrumptious. I want to take him home. He is not a tortured hero as you've come to expect in most stories these days. His is an emotional yearning and a see-saw ride of hoping and plotting to get what he wants while at the same time always second guessing himself; does he deserve a great gal like Bethany?

There is always a snake-in-the-grass in these types of stories and sure enough, her past catches up with her even though she really thought she planned for all contingencies. Like most jerks, the Ex didn't get the hint. The nerve! Cara did a great job in making me as well as everyone else in the story, want to punch his lights out.

The interplay, whether it be verbal or sexual, was often funny, entertaining, sweet, loving and adventurous. I got a sense of watching their love grow in spits and spurts as it would happen in real life. The baby steps forward and the falling on their keesters while they learned the ropes of their relationship, including issues of trust. Cara captured that perfectly and I enjoyed every minute.

Let me warn you. There are two other brothers who are just as yummy as Jack and I look forward to seeing how they get their HEA's because there is no way Cara can dangle these handsome men and not give us more delightful romance with the Johnson brothers.

The title may be a mouthful but the story is a wonderful romance worth cuddling up on a winter's eve to read. Let it sweep you away to a place where all you'll feel is happy. Sometimes, it's just what you need.

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Reviewed by Xeranth

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Review: Meeting A Neighbor's Needs

Meeting a Neighbor’s Needs
by Quillia Rain

When Gina moves into her new apartment there’s more to admire than just the view. Sexy neighbor, George fuels quite a few of her fantasies before the wild child in her slips free and taunts him into making a move. Following a night of unimaginably great sex, Gina embarks on a series of erotic adventures with her neighbor, each one more risky than the last.

During a particularly “special’ weekend, George introduces Gina to an acquaintance, Garrick, whose interests match their own. Together, Gina, George and Garrick discover a bond unlike any in their pasts and needs only the three of them together can meet.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a trois, multiple partners, bondage.

If you have a yen for a story of incredibly erotic encounters than this is the one for you. Quillia Rain takes you on a journey of sensual seduction and discovery told from Gina’s point of view, and leaves you quite breathless along the way.

Gina is your every type of woman. She feels that she’s stuck in a rut when it comes to the men in her life, not to mention when it comes to her sex life. When she meets George, her hot neighbor, she feels an instant attraction to him, but is intent on being a good girl and doesn’t push the attraction between them. When George takes matters into his own hands, Gina is helpless against his sexual pull and finds herself on a journey of discovery that teaches her more about herself than she expected.

George is a complex character, that we don’t learn much about as the story is told in Gina’s voice. He’s definitely strong and incredibly demanding of Gina and expects things of her that most men wouldn’t even consider asking for much less demanding as George seems to. My impression was that George knew what Gina was capable of both in her heart and in her sexuality, and would accept nothing less than everything from his woman. He gave me the shivers on more than one occasion, and sometimes not necessarily in a good way. I do have to say that despite his dark tendencies, or maybe because of them, I found him to be exceptionally exciting.

We don’t meet Garrick until the tale is almost fully told, so there is even less known about him. My understanding of him was that he was quite a bit like George, and just as possessive. I was amazed by the fact that both men were so seemingly possessive and yet were willing to share their woman if it would enhance her pleasure.

I did have some issues with this story. While it was a love story, it was told in the style of your typical Erotica rather than an Erotic Romance. What I mean by that is that the story is told as a series of intense encounters without much lip-service being paid to character development or story-building. We are pulled from one sexual encounter to another with barely a pause between to catch our breath. It felt more like I was reading Gina’s diary, and while salacious it wasn’t really romantic. There were several moments where I wasn’t sure there would be a Happily Ever After and I was frustrated, but the sex was so erotic I couldn’t turn away. Kind of like a naughty voyeur who is helpless to turn from a steamy scene before them. While this didn’t completely ruin my enjoyment of this book, it did dampen it a bit as I would have liked to see more character development and story progression. Therefore, I have to tender a warning to anyone looking to pick this one up: It’s not your typical Erotic Romance, and that is just fine if you’re looking for something a bit more along the lines that this one went.

Quillia Rain is an exceptional author, and I have enjoyed her stories that I have read. Despite the difficulties I had in reading this one, I did enjoy it. Each story of hers has been unique and I do look forward to any of her other offerings. If you decide to pick this one up be prepared for a wild adventure that may make you wonder about some of your own fantasies, and what you would be willing to do for pleasure. Hold onto your seat and enjoy the ride.

Reviewed by Viscaria

Thursday, February 28, 2008

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy
By Cara North

The second book in the Country Music Collection is about the oldest Johnson brother, Heath and the woman who broke his heart, Chance. Is it time to call it quits or is it time to act like grown ups and give their marriage a real shot?

I was so excited to read about this second Johnson brother, Heath. In the first book, he was so tortured. He hardly ever smiled, was quick to anger and kept an emotional distance even from his family. He was definitely a guy I wanted healed. So I was looking forward to seeing what Cara came up with as a reason for his being written that way and how she was going to solve the mystery. She did great. She sure knows how to write romance.

Don’t let the summary throw you. They are acting like grownups, but these two people, Heath and his estranged wife, Chance, have a lot of baggage to unload before they can truly give their marriage a fair shake. It’s not that they don’t love each other. That becomes painfully clear though the first half of the story. It’s what has happened to themselves in their formative years that scarred them.

Heath has the issue of his family dynamics growing up which has wrecked havoc with his psyche. He, being the oldest, shouldered a lot of responsibility and interpreted the relationship between his dad and mom as only a kid can. Unfortunately, Heath needs the grown up version of understanding to get ahead in his relationship with Chance.

Chance had a horrible childhood. She covered it up with bravado. The thing is, when is it time to stop living a lie and not only embrace the gift of love, but trust it?
The passion Heath and Chance have is explosive and the truest thing they can easily hold on to when everything else is riddled with doubts.

I enjoyed reading the scenes about their physical expressions of love because they were so powerful. It wasn’t just sex. It was reaching out, loving, at times tender, and at other times, desperate.

I also appreciated the family feeling in this story because we get to visit with Jack and Beth again from Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off. I cracked up during the scene when the women have a girl’s night out. Jack had a perfect line.

The culmination of the story was a beautiful HEA that will melt your heart - and leave you with a big grin. Read it and see.

OH! I bet once you’re done reading this book you’re going to be asking yourself, “When do I get to find out what happens to Rafe? Will that woman wake up and smell the coffee or what?” I know I am.


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Reviewed by Xeranth

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Review: Dragon's Dare

Dragon's Dare
by Willa Okati

Noah's watched the dragons for a long, long time now, and he's not sure what he thinks about them. Are they monsters getting ready to plunder the Earth? Are they planning to help? Are they curious? He doesn't ever think he'll get a chance to find out…

…but he's wrong.

When one of Noah's fellow soldiers trades him to the dragons, Noah finds himself in the care and keeping of Zacharei, a dragon who's most definitely only interested in finding out as much as he can about humans.

Specifically, Zacharei wants to know what sex between humans is all about. It'll be a lesson neither of them ever forgets.

Humans are on the verge of extinction and Noah has been offered up as a sacrifice to the dragons by a so-called friend. The hope is that before they eat him, he can convince the dragons to help protect the humans. A rather daunting responsibility to carry on one person's shoulders, wouldn't you say? Tired of fighting the inevitable, Noah accepts his fate and tumbles into the dragons' dimension. That's when the fun begins.

Noah has little confidence that he can convince the dragons of anything and that this is basically a suicide mission. But his strong sense of duty compels him; if there is even a minute possibility of success prior to his demise, he will attempt to garner the dragons' assistance for his dwindling race. Since he finds himself in this predicament, and in his mind death is imminent — and he is resigned to it — he is able to acquire a sense of calm that allows him to interact rationally with the first dragon he encounters on their side of reality. This serenity works well because allows their exchanges to proceed as they do, with curiosity and intrigue rather than the fear and apprehension that might have been expected in Noah's situation.

The initial conversations between Noah and the dragon, Zacharei, are laced with teasing humor. While they converse, Zacharei is running his tongue over various parts of Noah's body to see if he might be a tasty treat. Noah is somewhat concerned, but keeps his cool and answers Zacharei's questions honestly, which is a good thing, since the dragon can smell his emotions, including lies. Zacharei is fascinated by the human and wishes to indulge his innate curiosity about the species. I really enjoyed the characterization of Zacharei. He is portrayed as a fun-loving, intelligent being that is always seeking knowledge. His current cognitive — and physical — quest is human mating. He wants to experience it and he wants Noah to help him. The reader know that he has no intention of harming the human, but he uses subtle and witty threats about his ability to eat the man when he seems to object to Zacharei's suggestions. His strategy works and he gets what he wants, and what he smells is what Noah wants as well. For anyone concerned — Zacharei does not mate with Noah as a dragon; he is a magical creature and transforms into a gorgeous human male. And as with the rest of the tale, there is levity and jesting during the lovemaking scenes which enhanced the lighthearted tone of the romance.

This story is a playful escapade with a creative twist toward the end. I did feel that it ended too abruptly; it did have a logical conclusion, but it would have been more satisfying to have an idea of how the future would look and their role in it. Perhaps a continuation is in the works? The storyline has possibilities for a sequel. I do recommend you try this unique and entertaining story. It promises to please and make you laugh.

Review by Camomile

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Review: The Cougar Meets Her Master

The Cougar Meets Her Master
by KyAnn Waters

Taylor Davis is turning 40. Her high powered job leaves little room for romance outside of her high powered vibrator that sleeps under her pillow. No pillow talk allowed. And no complaints from her. The rabbit never quits before she's done, doesn't complicate her calendar, and Taylor doesn't have to concoct excuses to make it go home after orgasms.

Enter Colt Foster. Has the bitch of the Beau Monde Hotel and Casino met her match? The hot, young detective has his own rules...and expects Taylor to play by them. Can she say no when Colt slaps on the cuffs? Does she want to...will he let her?

No thirty-something or forty-something woman can resist a May (man)-December (woman) romance and this one delivers in a big way. In Colt Foster, Taylor Davis is expecting a pimply-face eighteen-year-old nephew of her best friend, but instead, the late-twenties Adonis catapults her pulse and throws her moral code into chaos. Taylor is a hard-core career almost-40 woman in control of her surroundings and is a self-proclaimed 'bitch'. What better challenge for Colt, who is determined to possess and dominate her?

The dynamics between the two are perfect. The age difference and the fact that he is her best friend's nephew cause Taylor to hesitate in succumbing to Colt. It's one thing to fantasize about a younger man, but another to actually do something about it, right? And the familial aspect — even though it's her friend's relative — could be a little unsettling and would give most women pause. His demand for her submission confuses her — she's always in control, so why is she so turned on by his demands, and why is she compelled to please him? Taylor's reactions to these dilemmas and her realization of the possibilities with Colt are addressed realistically and logically and pump up the tension between the two.

Colt is just... Hot. He sees her, he wants her; he goes after her. This character totally works for me! He relishes the challenge of dominating an alpha-female like Taylor so he presses his agenda with maximum heat, forcing her to gradually forgo her inhibitions. Their intimate encounters are steamy and pretty graphic, but well written for maximum effect. The compatibility they discover while together strengthens the development of the relationship.

The BDSM aspects of the story are more subtle than you sometimes see, that is, D/s is displayed more as a state of mind for Taylor and Colt as opposed to utilizing many overt props and activities associated with a BDSM lifestyle. So if you're not sure about it, this would be a rousing introduction for someone who has never read something in this genre. The characters are interesting, the sex steamy and the HEA promises future delights. Who could ask for more?

Review by Camomile

Monday, February 25, 2008

Review: Body Moves

Body Moves
by Jodi Lynn Copeland

Welcome to Private Indulgence, a spa like no other, hidden away on a lush island in the Caribbean. Two very different women are about to meet the men of their dreams… and make their wildest sexual fantasy come true…

For plastic surgeon Danica Crosby, Private Indulgence is a proud achievement. The luxurious, secluded resort caters to every possible human need – but Danica has never explored her own. Then gorgeous, hard-bodied Jordan Cameron checks in. For the first time, Danica is the one to strip off her clothes as Jordan’s hot hands and talented mouth strip away her inhibitions and reveal her wildest desires…

Logan Delaney is tired of the same old, same old. Private Indulgence is just the place to find out what a makeover will do for her curves, her confidence – and the sex life she’s always longed for. Tanner Grey is up for that – and the man is everything she’s always wanted. He’s determined to show her exactly how hot, wet, skin-to-skin passion can transform a woman…

If you’re looking for a couple of novellas that will entertain and bring the heat, then you’ll like Body Moves. They were both great for a quick getaway that was both entertaining and sultry. Quite appropriate considering it’s set on a resort island.

In PRIVATE PASSION we’re introduced to two feisty people who are at cross purposes, without even realizing it. Well, without one of them realizing it, anyway. When Jordan Cameron sets out for Private Indulgence, he’s going there to prove that the owner of the facility isn’t a good investment, not realizing how cynical he’s become in his work-all-the-time world. He thinks he’s protecting someone he loves, and while good intentioned, his intentions aren’t quite honorable. When he meets Danica, he does everything wrong, in a most magnificent way. Quite often he let that same cynicism get the better of his common sense. Several times I wanted to smack him upside his head for the way he behaved, and so did Danica, but in the end he redeems himself in quite an admirable way.

Danica is the proud owner of Private Indulgence with her own demons to fight, but she’s not about to let them get the better of her. She was incredibly determined and had a very quirky sense of humor (not to mention a very interesting personal assistant who believed she was psychic). Something about Jordan rubs her the wrong way, and at the same time she can’t seem to get enough of him. She keeps saying off-the-wall things that are quite hilarious when you look at the context in which they are taken, and I found her quite endearing. She seemed to me to be the perfect example of that friend we all have who we want to see happy, but there just don’t seem to be any men out there smart enough to appreciate what she has to offer.

PRIVATE FANTASIES was the second novella contained in this book. The characters were just as fun as in the first tale, and equally flawed. Logan Delaney was quite fierce and I really liked her spunk. She knows what she wants, or at least she thinks she does until she meets Tanner. All her adult life Logan has been convinced that men don’t find her as sexy as her more… curvy counterparts, and are threatened by the fact that she knows her way around an engine better than they do. She’s intent on her goal to get implants to increase her sex appeal to the opposite sex. She’s going to end her sexual drought one way or another. When she finds herself having much deeper feelings than just lust for Tanner, she’s not quite sure what to do about it.

Tanner used to be the island Lothario until he realized how empty the sex for sex’s sake was. He made a vow to himself that he would be celibate until he could have a meaningful relationship. When he feels an instant pull to Logan, who was supposed to be his patient, he decides to convince her that a meaningful relationship is so much better than what she is aiming for. Tanner was really irresistible, and I found I was rooting for him.

Both of the novellas in this book were pretty well written. They were a great example of loving someone for who they are, both on the outside as well as the inside, and that is something we don’t see enough of.

The only issues that I had with this book were that they seemed to stall a bit near the middle, but then picked back up, and while the second story takes place on the same island at the same resort/medical facility, we don’t get to meet up with the previous characters. I felt that it would have been nice to get a sort of “update” on Danica and Jordan, but they weren’t even mentioned. Half the fun of reading a story in the same setting as a previous one written by the same author is getting to play catch up with old friends. While not a necessary ingredient for a good “sequel”, it still adds to the enjoyment of a story. These things were relatively minor, and didn’t detract from my enjoyment of either story, so I only mention them in passing.

Jodi Lynn Copeland is a very creative writer who blends the right amount of romance with erotic sex to create a well-balanced, enjoyable read. There were quite a few incredibly steamy scenes that were very inventive (a scene on the golf course springs to mind!). All in all this was a fun couple of stories by a talented author. I look forward to more of what Ms. Copeland has to offer.

Reviewed by Viscaria

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Review: Birthday Blessing

Birthday Blessing
by Jill Noelle and Julia Daniels

As an obstetrician, volunteer and caretaker to several eccentric family members, Lillian Smythe has a full life. So when Aunt Fran does her annual birthday tarot reading and predicts Lillian will meet her true love, she's not sure that's a blessing. Even if the naked, well-endowed man on the King of Swords card does make her hot.

Serving as chauffeur to senile old ladies isn't what caused Detective Brent Kennedy to move home, but as the new guy, Brent has to take whatever assignments are thrown his way. Having grown up on the wrong side of the tracks, he's out to prove himself, even if it means he has to babysit Miss Smythe until her guardian can come pick her up.

Lillian is shocked. Brent looks exactly like the model on her birthday blessing card. But class differences, thefts and one very opinionated ghost come between them and Lillian begins to have doubts. Even if the is the best birthday gift she's ever had.

Dr. Lillian Smythe is a harried obstetrician who tries her best to juggle delivering babies and caring for her eccentric family members. She feels the stress of her responsibilities, and sometimes shows it, but her love for the zanies in her house is apparent, and makes her sympathetic and likable. On her birthday, Lillian indulges her kooky Aunt Fran by enduring one of her Tarot readings. The reading becomes an integral part of the development of the relationship between Lillian and Brent and is introduced in a creative and unique way.

Brent Kennedy is a delectable detective with the local police and has recently moved back to his home town to care for his ailing mother. He, too, is carrying heavy burdens — managing the distress of his mother's Parkinson's as well as trying to fit in with his fellow police officers. Through his hardships, his strength and tenacity make Brent a charismatic hero. At one point, he does something that devastates Lillian, something I wasn't sure he could make right, but the authors surprised me and resolved the conflict in a satisfying and believable way. Brent and Lillian had instant chemistry between one another and it remained explosive throughout.

There is a mystery that weaves through the book, but the explanation of the perplexing events taking place is not realistic and could have been integrated into the lives of the H/H more closely. This is a minor plot line, however, and didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. I also found it curious that Lillian 'pleasures' Brent several times (if you know what I mean!) but he never reciprocates. TWO women wrote this story, so how did that slip by them?! Women are the target audience, and I suppose there are women that prefer to think of 'oral sex' as 'talking about it', but not many!

All kidding aside, Birthday Blessings is an engaging story about two people who are impeded by everyday life, but decide to break out of their treadmill existence and take a chance on each other. Rich characters, heated sexual tension, and situations filled with merriment, this is a pleasurable read that you will savor.

Review by Camomile