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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Review: Ava’s Obsession

Ava's Obsession
By Michelle Marquis

Ava Snow is a quiet, obedient woman who leads a simple life working in her father's dress shop. Her biggest dream is to save enough money to move out on her own. But there is one thing poor Ava has overlooked in all her careful planning, and that is her lustful, hungry heart. For Ava is about to discover a passionate, wanton side to her nature that she never knew she had.

Ming Han is a skilled Asian warlord and leader of the mercenary army the villagers call The Orientals. Ming is famous for two main talents, his expertise as a swordsman and his ferocious appetite in the bedroom. But Ming is about to find a woman whose passion is as unquenchable as his own. And keeping this young widow satisfied is going to take all his carnal talents. Happily, he's in for one hell of a time.

Ava's Obsession is pure fantasy with a touch of medieval times mixed in to give a historical feel, yet the dialogue is easy to relate to.

Ava is a strong woman stuck in a weak power position. She is well past the first blush of youth yet is remarkably innocent due to tragic circumstances. She wants to branch out, to be free to follow her heart but finds balancing her love and duty to her father hard to reconcile with her unclear desires. She's only thought about things just so far because her reality overrides any true progress. That is until she spies a hunky warrior and her thoughts quickly turn very concrete.

Ming is the man who inspires Ava to not just dream but conspire to act on her wishes. And what hot wishes they are. I would really like to accidentally come upon some virile and hunky warrior and unseen, get to enjoy the show. As for me though, I'd prefer it being not be so close to battle. That would be too much for this 21st Century gal but for Ava, it's acceptable. Ava is a very brave woman. She dared do something that would have had me shaking in my shoes. I would have been found out, though, because when I'm embarrassed, I giggle. She doesn't!

The relationship between Ava and her father is stern. Yet when I'm almost convinced he's a total despot, he shows tenderness and real love for her. Even when he dropped the bombshell and I thought the relationship was about to go down the sewer pipe, I was pleasantly surprised.

The sex scenes aren't graphic and over-written. They are hot enough to inspire fantasies of my own and provide an earthy connection between Ming and Ava. Ava has her own bombshell to drop on those she loves and I was impressed with her fortitude and take charge attitude; doing what she could with her limited choices. I also enjoyed Ming's redemption and how it illustrates the power of love in overcoming people's preconceived notions of what can be done versus what they say should be done. Ming is strong enough to do things his way, the warrior way, and it works.

The ending reminded me more of the chivalry of Aurthur and his Knights and I enjoyed the parallel. It may not have been intentional but I like seeing someone being strong enough within themselves to choose to be humane, even when it's unpopular.

Ming and Ava are perfect for each other. Each brings their strengths to the table and between them, I was treated to a relationship and HEA filled with a bounty of love to withstand the trials that will surely face them.


Reviewed by Xeranth

Friday, May 2, 2008

Review: Wassail Woes

Wassail Woes
by: Diane Taylor

Jeri Butler is a Druid Pagan, making wassail on the night before Christmas Eve. She's a Solitary, who had just put the mistletoe over the entryway of her home, and had just settled down to do some programming work on her laptop for her job, when a loud sound is heard out front. Opening the door, she comes face to face with, oh my, Kris Odinsen.

He's crashed his bike and has a twisted foot to boot. And to top it off, literally, white hair and an ice blue eye, since the other is covered with an eye-patch. Oh what shall she do?

Now, the sparks fly and come to find out Odin has taken a holiday from Valhalla.

The next morning, her strict Catholic parents show up uninvited and unannounced to find this sexy biker in the living room, Jeri in a Bah Humbug T-Shirt and jeans, and...a big pot of really good smelling wassail boiling merrily away on the stove. It is definitely not a case of the more the merrier.

If you are in the mood for fun and frolic with a handsome and powerful biker dude during a happy time of year then Wassail Woes delivers that and more.

Jeri is the perfect person to be around during the holidays. She celebrates the season in a way that is different but no less festive and meaningful to her. The fun comes when she invites her friends to join her for a rousing party and fate changes the dynamics. I enjoyed her decorating enthusiasm and her upbeat and contagious positive attitude. She embraces life even when it presents her with a totally out-of-the-ordinary man who is faced with prosecution by very ordinary folk. Her spunky intercession in the face of various foe had me grinning. I wish I had the nerve to act like Jeri.

Now Odin is quite the man and he's got style. I liked his friends and sighed a dreamy sigh reading about his total preoccupation with Jeri. It's got to be great to have a man that into you, especially one with talents like Odin's. Yum.

And just when you think Wassail Woes is going to end woefully, Ms. Taylor threw a delightful HEA my way and left me grinning and nodding my head in happy appreciation. Oh yes, this was a fun read. When can I come back and visit?


Reviewed by Xeranth

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Review: Sex, Lies and DVDs

Sex, Lies and DVDs
by Lynne Logan

Sex, lies and DVD piracy?

Paige Knowles is fed up with her boring existence. Tonight she intends to shed her old life and her virginity by hiring a male escort. The man who appears at her door to initiate her in the art of sex and pleasure is any woman’s carnal fantasy. Little does she know the man is no escort but a stranger hell bent on uncovering her secrets. FBI agent, Ryan White, has one job—to investigate Paige’s involvement in an internet, piracy ring. But when he shows up at her front door, he instigates a chain reaction of lust and longing. After days of monitoring this sexy suspect on surveillance cameras, his unquenchable thirst for her forbidden lips and lush, sinful body jeopardizes not only the investigation and his career but his heart.

In Sex, Lies and DVDs, Ryan White is living the ultimate voyeur’s dream. He gets to watch the sexy Paige Knowles every night as she gets ready for bed. Unfortunately, Ms. Knowles isn’t doing it on purpose. Ryan White is on a job. And in his line of work, watching a pretty girl undress doesn’t mean what it should mean.

It’s impossible not to get into Lynne Logan’s story as she weaves a tale of unattainable love and deceit. Ryan White is a government agent, a truly sexy man with an unwanted obsession: Paige Knowles. She’s our heroine, a sweet-faced video store owner. Make that sweet-faced and sheltered. As the two come together, lies, misguided intentions, and all around flaming hot chemistry keep the pace jumping as Paige and Ryan discover the naughty meaning behind ‘undercover work’.

If there was anything I found a bit off was the slight lack of action involving Ryan’s case. Yet, as the story moves, I found it easy to slide over this and shamelessly ogle Ryan as he struggles with duty and love. Nothing like a hot man realizing he’s got e-m-o-t-i-o-n-s! Not to mention the fun in watching sheltered Paige turn from shy angel to powerful sex kitten. You go girl! Ms. Logan did a wonderful job and I’ll be crossing my fingers for more on Ryan and Paige!


Review by Narcissus

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review: Yeti! Again?

Yeti! Again?
by Celia Kyle

Sela and Yosi are back (again) with this peek into their fur-flying fun-filled lives of love, lust and little feet. Little feet? Yeah, a few little feet that go pitter patter (or is it bump?) in the night. But their sexin’ is called to a halt by Yosi the minute he finds out about Sela’s pregnancy. What’s a sex-starved gal to do when the man she loves is too afraid to make love because of the baby she carries? Why, take him to a place where his base nature can’t resist coming out to play.

Sela sees a freezer in her future…

Yeti! Again? had me laughing and snickering as I read the dialogue taking place between Yosi, the virile and furry yeti, and Sela, the feisty werewolf and soon-to-be mother.

Even if you've never read the previous books in the story arc, I found enough pertinent information for this to stand alone. I'm not sure where to start in talking about this story because I had so much fun with so many scenes.

Yosi's and Sela's passion is still burning red hot even after five years of marriage. I got treated to a sweet and erotic scene which illustrates the best of what I liked about their relationship. All that changes when Yosi finds out that Sela is pregnant and the scene where that happens almost had me rolling on the floor. I can't even tell you more without spoiling the fun. I think Yosi is adorable.

But wait, there's more. Sela's mother-in-law is a fire cracker. Even though her scene was rather short, it was memorable. The plot that Sela comes up with to deal with Yosi's adamant position (he thinks he's protecting her)is inspired. Hold onto your funny bone and watch out for the birth scene because any woman who's gone through labor will find this incredibly funny and may even relate to it.

Since this is a continuing romance story arc between Yosi and Sela, the HEA ends up being a story thread. I actually enjoy seeing how their HEA is evolving, just like it would with real people. I look forward to Yosi's one word declarations because they carry more meaning of devotion and love for Sela than any flowery and verbose delivery. Not to mention the hotness factor that gets imbued by their use - smokin'.

Yeti! Again? is a wonderful and humorous story that will put a smile on your face as you read and keep it there once you are done. Now, of course, I'm wondering how fatherhood is going to affect my favorite yeti. I hope Ms. Kyle has another story in the works because I want to visit these two lovebirds again.

Rating: Photobucket

Reviewed by Xeranth

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review: Game On

Game On
by Liza James

Desperate for her husband’s attention—particularly in the bedroom—Bree Winters purposely drops her wedding band down the sink in hopes of luring Shane upstairs for the seduction of his life. Only the Superbowl is on, which proves to be a bigger draw than her charms. Frustrated, she half-heartedly threatens to call their handsome neighbor—who happens to be a plumber—and reward him with sexual favors in exchange for retrieving her ring.

Shane knows his and Bree’s sex life has become boring and predictable, and it scares the hell out of him—especially since they’ve only been married a couple of years. But he’s overworked and tired as hell, and all he wants to do is watch the Superbowl. When Bree threatens to entice the neighbor over with promises of sexual favors, Shane discovers the thought of watching his wife with another man is a surprising turn-on. And maybe just what they need to jump start their stalled sex life. The big game suddenly holds no interest because in the master bath, it's GAME ON.

Everyone knows the tale of the unsatisfied housewife, right? She normally ends up with Mr. Handyman next door while her husband is away in blissful ignorance. Well, in "Game On", Liza James flips that story right on its bum in this fast scorcher of a tale.

Bree Winters is a frustrated housewife with a plan that’s sure to get her husband, Shane into gear. But when he threatens to ruin her plan, she throws out their delicious neighbor, Jeff Haist as his replacement. What does Jeff do for a living? You guessed it, he’s the plumber! Except Shane’s reaction to Bree’s suggestion is definitely not the typical husbandly answer. I cracked up at Bree’s reaction (trust me, it’s a true Oh My God, What? Moment) and seeing Bree start the game with Jeff…well, here’s some advice: have a cooler of ice nearby.

This story was a brilliant, one- two punch combination that blindsided me and left me glued to the pages. The chemistry between Jeff, Bree, and Shane is amazing, so fiery hot, my eyeballs felt blistered! Combined with the lines of sweet love between husband and wife (and the all around dirty dialogue) and you’ve got a brilliant story that blows your mind away in just twenty-one short pages. This one’s for those sultry summer nights!


Review by Narcissus

Monday, April 28, 2008

Review: Nipped: Rookery Cove

Nipped: Rookery Cove
by Celia Kyle

After being fired, again, for her obsessive-compulsive tendencies related to cleaning, Katerina Pawslowski is on the hunt for a job. Who knew that good personal hygiene could be a terminable offense? Maybe keeping half a dozen containers of Clorox wipes at hand was a bit much… As she's searching through the paper for a job, an ad from Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs catches her eye. Lab Assistant Wanted: Assistance in maintaining and cleaning the general lab area. Cleaning! It said cleaning! What better job for a feline shifter with OCD?

Wilmington Thorpe III has got a problem. He and his partner have been hired by Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs to create the ultimate catnip. A catnip which would stimulate and arouse the feline shifters of the world. Rookery is looking to monopolize the market on feline sexual aids and their creation is the cornerstone of their campaign. After several unsuccessful attempts, Will decides his problem is the state of his lab. His partner and pack mate, Montgomery, while an amazing chemist, is a slob. Will can’t think with all the clutter!

Montgomery Slade loves everything about working for Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs. He’s doing what he enjoys with the man he loves by his side. His life couldn't be better -- until formula after formula fails to produce the results they’ve been looking for and Will spends more and more time in the lab staring at test results and less time keeping Monty warm at night.

Of course, everything changes when a certain Kat gets to cleaning and changes their lives forever.

Katerina Pawslowski is a feline shifter whose obsessive-compulsive tendencies require her to find a new job cleaning for Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs. Wow, it must be incredibly sexy to be a shifter and what fun to work at a place like Rookery Cove! She begins her new adventure on a beautiful island trying to overcome her fears and find out what is inside of herself.

Will and Monty are life partners and pack mates who are working on an ultimate catnip aphrodisiac to market to feline shifters. Failure is frustrating them beyond belief. They love each other but they are driving each other crazy! Both of them are talented chemists with different ideas of how to get the job done. That is where Kat comes in.

I think that Rookery Cove Island sounds like a fun and exciting place to work. It's clear that Kat is feeling lonely and does not fully understand what she needs. I was a cleaning woman in the past, but I never had a steamy at-work adventure like Kat's. Lucky girl! Will and Monty sound like real studs, in the lab and out!

The idea of discovering a feline aphrodisiac is sexy. I was transported into Kat's body when she mixed up the vials and became all hot and bothered. Talk about needing a hot shower! I could also feel the desire and passion when Will and Monty catch up with her. I just couldn't wait for the three of them to get together. Kat just lets go and is true to herself and her needs.

This book was very hot. It had lots of passionate imagery and was an enjoyable read.


Review by Ivy

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Review: Snowbound: Captive Heat

Snowbound: Captive Heat
by Lexxie Couper

Darci set out to win a bet on Mount Saint Elias. What she won was infinitely better -- and wilder.

This story made me all tingly! It was extremely sexy and fast moving. Darci Watson is amazing -- Olympic skier, adventuresome young thing and out in the cold mountains on a bet. I want to be her! Flying down a hill "just because".

Mr. Blue Eyes sounds hot! He is a mystery through the whole story. Lexxie Couper let me use my imagination up until the very end...and I still wanted more.

At one point, Darci is pinned up against an ice wall by Mr. Blue Eyes. She should be freezing to death, but Mr. Blue Eyes is just emanating sex and power, keeping her HOT. WOW! I felt the goose bumps on my back and furnace-like heat everywhere else. It's an awesome picture. It makes me feel like I would while driving on a highway, going 100 mph -- just going with reckless abandon. But there is no crash; just soft fur and intense heat. I would even say, raw sensuality.

I am definitely putting Lexxie Couper's backlist on my TBR pile.


Review by Ivy