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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Review: Elevator Magic

Elevator Magic
By: K.Z. Snow

The fashion industry isn’t kind to aging models. That’s why Lanie Stevens, at the ripe old age of thirty-four, is in a therapy group she calls Fear of Fucking. Insecurity stemming from a poor self-image has kept her celibate for way too long. Her only sexual thrill comes from ogling a handsome tech exec with whom she rides the elevator after her therapy sessions. Richard Sauter is great food for fantasy, but he looks right through her. Besides, he seems to be dating another woman.

After Lanie confides her despair to a friend, the exotic Angelina says she knows someone who could help. Lanie makes it clear she’s had her fill of blustering counselors and blind dates. As it turns out, these are not the kinds of help Angelina had in mind.

Soon thereafter, a stunning, long-haired man boards the elevator with the two regular riders. The car mysteriously stalls between floors. A startling, hands-free striptease starts taking place as clothing removes itself from sweating bodies. Suddenly, Lanie is not only being noticed, she’s involved in a steamy, gripping, groping ménage with two of the hottest men she’s ever encountered.

After this wild ride, Lanie will have no reason to doubt her allure, Richard will never look through her again… and both will believe in magic.

Elevator Magic is the perfect read if you are looking for a quick erotic journey spiced with a touch of paranormal guidance to make things interesting.

When I first read the blurb, I wasn’t too sure if I was going to find enough meat in this story for me to connect with the character’s emotions. I am pleased to say that Lanie has a real issue that a lot of women today deal with and can relate to. Her self monologue, her choices and her dreams are very plausible to me and kept my interest. In fact, it had me cheering for her.

Angelina is a very dear friend to Lanie and even in such a short meeting I got the sense of true caring and friendship between the two women. I know it would have distracted from the storyline, but I would like to have had more time with her. I get the feeling that Angelina is the type of character who could generate her own story.

As for Richard, Lanie’s fantasy focus, we get to finally meet the man who has fired her dreams for so long. Thing is, Richard is quite honorable and that becomes clear at a certain point in the story. At first I was like, ‘why couldn’t he have noticed her sooner?’, but once I found out why, I was very impressed with the character of his character.

Now, the man in the elevator? I consider him the croutons on a salad – the salad is delicious without them but add those croutons and you get crunch, pizzazz and interest. The guy is wonderful as a crouton. Yum.

All in all, Elevator Magic is a delight and a quick read when you want a little something to get you fired up and happy. You know a little belief in magic can go a long way and Elevator Magic leaves you positive that their HEA will continue to be fulfilled.

Rating: Photobucket

Reviewed by Xeranth

Friday, May 23, 2008

Review: Snowbound: Snow Angel

Snowbound: Snow Angel
by B.J. McCall

A horny angel and a motorist collide during a sudden snowstorm. Stranded, sharing body heat gets them through a freezing night.

"Snow Angel" is a fun little story that just sizzles!

Evan's reaction to his first encounter with an angel cracked me up. He knows he shouldn't have carnal thoughts about an angel but he can't help it — she is naked and beautiful — so with each sexual observation, he mentally chastises himself for having impure thoughts about her. When he tries to warm her up, his attempts to avoid erogenous zones charmed me because I saw him as a good, decent guy trying to do the right thing even though he really wanted to be a bad boy! Of course, when he gets the green light from Camille, he knows just what to do and aims to please.

I didn't find out Camille's motivation until the end, but her need for Evan from the beginning is compelling and I was pulled into her near desperation for him. She just wants to experience everything she can with Evan and I loved how she is almost reverent in how she sees him. When her situation is revealed, it added another dimension to the story that I thought was so clever and sweet.

The intimate scenes are steamy and very sensual and I was amazed by Evan's and Camille's agility as they take place in the back of an SUV! Although it is a very short story, the plot is pleasingly complete and satisfying. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it as a quick mood (and pulse!) elevator.


Review by Chamomile

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Review: Horsefall: Tail of Two Brothers

Horsfall: Tail of Two Brothers
by Jade Buchanan

What started out as just another day for Oliver Philip quickly turned stranger than any fiction he’d ever read. Arriving at Horsfall Ranch to conduct an audit on their safety program, Oliver can’t keep his eyes off owner Bayard Stoddard. A long cool drink of water if he’s ever seen one. Just when it seems Bayard might be returning his attraction -- as unprofessional as it might be right now -- the tall, powerful man receives the news his twin, Marshall, is missing.

Imagine Oliver’s surprise when the abused Shire horse he finds chained up on a neighboring ranch shapeshifts into a man that looks surprisingly familiar… it seems he’s found Bayard’s missing twin.

I couldn't pass up an opportunity to read a story about taking on twin cowboy brothers. The prospect was too irresistible and I'm glad I succumbed!

Oliver is a sweetheart. Although confident in his vocation, I found his insecurity in pursuing love charming. He is a little too weepy — he tears up pretty often — but it does further illustrate his sensitive nature. His inner conflicts and fantasies help to build the sexual tension and I couldn't wait for Oliver and Bayard to get together. He sees Bayard as the perfect man and when he finds out there are two of them the poor (but lucky!) guy is just beside himself.

Bayard and Marshall are twins and are physically magnificent. Bayard is the responsible twin and Marshall gets himself into trouble and I enjoyed the relationship between the two of them. No resentments or acrimony, they just love, respect and want the best for one another and I found that so refreshing. Bayard has a calm way about him and I liked the protectiveness he shows for both Oliver and Marshall. I got to know Bayard a little better than Marshall because he was the main love interest for Oliver, but Marshall's intensity and the ways he illustrates the depth of his feelings for Oliver are scintillating and fervent. I almost liked him more than Bayard just because he was the odd-man out and thought his desires hopeless because he wouldn't do anything to hurt his brother so I sympathized with him.

The villain and his situation weren't clear to me and there is no final confrontation with him which I would have expected given the circumstances. This aspect is a minor part of the plot and didn't interfere with my overall enjoyment of the story. The love scenes sizzle with sensual heat and the paranormal aspect makes the brothers even more tantalizing. "Horsefall: Tail of Two Brothers" is an emotionally fulfilling romance and I enjoyed it immensely.


Review by Chamomile

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Review: Snowbound: Saved by a Vampire

Snowbound: Saved by a Vampire
by Silvia Violet

A young woman becomes stranded in a blizzard, and her only hope is a stranger with fangs.

Quite the hot and sexy meeting between two strangers.

Sandra made a huge mistake; not unlike what we might do if we were in an emotional state. Sometimes we aren't lucky enough to have someone come to the rescue.

For Sandra, she ends up with an unlikely hero. Amazing how someone can create enough heat to keep someone alive and safe, yet Ms. Violet pulled it off. I found enough real feelings written into Sandra's character which made for a very heated reaction to her predicament. What a way to get saved!

Then again, I was left not only wanting more but asking questions like: "Will Sandra’s “guardian angel” stay with her for all time?"

I can definitely see this being turned into a longer novel - or at least another short story picking up where this one left Sandra. It has great promise of an intensely erotic and romantic story. I'd read another story by Silvia Violet in a heartbeat.

Review by Snowdrop & Xeranth

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Review: Snowbound: White Wedding

Snowbound: White Wedding
by Cat Marsters

Weddings are supposed to be happy. Summer Fae are supposed to be warm. So what the hell am I doing in a snowbound cabin in the Alps?

I really enjoyed White Wedding! Although it’s going to be difficult to review without either revealing spoilers or getting the Billy Idol song stuck in my head. I’ve failed on the second count but I’ll try not to on the first.

Ms. Marsters did a really great job of layering in plot, character, a little world building, humor and lots of erotic elements into a 14-page short story. The story had a good balance to it so that the reader is satisfied at the end, but isn’t overwhelmed with a bunch of exposition.

White Wedding is written in a first person perspective and the protagonist has this light, wry, slightly ribald tone that really makes the prose sparkle. Her stance on the setting: “Snow and me are unmixy things.” Thermal underwear: “It might be practical, but it’s not hella sexy, is it?” On the wedding night: “Consummate me like you’ve never consummated before.” She had me giggling and alternately fanning myself from beginning to end.

Part of the plot dealt with a secret the protagonist was keeping from her new husband. There was a point in the story where the protagonist had to deal with this. I was a bit confused at this point because, the way the scene was written hinted that the event that prompted the plot point had happened before. And I wondered why the previous events didn’t have the same effect.

This didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying the story, though. White Wedding is a fun romp, just right for a quick coffee break or some light before bed reading. For the tone alone, I would recommend this short to fans of Maryjanice Davidson and all readers of erotic paranormals.


Review by Daisy

Monday, May 19, 2008

Review: Black Dragon's Blood

Black Dragon’s Blood
by Anita Philmar

Amanda Spencer had spent years searching for clues to her first husband's murder. Now, she was close, too close to let a William VanHorn get in the way. He wanted to claim her as his wife, but she didn't have time to satisfy the man's needs. She wanted answers not sex.

Set on fire by Amanda, William wouldn't let the lady escape. If she wanted answers, he'd get them. As head of the Dragon Center, he had connections and nothing would stop him from capturing her heart.

If you pick up Black Dragon’s Blood expecting a standard dragon fantasy, you’ll be disappointed. Ms. Philmar has constructed a rich futuristic world for her dragon hybrids to live in. It’s a world of science, flying cars, elixirs, and all sorts of interesting details that enhance the story and the readers’ experience.

It’s fun to watch Amanda and William navigate this world together. They have quite a fiery relationship and a lot of the conflict comes from the two of them fighting with each other and trying to assert control over their situation. William is very alpha, and at times was a bit too high-handed for my taste. Most readers who like alpha heroes shouldn’t have a problem, though. Some readers might be bothered by one of the dominant biological plot elements – when a woman with dragon blood gets pregnant, instead of receiving nourishment from the mother via the umbilical cord, the baby gets it from the father’s sperm.

There is a lot at stake for Amanda and William. Amanda must find the answers to the questions surrounding her first husband’s death before she can move on with her life. These same answers are important to William as they impact the Dragon Center and the people who depend on it. The mystery was so interesting that I wished at times that there was a better balance between it and the very well-written erotic elements in the novel. The plot thread was tied up very satisfactorily at the end, though.

All-in-all, Black Dragon’s Blood is a unique erotic paranormal that mixes speculative fiction elements very well. Recommended for readers who enjoy Susan Kearney’s futuristics and yearn for vintage historical alpha males.


Review by Daisy

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Review: Cat O' Nines: Cat's Meow

Cat O’ Nines: Cat’s Meow
By Lia Connor

Party Animal…

Lucia’s the cat’s meow among her family, shining brighter and burning hotter than her sisters or her brother. A playgirl, her favorite things to do in life are drink, dance, party and hook up with sexy men.

But now that the Catkind have taken Gabriella, Marnie and Tony, and the family business Gatos is gone, Lucia’s got to take a stand. It’s up to her to rescue her siblings, and although she’s scared Lucia swears she’ll make it happen.

Lucia doesn’t know about the two hot, hunky Catkind on her own trail. Orion, a white Tiger, and Jomei, a Bengal Tiger, are royalty among the Catkind, next in line to the throne over all the Cats. Concerned about the renegades who are leaving them to find human mates, they take Lucia into custody for questioning.

What they don’t expect is to find the mating bond igniting a flame between the three of them - - or that Lucia’s much more than a pretty face.

I have to say that I have enjoyed this series, having been given the chance to review the previous three books in the Cat O’ Nines storyline. It was a pleasure to see Lucia redeem herself and further the cause of the Catkind from the previous books. This intense book was about a woman’s discovery of her true self – the reasons behind her party animal ways – as well as the truth about her family and her heritage.

Lucia is a self-professed, self-made party girl who secretly yearns for something more… something deeper and more meaningful, but she doesn’t know what that is or how to get it for herself. When we catch up with Lucia she’s running scared after seeing her three siblings fall, and fall hard, for their Catkind mates. Convinced they are out of their minds…or worse, brainwashed and under the control of their hormones… Lucia runs and finds that she herself is on the road to her own Catkind mates.

Lucia’s two mates were not at all what she expected, but everything she needs:

Orion is the white Tiger who first recognizes Lucia as their mate… now if he can convince Jomei, his own lover and mate as well as Lucia’s destined third, of the truth. Orion was the more open-minded of the two men. While he was still very much in love with Jomei he knows who Lucia is to them and is determined to convince both his mates of the truth. Orion was no less intense than Jomei, but he was definitely the more gentle and easy-going of the two Catkind princes. He seemed to know much more instinctively what Lucia needs to bring out her “true” self. I loved watching his intense focus as he worked to bring them all to where they needed to be.

Jomei is the Bengal Tiger is destined to be king of the Catkind. Jomei is royal, proud and the more intense and arrogant of the two Catkind men. He thinks he knows what is best, and can’t fathom how it’s possible that he and Orion, both royalty, could be mated to a human woman. I loved that although he was arrogant and sure of his place, he wasn’t so thick-headed as to completely discount what Orion believes to be true. His obvious love for Orion makes itself apparent when he finds himself jealous over Orion’s interactions with Lucia. I was actually more intrigued by Jomei than by any of the other Catkind men I’d previously met. I guess there’s a lot to say for a royal, Bengal Tiger!

Having had the privilege and the pleasure to read the previous books in the Cat O’ Nines series, I have to say that to date Cat’s Meow is the best of the series. Cat’s Meow is a wonderful addition to the Cat O’ Nines series that answers some questions brought forth previously, but leaves us ready for a happy conclusion. A definite recommend.


Review by Viscaria