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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last Chance Upon A Murder by Desiree Lee

Last Chance Upon A Murder by Desiree Lee
Publisher: Freya's Bower
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (29 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

An ancient rite performed in modern times. A lone woman unaware of her destiny. A preternatural creature hunts for one soul to claim for his own. What havoc will be wrought when the three intertwine? Can two beings from vastly different worlds find peace together, or are they doomed to walk between worlds forever?

Last Chance Upon A Murder was a fantastic read. The story was raised to a level above what I am used to reading. My mother would say it had a lot of twenty-five cent words but in a way, the vocabulary used, elevated this work to a higher level. It reminded me of an Alfred Hitchcock story. A cross of The Birds and An Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode.

It is the story of Giana Valerio, a young woman who dresses like a Goth and is a very knowledgeable and kind hearted person. Giana cares for her neighbors as I saw when the murder of crows descended on her neighborhood. She went next door to Casey Lowe's home to check on him and inform him of the murder of crow migration to their neighborhood. When Ashtalon transformed from a crow to a being in her home, Giana took it better than I would have thought. Ashtalon is a sluagh. When he informed Giana of this fact, she showed her extensive knowledge by not only knowing what a sluagh is but who and why he was there.

I enjoyed the interactions of Giana and Ashtalon. It was cute how Ashtalon showered for over an hour and the stench was still on him. Giana, a very caring person, took it upon herself to diligently wash and condition Ashtalon's hair, which had not been done in hundreds of years, in order to completely remove the stench. I also enjoyed their shopping trip for clothes for Ashtalon and the significance clothing he wears at the end of the story . Even though they know each other but for a brief moment in the fabric of time, I could see the feelings that they have for one another and enjoyed reading as they developed into more than friends.

I can only say that as I read this story, I felt that I was lifted to another level. One in which I could not take my eyes from the computer screen and in which I felt I could lose myself in this compelling tale of life, death and the supernatural. Last Chance Upon A Murder is truly an exceptionally well crafted story that I recommend highly.


Desirée Lee said...

Thank you very much for your kind comments! I'm so pleased you enjoyed my book!

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

Lisa Whitefern said...

Wow that is an awesome review!

Lisa Whitefern said...

Wow that is an awesome review!

Ana Lee Kennedy said...

So happy for you, Des!