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Friday, March 6, 2009

Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge by Marie Rochelle

Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge by Marie Rochelle
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (134 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Tiger Lily

Will Headley be able to allow Troy all the cards in the deck or does she have something up her sleeve?

Tycoon Troy Christian had only loved one woman his whole life Headley Rose…. but she left town at eighteen without sparing a second glance in his direction. Taking his heart with her and making him into the man he was today.

Now, ten years later she was back and wanted his help, but was she willingly to agree to his terms or would she lose everything her family had worked so hard to achieve. What made her leave ten years ago and what secrets is she holding?

He held all the cards in the palm of his hand. Revenge had never tasted so sweet or does it?

High finance dealmaker seeks down to earth farmer’s daughter for the role of a lifetime – his wife. Troy Christian knows his way around the boardroom and the bedroom, but he hasn’t quite figured out the woman of his dreams – Headley Rose.

Ms. Rochelle’s storyline worked. Both characters wanted the same thing: each other. Despite Troy’s initial snobbishness and Headley’s bullheadedness, the characters became likeable. The reader rooted them on in their quest to partner because we all know couples who are made for each other and need that extra push to get together. The white-hot sex scenes drove the plot. Nothing is ever perfect, especially with love and relationships. When Headley decided she wanted Troy, she made sure nothing stood in her way.

Ms. Rochelle shines as she writes circumstances that mirror everyday life, but the typos and poor editing in spots took away from the interest and reduced my overall rating of the story. With a better editing, this novel would reflect the captivating nature of the storyline.

If you want an interracial love story, thick with realism, everyday problems, and a sexy hero, then check out Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge. I give the story 3 1/2 cherries.

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