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Friday, March 20, 2009

Scorpio Risen by Desiree Lee

Scorpio Risen by Desiree Lee
Publisher: Tease Publishing
Genre: Paranormal (Shape-Shifter)
Length: Short (65 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Deylen Troika is the new Alpha of the Centruroides clan of scorpion shifters and the owner of a toxicology lab to appear legitimate amongst mortals. Forced to hire a new employee for his lab, Deylen has to go outside of his clan to find someone with the qualifications. He can't help but notice his new employee Seneca McLane is stunningly beautiful. If only her personality wasn't so abrasive. If only she wasn’t mortal…

Deylen uncovers a secret Seneca harbors, bringing them closer together, more closer than he would have imagined. It also puts his own secret in danger of being discovered.

When a rival clan challenges Deylen for the city, Seneca is caught up in to a world she knows nothing about. Can Deylen keep his clan affairs separate and protect her innocence or will she become an unwitting pawn in the fight for supremacy amongst the arachnid shifters?

I was blown away by the unique concept of arachnid shifters. Ms. Lee presented not one but two separate species of shifters that have never before been written about to my knowledge. The details of both the scorpion and spider shifters had me enthralled and I could not believe it when a partial shift occurred. Ms. Lee has written of something that has never before occurred in a shifter story.

From Ms. Lee’s first sentence, I was drawn into this amazing story that transported me to unknown clans within the shifter community. I loved the Centruroides and their leader Deylen Troika. With his pale blue bedroom eyes (what my mom would say Paul Newman eyes), brown hair with blond streaks, and fantastic physique, I could not help but fall in love with his character. Seneca also, could not help falling for her boss while she worked in his lab.

Seneca McLane is a striking character too, not only in appearance but in her intellect. Tall, black hair and green eyed, Deylen found her to be “beautiful and intelligent” but also “obstinate and opinionated”. Genetics is her passion and she wants to go to medical school for gene therapy. Seneca, while just an innocent human, has a super immune system herself. I loved how she created her alter ego Eva St.Croix in order to play at the blackjack tables to earn money for medical school. When Deylen spots her in the casino, I could not help but laugh at his wit as he introduced himself as Bond, James Bond.

The attention to detail is amazing in this story. Deylen’s care for Seneca about the wet floor from splashing in the hot tub, cleaning up after anal sex and even the taste of the bubble bath on her breasts had me believing I was right there with them the entire story. I loved how the relationship between Seneca and Deylen progressed from co-workers to co-conspirators to lovers.

There were a few minor characters but the best of them was Koda Webb who is the alpha of the Loxosceles Clan. At six foot six, long black hair and a MMA fighter to boot; Koda is one scary villain. Pure evil could be felt every time he came into a scene. I never knew what he was plotting next.

The amount of research that went into this story along with the painstaking attention to detail had me believing every word that was written. Scorpio Risen is a fantastic book that I would recommend highly.

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Desirée Lee said...

Thank you so much! I'm so pleased you enjoyed this book!

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
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