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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wolf Unbound by Lauren Dane

Wolf Unbound by Lauren Dane
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (197 Pgs)
Other: BDSM * M/F * Spanking
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Xeranth

Werewolf Enforcer Tegan Warden has been alone since the death of her mate four years ago. Until she meets Ben Stoner at a local club and she feels something she thought died inside her. Things move very quickly and she finds herself mated to a human man who’s not altogether sure he wants a forever kind of love with a woman he’s just met.

Ben realizes in short order Tegan is not only worth forever love, but a woman who’ll stand at his side without tolerating anything other than a full partnership.

In the bedroom it’s another story, as Ben has finally found a sexual submissive with a spark, and Tegan a man worthy of her submission. Together they work toward building a permanent relationship even as the specter of danger from the Pellini Group grows in the world of wolves.

All around them, the rising violence threatens the Packs and the only thing they know for certain is one another.

Once again, Ms. Dane wowed me with a book that I simply could not put down until I’d experienced every gasp, every sigh, and every hot scene until I felt like a satisfied and melted ice cube.

Wolf Unbound takes readers back to the Cascadia wolf pack and there are big doings going on there. It’s the fourth book in the series but it stands alone just fine. The first thing that happened to me when starting this story was my urge to cry. My emotions were grabbed and twisted until I felt fully committed to Tegan getting her HEA. Right away the sense of romance-to-come is apparent and I was eager to delve into the world of werewolves and pack.

This book takes a reader on a Tegan’s journey where she heals from a four year span of numbness; she faces her fears of starting anew and has to take a stand for the good of her man and her pack. It’s also a sexual healing in that she learns to trust absolutely the man fate brings to her. My understanding is that following the BDSM lifestyle can be the ultimate in expression of love. It’s not just the physical sex -- it’s the mental connection and trust. Add in the metaphysical and readers are treated to some very hot, passionate and extremely romantic moments that highlight how intriguing that loving lifestyle can be – especially with werewolves. Ms. Dane sure knows how to write hot in a variety of ways that it keeps you enthralled.

Ben is the man of the hour. I absolutely adored how Ms. Dane described him. Ben’s a mature man and extremely hot, alpha, focused and a cop. Not only that but he’s been emotionally scarred and has a lot of trust baggage to fix as well. Unlike Tegan who lost someone through death, Ben was betrayed. That’s pretty heavy so the push-pull of wanting to trust, and not trusting himself or her is believable and humbling. He’s not a perfect character and yes he messes up but that made me like him all the more. When he finally makes his decision, Ben goes all out and that is inherently sexy. There was nothing about his character I didn’t like.

The conflict, personal ones notwithstanding, is a carryover thread from the previous books – Pellerini and his evil and twisted reality he intends to thrust on the human and Were community alike. He is a well depicted villain that spurs the right amount of anxiety, worry and anger from the main characters and the secondary supporting cast. His vileness touches the right buttons to make the resulting battle exciting, page-turning and suspenseful. Ms. Dane delivers intense passions in Wolf Unbound – true to her writing talents.

The first elements I enjoy about this book are the bed scenes. They are couched within some very fine writing of plot, conflict and supporting dialogue. Secondly are the voices and personalities of the various characters that interact with Tegan and Ben - they are well done, logical and bring depth and emotional connection. The pace is constant and forward moving with no unnecessary stalling, unless you count taking the time to explore some very hot relationship growth with all kinds of interesting options. As far as I’m concerned, it is always necessary because Ms. Dane is gifted in that department too.

Wolf Unbound has everything I look for in a romance; passion, emotional commitment, action, suspense, a hero to respect, a heroine to admire and a relationship to envy. You get to see love provide strength when all seems lost, family in all its frustration and support, and a world you want to visit again and again.

I recommend this book to any paranormal fan because it also has my favorite component – it’s a book with bite.

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