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Monday, October 26, 2009

Hearts of Fire: May by Nina Pierce and Julia Devlin

Hearts of Fire: May by Nina Pierce and Julia Devlin
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (108 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by: Ambrosia

Shadows of Fire – By Nina Pierce

ALEXANDRA FLANAGAN didn’t ask to be forced from her human existence as a chemistry student at the South Kenton University in the mountains of Northern California into the ungodly world of vampires. But thirty years ago, after nearly dying from a vicious vampire attack, that’s exactly what happened. Saved by the blood of an ancient vampire, she unhappily walks among immortals--facing a hollow existence she never chose.

REESE COLTON has been a vampire for centuries. A man of honor, he is part of an elite military operation known as RISEN that seeks out and eliminates rogue vampires who choose to break the unwritten codes of the immortals and not live complacently among the human population. Undercover as a firefighter at the South Kenton fire department, he and his team have been called in to investigate the unusual number of fires that have ended the lives of several humans--and vampires.

When chemistry ignites passion, Reese and Alex find themselves embroiled in an affair that catches them both unaware. With the number of fires escalating and Alex’s behavior increasingly suspect, Reese isn’t sure whether to follow his heart or the clues. Will Reese find the answers to Alex’s secrets in the Shadows of Fire?

A Walk on the Wild Side – Julia Devlin

After spending her thirtieth birthday with her parents, straight as an arrow Abby Simmons drowns her sorrows in a bottle of Jose Cuervo and a splash of margarita mix. All she wants is a little fun and excitement—one shot at being wild before she settles back into her regularly scheduled life. With a little liquid courage, Abby sets out to give herself the perfect gift—her bad boy neighbor, firefighter, Luke Marlow.

When an intoxicated Abby shows up at his door, Luke isn’t eager to accommodate a na├»ve woman who can’t handle what he has to give. Not wanting to hurt this sweet girl next-door, he sends her away with an order to sleep it off, and a promise to fulfill her desires in the light of day. Confident he’s run her off, nothing could have shocked him more than receiving an email from Abby the next morning outlining her sexual to-do list. Turns out his quiet neighbor isn’t such a good girl after all.

While Luke gives Abby the walk on the wild side she craves, they both get more than they bargained for…

Shadows of Fire: Nina Pierce

Leaping into flames of suspense, Nina Pierce catches a reader’s attention like striking a match to paper. Poof! Wording that twists and turns with the plot offers vivid imagery while the mesmerizing wonder of ‘who dunnit’ captures the imagination.

Seeking to return to human form after years of sadness living as an immortal, she vamp, Alexandra Flanagan, works with a doctor of chemistry to find the secret formula, using her own body to experiment. Sick, lonely, and feeling undesired by the vampire firefighter she had her sights set on, Alex prepares to give up and leave town, losing all hope.

When the lead vampire of the entire mountain top cult is murdered, Alex is blamed for the strange killings of many of the sect. Only Reese Colton can not only save her, but clear her name. Finally admitting his love for her, he gives in to her lure while working with a secret vampire agency to solve the murders.

It was a pleasure to read such an alarming, hot tale of the flames of desire, sparked by such an awesome set of characters. The other characters in the story lent a gamut of emotions from joy, to pain, to love, and hatred as the story licked the edges of Alex’s world.

A definite must for those who love a good suspense and hot read of fabulous frisky firemen and a feisty female. This story deserves its own 4.5 rating for the exceptional writing. One can only fall into the heat of well written prose with glee.

Review: A Walk On The Wild Side: Julia Devlin

Wowee, wow, wow, wowwww…Now here’s a story that will keep your fantasies alive and well as Abby, and boy-next-door, Luke, frolic from place to place fulfilling her dreams in a proposition gone wild. You barely catch your breath before she’s off to make her next sexual dream come true with the handsome, virile firefighter.

Erotic doesn’t even come close to describing this sexy romp into blazing heat between one hot alpha male and a seemingly dull and bored accountant. Abby offers the womanizing man her body as another depressing, boring birthday comes and goes and she decides to let her hair down, literally.

Used to a certain type of sexy woman, Luke is totally unprepared when the plain and simple neighbor shows up on his doorstep offering her body for him to teach her how to pull out all stops. She’s tired of living a safe life and wants his expertise. Expertise is what he plans on giving her when she doesn’t back down from his advances which he’d hope to use to scare her off.

When the tables are turned and she shows him a thing or two, surprising the him with wild sparks, he realizes that he doesn’t want anyone more than his neighbor.

Deliciously delightful and will make you want to lose the panties! A definite must read for those who want to fulfill their own ideas of what fun, imaginative sex should be all about.

Review Summary

The sensual, erotic scenes will make you squirm in your seat. Two creamy and sexy tales full to brimming with delight, this book can only get a 5.0 for top of the list yummy… Do firemen come in six-packs?


Fran Lee said...

A definite must read! I adored it! Thanks for the great review!

Nina Pierce said...

Thanks for the compliment Fran! I did love writing about these vampires. And Julia's "guy next door"? Well, I wouldn't mind having a neighbor like that!

Julia Devlin said...

Thanks Fran!! I know Nina and I are both glad you liked it.