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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Sun Sword by Lexxie Couper

The Sun Sword by Lexxie Couper
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (128 pgs)
Other: M/F, BDSM
Rating: Best Book
Reviewer: Holly

She has the power to bring new life…or utterly destroy it.

Torin Kerridon, the last warrior from an ancient order, is drawn to an abandoned, dying Earth, where he finds a forgotten young woman. A woman forged by the Immortals to wield the ultimate weapon—the Sun Sword. A woman capable of commanding the power of the suns. A woman with no past and no memory, the body of an angel and the spirit of a demon. He will train her. Prepare her.

Hunted all her life, Kala Rei has endured more than one woman should. Sheer grit, and a dangerous skill with a lead pipe, are the key to her survival. But nothing threatens her sense of safety more than dominance-oozing Torin. He wants her, but not for what’s between her legs. For what he believes her to be—some ludicrous savior from some absurd prophecy. No matter…his offer to take her away from Earth is too good to refuse.

But when a savage desire begins to burn between them, both Torin and Kala are in danger—and so are the worlds of man.

Warning: This book contains an ancient prophecy that can’t be denied, a brooding hero tormented by desire, a stubborn woman who hungers for his touch, a villain so vile you’ll want to kill him yourself and sex so hot it’ll melt the suns of the known universes…and then some.

Torin is the last of the Sol warriors. He has been searching for The One Who Burns for a long time. When his mentor sends him to a ruined Earth, telling him his goal will be found there, he gets more than he bargained for. Kala has been abused as far back as she can remember. Now along comes another man, one who tells her he has been searching for her, and that she is the prophesied one, The One Who Burns. She is the only one who can wield The Sun Sword and change the worlds forever. Kala isn’t so sure, but his offer to take her away from Earth, the one place she has suffered untold pain and degradation is too good to pass up. Is Kala The One Who Burns, or is she the False Fire? Can Torin train and protect her, and keep his distance.

Together, can they find the Sun Sword, and defeat the evil racing to take the Sword for himself? Will Torin survive the trials ahead, or will he fulfill the prophecy and die by the hand that wields the Sun Sword?

Lexxie Couper has a way of drawing the reader into the story, with strong and charismatic characters. Kala is a strong central figure, and her first meeting with Torin is marvelous. Torin is an honorable man, and as his attraction to Kala grows, he comes to regret the pledge he made not to touch her. There is so much passion and action in this one it is impossible to put it down. I loved watching Kala grow and become the strong and independent woman she was meant to be, as Torin guides and teaches her that there are men who will not take advantage of a woman. Even after Kala has decided she would like more with Torin, he honors his pledge. When they do finally succumb to their mutual attraction, it is nothing short of explosive.

Once sex is thrown into the mix, the heat level soars, and no one writes hot and steamy quite like Lexxie Couper. Ms. Couper creates characters you love and villains you just love to hate. Is Kala The One Who Burns or is she The False Fire? Will she fulfill the prophecy that says she will kill Torin or is it all a myth? Do these star-crossed lovers get their happy ever after? Yes, but the surprise at the end is so ingenious that I truly did not see it coming. If you want a romance that keeps you one the edge, makes you cry and sigh, and takes you to new worlds, I highly recommend The Sun Sword.

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