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Friday, March 20, 2009

Touch of the Demon by Christina Phillips

Touch of the Demon by Christina Phillips
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (47 pages)
Other: M/F, sex in a semi-public place
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Dark angel Rafe travels back in time to destroy the woman who is fated to bring untold chaos to the cosmos. Instead, he finds Celeste, a child of the Earth Goddess, who is sworn to protect the one Rafe seeks. He mistakes her for his quarry, but an irresistible attraction prevents him from taking her soul. And although Celeste holds the one weapon capable of banishing Rafe from Earth forever, she's unable to deny the overwhelming desire to possess this creature from hell. They come together in a frenzy of passion, each believing they are changing destiny by their actions. But when the Earth Goddess appears, they discover her plans are more far reaching than either had imagined.

Your mission: eradicate the enemy menace. Your reward: your wings. Your warning: don’t lose your heart, or you could destroy your race. Ah, such is the mission for Rafe, the dark angel in Touch of the Demon. Well, it is until Celeste comes along…

Ms. Phillips uses a hot-button subject, a clash between races, as the main theme for her short story. Battling legions isn’t unique, but her approach to the topic is. She weaves the characters together in such a fashion that they are incomplete alone. Rafe wants to kill the half-goddess, half-human creature. Celeste needs Rafe to impregnate her. What’s an independent spirited woman to do? Snag him in a dark alley! As the relationship deepens, both realize their jobs mean nothing without love.

The relatable aspect of this story is that we all know people we might not befriend because of differences. When the heart is in charge, the differences melt away. We could all learn from that logic.

If you want a sexy read, filled with demons, goddesses, and forbidden love, then pick up a copy of Touch of the Demon and let it take you away. I give this short story 4 cherries.

The Sweetest Sin by Lexie Davis

The Sweetest Sin by Lexie Davis
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (87 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Book two in the Darkfever Series

Can Darkfever's notorious drummer find true love with a woman that's convinced true love doesn't exist?

Callie Quinn has tried to distance herself from Sin Cannon ever since she gave into her desires at a mutual friends wedding reception. But with his persistence and determination, Sin has made her efforts harder than she ever imagined. It's her job to make Darkfever look good in the public eye yet when Darkfever's sexy bad boy continues to get in trouble, Callie is the first person he calls - even when she's on vacation with her kid sister.

It wasn't his intention to continuously interrupt her family vacation, but Sin couldn't deny the more time he spent with Callie the more his feelings grew for her. Scandals arise, trouble lurks around the corner and Callie is the only one he can count on to get him out of it. He's convinced he loves her, but Callie is sure it's only infatuation. Will Sin be able to prove to Callie she's the only one for him? Or has the rock and roll lifestyle gone to his head and her continuous 'no' only feeding the need to want what he can't have?

He’s a rock star dealing with an overwhelming sense of entitlement – to Callie. She’s an overworked, underappreciated overachiever working for Sin, the ultimate rocker. What happens when he shifts from Overindulgent Sin to The Sweetest Sin? Callie gets the ride of her life.

Ms. Davis’ work shimmered from beginning to end. Both main characters lived a rather rough life in that they both dealt daily with the aggravation of the paparazzi. The story never bogged down, even when circumstances may have suggested it. Callie was easy to relate to. She wanted the man, but the demons in her past made accepting his life almost impossible. I enjoyed the banter between Sin and Callie’s younger sister Missy because it showed the man was human as well as a drop dead sexy rock star drummer. Even celebrities are people when they step out of the harsh glare of the spotlight and Ms. Davis’ captured that with ease.

If you like stories with a twist ending and lots of heart mixed in with sizzling passion, then The Sweetest Sin is the book for you. I give this one 4 ½ cherries. Awesome!

Scorpio Risen by Desiree Lee

Scorpio Risen by Desiree Lee
Publisher: Tease Publishing
Genre: Paranormal (Shape-Shifter)
Length: Short (65 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Deylen Troika is the new Alpha of the Centruroides clan of scorpion shifters and the owner of a toxicology lab to appear legitimate amongst mortals. Forced to hire a new employee for his lab, Deylen has to go outside of his clan to find someone with the qualifications. He can't help but notice his new employee Seneca McLane is stunningly beautiful. If only her personality wasn't so abrasive. If only she wasn’t mortal…

Deylen uncovers a secret Seneca harbors, bringing them closer together, more closer than he would have imagined. It also puts his own secret in danger of being discovered.

When a rival clan challenges Deylen for the city, Seneca is caught up in to a world she knows nothing about. Can Deylen keep his clan affairs separate and protect her innocence or will she become an unwitting pawn in the fight for supremacy amongst the arachnid shifters?

I was blown away by the unique concept of arachnid shifters. Ms. Lee presented not one but two separate species of shifters that have never before been written about to my knowledge. The details of both the scorpion and spider shifters had me enthralled and I could not believe it when a partial shift occurred. Ms. Lee has written of something that has never before occurred in a shifter story.

From Ms. Lee’s first sentence, I was drawn into this amazing story that transported me to unknown clans within the shifter community. I loved the Centruroides and their leader Deylen Troika. With his pale blue bedroom eyes (what my mom would say Paul Newman eyes), brown hair with blond streaks, and fantastic physique, I could not help but fall in love with his character. Seneca also, could not help falling for her boss while she worked in his lab.

Seneca McLane is a striking character too, not only in appearance but in her intellect. Tall, black hair and green eyed, Deylen found her to be “beautiful and intelligent” but also “obstinate and opinionated”. Genetics is her passion and she wants to go to medical school for gene therapy. Seneca, while just an innocent human, has a super immune system herself. I loved how she created her alter ego Eva St.Croix in order to play at the blackjack tables to earn money for medical school. When Deylen spots her in the casino, I could not help but laugh at his wit as he introduced himself as Bond, James Bond.

The attention to detail is amazing in this story. Deylen’s care for Seneca about the wet floor from splashing in the hot tub, cleaning up after anal sex and even the taste of the bubble bath on her breasts had me believing I was right there with them the entire story. I loved how the relationship between Seneca and Deylen progressed from co-workers to co-conspirators to lovers.

There were a few minor characters but the best of them was Koda Webb who is the alpha of the Loxosceles Clan. At six foot six, long black hair and a MMA fighter to boot; Koda is one scary villain. Pure evil could be felt every time he came into a scene. I never knew what he was plotting next.

The amount of research that went into this story along with the painstaking attention to detail had me believing every word that was written. Scorpio Risen is a fantastic book that I would recommend highly.

The Seductress by Morgan Ashbury

The Seductress by Morgan Ashbury
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (169 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Pamela Singer is rumored to have built a career out of loving and then leaving rich men, but not before she gets her hands on a good chunk of their change first. Enter Dylan Pierce, the stepbrother of one of the men in her wake. Dylan blames Pamela for his stepbrother's fall from the family's graces.

Determined to punish her for her crimes, Dylan is deeply pleased when he realizes that Pamela is falling in love with him. The only problem: he's falling in love with her, too.

She’s a painting conservator; he’s a vice president for a prestigious hotel group. She’s got a secret and he’s dying to find out what it is. What will happen when he finds out that she’s irresistible? Dylan Pierce will fall under the spell of The Seductress.

I enjoyed Ms. Ashbury’s work. This story grabbed my attention from page one and didn’t let go until the fantastic ending! Although it was a bit difficult to keep some of the secondary characters straight, it didn’t bog down the story one bit. I found Pamela’s character easy to relate to. We all have parts of us that we don’t want to show the world because we don’t understand them ourselves. I also enjoyed Dylan’s willingness to change his mind once his alliances were challenged.

Ms. Ashbury’s descriptions of downtown Philadelphia made me feel like I was truly there. I also enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Dylan and Pamela. It was like watching two close friends finally realize they were meant to be together.

If you like a saucy romance with a healthy does of action and adventure, then grab a copy of The Seductress. I give this novel a hearty 4 ½ Cherries!

The Shape of Things by Mychael Black

The Shape of Things by Mychael Black
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Length: Short (75 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by: Cactus

For countless ages a war has raged on, a war most could not see. Two races have battled for their very existences. In the year 2015 the world is changed. World War III is long passed, but its effects remain. Humans have nearly destroyed the earth; global warming has reached a critical point. The sea is rising and the land is shrinking. Those left of the human race now live side by side with beings long thought to be nonexistent.

Vampires control the cities, ruling regions from one point: Washington DC. The Sanguine Council is in control and answers only to one man: Prince Devon Hart. But rebellion is brewing, and Prince Hart is its most strategic victim.

In the outlying lands there lives another race of creatures: shapeshifters. Their lands are slowly being swallowed by the sea and their only option is to move inward, towards the cities. Led by an ancient being using the name of Vincent Sheridan, the shapeshifters fight for survival against their bloodthirsty neighbors. They need a break, a change in strategy. Their prayers are answered by none other than the usurped Prince of the Vampires himself.

Thrown together in an effort to topple the traitorous Sanguine Council, Vincent and Devon find much more in each other than simply a strong ally. Will their relationship create more trouble than they can handle? Or will Vincent and Devon bring about an end to the war through their love?

This book definitely gives new meaning to the phrase “hot sex” and in more than one way. The obvious connotation certainly applies to the incredibly smoking sex between the two main characters but Vincent himself redefines scorching hot in this entertaining and surprisingly engaging post apocalyptic, futuristic world. In the not too distant future, a war is raging against vampires and shape shifters, fighting over the remnants of a burnt and destroyed world. As leaders of their people, Vincent and Devon must work together to bring peace before those hungry for power and domination can kill off unsuitable members of either race.

Vivid phrasing and world building easily creates an appealing and captivating atmosphere where mortals are the endanger species. Devon and Vincent are well characterized, given depth and intensity, drawing me into their world and struggles early and readily. Easily able to suspend disbelief over the fantasy elements of various shape shifters, the author’s imagination kept me wondering at each new twist and the intriguing mystery of Vincent’s true shape was wonderfully drawn and executed. The tension from the vampire rebellion was slightly hurried and finished too quickly, given the preceding action and build up; however that didn’t detract from an enjoyable read.

Some details that did detract, if slightly, were the rather odd and repeated shifts from human to animal form of Vincent’s people, giving the impression of multiple people walking around naked and turning into various animals at the drop of a hat. Additionally, all characters talked in animal form, carrying on full conversations sometimes, which was over the top and stretched the lines of plausible disbelief. I will give a slight warning for anyone who is discomforted by sex scenes involving partial animal forms as they do appear in this book. The scenes are fitting and written with intensity and sizzling heat, increasing the heat level of the book almost exponentially.

Overall, I rather enjoyed reading this short, enjoyable spin through the imaginative and twisted world created in this story. Although some parts of the story were distracting, the flow and pacing of the story worked well giving ease to the reading that added to the pleasure. If you like a futuristic world involving vampires, shape shifters and above all incredibly hot, sexy men, you’ll be sure to enjoy this story. I personally would appreciate another tour in this world with either these two characters or new fiery men.

Sari by Rose Middleton

Sari (Hybrids, Book One) by Rose Middleton
Publisher: Linden Bay Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense
Length: Full (211 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Lilac

Shapeshifting scientific assistant Sari Jones is having trouble controlling the dangerous heat that surges through her blood every time she steps within three feet of her hunky boss, Professor Kai Harrison. But control it she must, or risk losing the one man her heart has come to desire, and the freedom she longs to keep.

Kai Harrison has a strict policy; he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. He’s on a quest to find the elusive black jaguars that his sister, Rebecca, was researching when she vanished without a trace. And if the blinding attraction he feels towards the sleek and sexy Sari doesn’t get in the way, he just might unravel the mystery.

It’s a race against time when Kai and Sari are forced to trust one another in the search for truth. The Facility is key, an underground complex where Sari was once imprisoned. Deep in the jungle passions ignite, secrets are revealed, and for Kai the pieces start to fall into place. Sari isn’t human. She’s hybrid. And she’s just what Kai’s been searching for. There’s no such thing as coincidence…

A fascinating story, Sari’s interesting characters and plot drew me in from the very first page and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

Sari Jones, a genetically-altered hybrid who is part jaguar, finds herself in a bit of predicament as she helps Kai Harrison search for elusive jaguars. Sari and Kai both have their secrets that once revealed could change everything. However, they must work together if they want to accomplish their own hidden agendas. I really felt for both Sari and Kai and all that they have gone through. I especially felt for Sari as living with her secret couldn’t have been easy.

There is also an unspoken attraction between Sari and Kai almost from the first and you can easily sense the sexual tension between the two. The author did a wonderful job creating this tension so that when they finally do come together the pages nearly sizzle. But they also face an interesting complication to their relationship in the form of Sari’s status as a hybrid. I thought this was an interesting and unique obstacle for a couple to have to deal with.

In addition to the romance and sexual tension of the story, the characters of the story really help to make it even more enjoyable. Not only was I fascinated by Sari and Kai, but I was also drawn to the secondary characters of the story, Sari’s fellow hybrids and the evil man who created them. Each new revelation and character that we meet enhances the story and made me long to know more.

The whole concept of the hybrids really fascinated me and I loved it. With all of the advances in medical technology today, this one almost seems plausible despite its outrageousness and is almost scary to think about. As for the story, the man who created Sari and her fellow hybrids seems to have his own agenda and we learn that his nefarious plans and actions run deep as the suspenseful story progresses, but we are still left with a few questions that I hope will be answered in future books.

Sari is a wonderful start to the series and I can hardly wait to see what happens next as this one featured a nice setup for future books and a continuing story arc.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Craft of the Wise: The Book of Shadows by Dee Carney

The Craft of the Wise: The Book of Shadows by Dee Carney
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (50 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Novice witch Ava Valentine's first run-in with a demon almost ends in her demise until a fierce werewolf steps in to save her. Pledged in loyalty to the coven's princess, Aaron Remington will do what it takes to protect her. After falling for Ava, he realizes he's willing to pledge not just his life, but also his soul. When the true meaning behind her rank in the coven is revealed, Aaron and Ava must stand side by side to fight the menace that stalks her or lose their growing love - and possibly their lives - in exchange.

Fledgling witch in dire need of protection from forces she doesn’t know about. Only men willing to stand next to her no matter what need apply. Also, he must be a werewolf. Or at least that’s what he needs to be according to The Craft of the Wise – Book of Shadows.

Ava Valentine knows she’s a witch. She also knows she needs to master her spells and fast. She’s got demons on her tail. Enter Aaron Remington. He’s part werewolf and totally devoted to her protection. Ms. Carney writes a catchy suspenseful short story. I found I couldn’t walk away once I began reading. Although Ava and Aaron seem to fall into a relationship quickly, their mutual attraction and the need to defeat the demons drives the story. I especially liked the scene in the pantry with the chocolate. Ooh, very sexy. I’ll never eat another semi-sweet morsel the same way again!

Kudos to Ava. She could choose to play the helpless female, but no. She shows her strength despite her fledgling status as a witch. And who could turn down a sexy hunk wanting only to protect you? I can’t! Both characters are strong and in control, until they’re in each other’s arms.

If you want a short story that’s sexy, intelligent, and fun, then look no further than The Craft of the Wise – Book of Shadows. I give this short story 4 ½ cherries.

Soul Familiar 2: Unpredictable by Kate Steele

Soul Familiar 2: Unpredictable by Kate Steele
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, paranormal
Length: Short (83 Pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3 Cherries
Review by: Cactus

Life is unpredictable. That sentiment should be tattooed on my forehead -- or better yet on my lover’s ass. I’d see it more often.

I’m Alex Layton and I’m a soul familiar. Most people know witches and wizards use familiars to enhance their powers. Soul familiars become not only partners with their chosen magic practitioner but mates for life, and we bond with our partners -- heart, body, mind, and soul. I’ve found my soul mate, a sweet, gorgeous, recently deflowered virgin, fledging wizard by the name of Tyler Montgomery. To keep him, I face a challenge, or more precisely, we face a challenge. Magical combat designed to test our bond and its strength. If we pass, we live happily ever after. If we lose… let’s just say I refuse to lose.

Everything’s going to be fine. I just know it will. Right? All we have to deal with is the powerful and practiced duo consisting of a fellow soul familiar and his mate who are gunning for us and one accident of nature soul familiar whose erratic powers are making our spells produce daffodils instead of dragons.

Like I said, life is unpredictable.

In the second book of the series, we return to the fantasy world of quirky men and magical mishaps. Picking up almost exactly where the previous book left off, Alex and Tyler face another challenge to their new union in the form of a magical contest with harsh results for the defeated. Throw in a young, fumbling new mage named Bobby and there are enough elements to keep the story moving along quickly and easily.

As this is the second in the Soul Familiar series, I can only assume Alex and Tyler were well characterized and developed in the opening book because there is little explanation or character progression for the men in this offering. Told exclusively from the first person point of view of Alex’s, I was left wondering at Tyler’s motivations and his past. Brief references to people and situations without further explanation left me sometimes lost in the fast moving action and quick dialogue of the men.

The addition of Bobby to the mix was another unexplained and little understood element, yet I had the impression all the information was already given to the reader in the first book and therefore unnecessary for this sequel. The ultimate magic challenge Alex and Tyler are supposed to be facing never surfaced but with the way the book picked up and left off, I can only assume a third book will delve more deeply into this part of the book.

While a likable read, this was clearly designed to be read in order of the books and I would recommend reading the first book of the series first. Otherwise you may be as lost as I was with the characters and the quick action of the book. With the easy flow writing and charming quirks of the men with some steamy sex, it’s a fun read and likely to please those who are followers of the series already. Newcomers again, read the first then move on to this one.

The Stetson by Betty Womack

The Stetson by Betty Womack
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (205 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Lilac

What do an ex-Army Ranger/dude ranch owner and a spoiled, trapped rich girl have in common? Not much.

Turk Gunnison agrees to take on the responsibility for Abigail Van Huffington's well being, but he's not sure how much of her attitude he can take.

Being at the ranch isn't at the top of Abigail's to-do list either, but her plans to escape a controlling life have stalled in Turk's back pasture. Her main goal is getting to England, settle into the job of interpreter for a travel agency, and gain her independence.

But Abigail's being watched by an enemy agent who mistakenly believes she knows too much about him...

Sparks fly in this intriguing romance involving a former Army Ranger and a spoiled rich girl.

Forced to take refuge on Turk Gunnison’s dude ranch, Abigail Van Huffington feels her life slipping out of her control and her attraction to Turk isn’t helping her. As the two butt heads time and time again, it is obvious that Turk and Abigail, or rather Huffy as Turk calls her, definitely have some chemistry and I really enjoyed the banter and personality clashes between the two. Their relationship quickly changes though as they get to know each other and decide not to resist their mutual attraction. But Turk has some concerns about their relationship. Not only is he worried about the danger that might have followed Abigail to the ranch, he is also worried about the fact that they come from different social standings, worlds, and peer groups. His doubts and concerns are understandable, but they lead him to do some things that I didn’t care for as he tries to push Abigail away.

The pair also faces some other interesting obstacles from Abigail’s scheming grandfather to her friend, Shane, who has gotten her into some serious trouble. Shane is an interesting character whose actions have placed Abigail in danger as the bad guys seem to think she knows something. I wasn’t quite sure what to think of Shane, but he seems a bit immature and naïve and I could easily see him getting caught up in something illegal as he seems to have done.

Turk learns a lot about Shane and his actions from his brother, Gun, a fascinating character that I would like to know more about. In fact, Turk has several brothers, a couple of which appear in this story, that fascinated me and I’d like to know more about. The characters of this story, both the main and secondary, are definitely strong and help to make the story interesting.

However, while The Stetson starts off strong, it ends weakly as the mystery and danger involving Shane and Abigail is revealed and dealt with rather quickly. It is mostly the suspense element of the story that I felt was weak. Things involving Shane and the danger just tend to fall into place and are dealt with too quickly and that part of the story was never really strong enough to be believable for me. I also wish that the story thread involving Abigail’s issues with her grandfather had been featured more and a bit stronger as they too are wrapped up rather quickly and unexpectedly toward the end.

However, despite this I felt that The Stetson was a well-written and fascinating story that I really enjoyed. Watching as Turk and Huffy fought each other as well as their attraction to one another really helped to make the story interesting and I was captivated by their relationship from the very beginning. So while the suspense might have felt a little weak, the romance and passion of the story is definitely strong.

If you like your romance strong and enjoy clashes and passion between the hero and heroine, then I’d recommend this one.

Sentinel’s Hunger by Gracie C. McKeever

Sentinel’s Hunger by Gracie C. McKeever
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (102 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Spanking, Interracial, Anal Sex
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Duty-bound and loyal Xevera Nanay must come to terms with her heritage of betrayal and treachery when a rare sentinel condition initiates a dangerous and primordial hunger in her that must be fed…by a human.

His conception the result of a rape, Michael Constantine knows what it's like to be unloved and unwanted. When his mother is finally committed after suffering a mental breakdown, he is left an eight-year-old at the mercy of the state's foster system.

Michael, however, is a survivor and the only one in the world who ever believed his mother's story about being attacked by an "other-worldly being." Now an FDNY paramedic, he has dedicated the last twenty-five-years of his life to finding answers and exacting revenge.

But when he is faced with Xevera, a distant cousin of the very being who is responsible for fathering him, will he be able to survive…a sentinel's hunger?

Michael Constantine is part alien and part human. Xevera Nanay is all succubus. Mix the two, and you have sparks, shrieks, and a heck of a story!

Readers can relate to the timely struggle to accept others for who they are instead of disliking the color of their skin. I enjoyed the scene on the mental bridge where Xevera comes to Michael in his moment of tension and need. It reminded me of the special times when lovers share words without any and just as beautiful. The writing is spicy and blatant, but it only keeps the story running along at a fast clip.

Michael’s character craves order and restraint – oh and he harbors a strong dislike for anything demonic or alien. But as he spends time with Xevera, his hate battles with his desire to slake her body. Women want heroes with slightly rough edges that we can imagine smoothing out for them and this story delivers.

If you like fantasy with a sexy twist and a blazing hot hero, then Sentinel’s Hunger is the novel for you! I give this book 4 cherries.

Taken by Storm by Marie Rochelle

Taken by Storm by Marie Rochelle
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (327 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by: Daisy

Syleena Webster has been hurt by her mother's free lifestyle with men, but she maintains her romantic ideas about love and marriage. She doesn't doubt her perfect man is out there.

Storm Hyde, however, gave up on love and a long time ago. The wealthy banker decided staying single is the way for him, so he hasn't dated the same woman longer than a few months in ages. He's totally unprepared for his reaction when his sister brings her gorgeous roommate, Syleena Webster, home for the summer. Once he gazes into her soulful brown eyes, an emotion he's never felt before hits him, and he sends Syleena running for the door.

Five years later, they meet again. Will Storm be able to make Syleena understand the depth of the mistake he made?

Syleena Webster is full time student who gets talked into a summer vacation with her best friend at home. Storm Hyde is Courtni’s brother and she falls for him, head over heels the moment she sees him and he would never admit the attraction he felt for her, instead he sent her packing so he wouldn’t be tempted by her. He said she shouldn’t be there because she wasn’t from the same social circle and Syleena never forgot those fateful words. In a twist if fate she is back at the ranch for a friend’s wedding and rekindles her friendship, and this time Storm swears he won’t let her skip away.

Marie Rochelle is a talented writer just waiting to breakout with her interracial romances. Every book I have read immerses you in a world of romance, plot twists and emotional roller coasters that keep you glued to the pages. Taken by Storm is no exception and a good value for the money. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy for your keeper shelf!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Alien Arms by Etienne D’Artagnan

In Alien Arms by Etienne D’Artagnan
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (69 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/M, Ménage, Wax, Sex Outside
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

When Dessah Ssyn arrives on Earth all he wants to do is carry out his assignment and get home before his Chara cycle begins and all he can think about is sex. He didn’t count on being attracted to Federal Marshal Nevada Cisco, his guide and partner while on Earth or the strong feelings he’s developing for Sophie Gibson, the woman Nevada is assigned to protect.

Nevada Cisco isn’t that pleased with his new assignment. Until he meets Desah Ssyn, and his world is turned upside down. Soon his orders to cooperate with the alien take on a whole new meaning.

For Sophie being in protective custody isn't so bad. When the two men protecting you are gorgeous and one of them is an alien in heat, how can any earth born woman deny the call of the alien's Chara time. Or for that matter, how can any earth born man? Certainly not Sophie and Nevada.

But there are dark undercurrents threatening to tear the threesome apart just as they are learning the joy of sharing their bodies with each other. Chak Enif, the alien drug dealer with a secret link to Desah, and Sophie's ex-boyfriend, Brian, have found them. Soon the chase is on, and the alien drug peddler is not about to allow Desah to complete his assignment without a fight. Alien sex is a powerful aphrodisiac that binds them together but will they survive the forces determined to tear them apart?

Contains:Ménage, m/m, light bondage, toys, anal, and some rough sex.

There’s an alien drug lord on the loose and a damsel in distress. We need a hero to save the day. How about two – one who’s human and another who’s all alien? Throw in some explosive kinky sex with the damsel and you’ll find yourself In Alien Arms.

I enjoyed this action packed novel. Mr. D’Artagnan’s storytelling keeps the reader on the edge of his or her seat throughout. Some of the language is very brusque, but it adds to the overall flavor of the work.

The plot is unique in that the characters, all different (a man, a woman, and an alien) must learn to co-exist with their differences as they explore their sexuality and try to nab a rogue drug lord. We can all relate to the idea of trying to work with people we aren’t used to and making the situation function. My favorite part was the afternoon of no-holds-barred sex. They went to places outside their comfort zones, but they did it within the safety of people they trusted. We should all be so lucky to have friends and lovers like that.

If you like aliens, action, and steamy sex, then In Alien Arms is the novel for you! I give this book 4 cherries!

Sweet Treats by Stormy Glenn

Sweet Treats by Stormy Glenn
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemp
Length: Short (66 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3 Cherries
Review by: Cactus

Brandon Erikson knows he doesn't have much chance of finding love. There aren't a lot of opportunities for a man with a little extra padding around the waist and hectic work hours to find the man of his dreams. That is, until he slips and falls at the jazz festival and discovers that the way to a man's heart is through sweet treats.

Dr. Nicolas Syranno is tired of dating men who order salad when he takes them out. He wants someone who takes pleasure in life the way he does, someone who isn't toothpick thin, and someone who understands his crazy work hours as an emergency room doctor.

When Nicolas sees a sexy little blond slip at the jazz festival, has he found the love he has been searching for?

It’s love at first sight for baker Brandon when he manages to fall at Nick’s feet, figuratively and literally. The sparks fly between the duo as Brandon finds out he’s managed to snag his perfect match. Not only is Nick a doctor, which will come in handy as Brandon’s a bit of a klutz, but Nick appreciates Brandon’s baked goods and the slightly plump affects. It’s love and lust at first sight for both as this fun duo can’t seem to stay away from each other from the moment they meet.

Both Brandon and Nick are fun, entertaining characters without much angst or depth. There is an aside with a classic homophobic doctor causing problems for not only Nick and Brandon but also others and the storyline makes an easy progression for the storyline, if a bit too easy. The men have instant sparks and immediately move to a serious relationship within hours of their first meeting. While neither man was given much more than a cursory characterization, both personalities were easily shown and lent a light hearted flavor to the story.

Overall this was an entertaining and easy read without much to recommend it as a repeat read, but the sexy chemistry and fun nature of the characters kept me reading until the end. The resolution with the other doctor was a bit too pat, but easily overlooked if you’re in the mood for a light and humorous read without many problems or deep emotions.

Kentucky Woman by Amber Carlton

Kentucky Woman by Amber Carlton
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (257 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Lilac

Having lost their lust for life and holding secrets, Cutter Raines and Billy Marlow live for their mission as spies for Lincoln. Posing as bounty hunters in the divided state of Kentucky, they value only their friendship and trust no one.

Jessie McGee has a secret of her own. She runs a way station for the underground railroad. When friends are abducted, Jessie wants to hire the bounty hunters to track her "property".

Jessie offers a bargain they can't refuse--sex in exchange for their skills. The problem is sex with a beautiful, feisty woman just might pull them back into life and give them something to lose.

For men like Raines and Billy, that's more dangerous than the hazards of war. And for Jessie, the danger lies in trusting men who stand against everything she believes in.

In this Civil War-Era historical, three spirited individuals find love and healing with each other amid danger and betrayal.

This was a highly erotic and fascinating story about three people each with their own secrets who learn to love and trust one another. Spies for Lincoln, Cutter Raines and Billy Marlow are intrigued by the young beauty, Jessie McGee, who offers her body in exchange for their assistance. Jessie is willing to do anything to protect her brother and locate her friends who have been abducted. Each of these characters has a secret that once revealed could either change everything or bring them even closer together.

The author did a wonderful job of giving these characters each a distinct personality and motivation for pursuing this unconventional relationship. Behind Billy’s playful façade lurks a heartache and tragedy that truly touched me once revealed. And Cutter, the brooding member of this threesome, also has some secrets of his own that I never saw coming, but that have shaped him into who he is. These two longtime friends seem to need each other almost as much as Jessie needs them, but in a different way. There isn’t anything sexual between the two men, but Billy seems to have a calming affect on Cutter and helps him deal with his temper.

Speaking of a temper, Jessie is a feisty character full of spunk and determination. She’s a little firecracker who needs and comes to care for the two men, yet at times it seemed her bond with Cutter was a bit stronger than hers with Billy. I couldn’t tell if this was intentional or if it was just me.

I enjoyed each new revelation about these fascinating characters and there is definitely more to each of them than what meets the eye. Although at first I had my doubts about the threesome and whether or not I could buy their relationship considering their initial bargain, I really enjoyed watching as it developed and became believable.

In addition to the fascinating relationship, there is also an intricate plot involving murder, betrayal, and the slave trade. Each new revelation added to the story and helped keep the story interesting. There were a few twists that I never saw coming, but that really enhanced the story.

It was obvious that the author did some research into the time period and the area in which the story is set. I enjoyed the little historical names and facts interspersed throughout the story. They gave the story an authentic feel and helped to make the setting and time period believable.

Overall, Kentucky Woman is a fascinating erotic historical that I found very entertaining.

Hidden Nymph by Carmie L'Rae

Hidden Nymph by Carmie L’Rae
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand Publishing Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (51 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Josea Carmichael is sexually challenged. Ari Davenport is anything but. Hidden beneath a costume her own mother wouldn't recognize her in, Josea finally finds the courage to explore her wild side, and Ari is more than ready to help her find it.

Before the night is through, she lives out her biggest fantasy of all.

Josea needs money to save her from starvation until her first paycheck comes in. What’s a girl to do? Pose as a serving nymph for an aristocratic family party, of course! What Josea Carmichael doesn’t realize is that the family in question belongs to none other than her former flame and future co-worker, Ari Davenport. It’s gonna be a hot work environment!

I enjoyed Ms. L’Rae’s work. Her men are true alphas who take charge and never give Josea time to rethink her new provocative attitude. I liked Josea’s decision to get out of her comfort zone and give Ari another try. Everyone has that moment in time where they need a few bucks and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it, which makes this story so relatable. Many women also feel they can’t be themselves for a man and this novel proves that who you are on the inside is as important as the sex goddess you are on the outside. I look forward to more of Ms. L’Rae’s work.

If you like hot, wealthy men with sin and sex on their minds and women willing to give them what they desire, then Hidden Nymph is the read for you. I give it 4 cherries!

Rope Dreams by Eliza Gayle

Rope Dreams - Purgatory by Eliza Gayle
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (25 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F/M, Ménage, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Welcome to Purgatory! A club for every fetish…

Katie has a fetish for rope and she’s had her eye on riggers Leo and Quinn for quite some time. Week after week she goes to the club and watches them tie up women from afar, while she imagines their rough rope against her own skin.

Now the two hunky men have decided to make their move. But is plus-sized Katie ready to turn her fantasies into reality?

Katie wants release at the hands of Leo and Quinn. They simply want to tie her up and have sex with her. What’s a girl to do? Allow herself to get tangled up in their games and give in to her Rope Dreams.

Ms. Gayle writes a steamy short story filled with erotic images and exciting descriptions. Many people long to delve into the world of BDSM, like the heroine Katie. Many of the ones who watch on the sidelines want desperately to join in and fear rejection. This concept touches on the very human aspect: no one wants left out of something they yearn to do. And the heroes? Leo and Quinn are both Doms, and rather opposites, but completely yummy!

If you want a steamy read, complete with bondage, a little spanking and to drool over heroes, then look no further than Rope Dreams – Purgatory. I give this short story 4 red-hot cherries.