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Friday, October 2, 2009

Last Call Europe: Siberian Husky by Belinda McBride

Last Call Europe: Siberian Husky by Belinda McBride
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short (52 pgs)
Other: M/F/M, Ménage, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Cholla

When Plain Jane Genie wanders into the Last Call and casually orders a drink, she doesn't know it's a paranormal bar. She doesn't even have a clue her cocktail has a secret code that she's delivering to all interested parties. She just wants to spend her last night in London around music and people instead of staring at the walls in her hotel. As she sips her cocktail, she is stunned to hear a sexy voice whisper, "Let's play..."

Luka and Quentin are shape-shifters, and when Genie crosses their radar, they don't care about her dull clothing or the fact that she seems to be a mundane human. Their Siberian Husky senses tell them that she is much more, and she is exactly what they want. The chase is on, but who catches who?

Just when you thought it was safe to go into a bar… you walk into a paranormal one! And boy, oh boy, is Genie in for a surprise once she orders her first drink. In this fun and lighthearted romp, you’ll watch as Genie gets the most exciting and sultry drink of her existence. Not to mention a major revelation about herself!

Genie is lost and alone and rather down on herself. Tired of always having to serve others, she wants nothing more than a life of her own. Unsure of how to do just that, she stumbles into Last Call for a drink… and finds her life changed forever. Genie is a completely relatable character -– too often in my life, I’ve felt just the same way she was at the beginning of the novel. She always manages to pull through and make it to the next job, however, and therein lies her charm. Life may get her down, but it doesn’t keep her there.

Luka and Quentin are a very odd, but endearing, couple. They’ve been together so long that they know each other inside and out. Hiding a secret between them, they approach Genie for a bit of "last night in London" sport. However, the connection they all find with one another is more than they expected.

Together, Luka, Quentin, and Genie make quite the trio, with each feeding off the other in a never-ending circle of love and lust. Playful and fun-loving, the boys bring a lighter side to the more serious Genie. She, in turn, brings a sense of stability to the boys’ rambunctious ways. A perfect balance and blissful harmony for the three of them.

Belinda McBride can take the most innocent of actions and turn it into a decadent romp. Last Call Europe: Siberian Husky is just another exciting example of that talent. Full of laughs and sighs of pleasure, it is a sure-to-please story of desire and self-discovery.

Like A Thorn - An Anthology of BDSM Fairy Tales

Like A Thorn: An Anthology of BDSM Fairy Tales by Mari Ness, Mercy Loomis, Kieran Wyn Dewhurst, Sunny Moraine, and Shanna Germain
Publisher: Circlet Press, Inc
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Fantasy
Length: Short Story (71 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, F/F, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 3 Cherries
Review by Mistletoe

Five classic fairy tales reemerge as deliciously dark erotica stories with a BDSM twist. These stories describe the many diverse faces of bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism in sexy encounters ranging from haunting to healing, and painful to playful. You'll discover .how a witch really likes to punish naughty interlopers, why Beauty might love her beast more than the prince, how to produce handy bruises when a pea just won't do the trick--and more. Ranging from present day to "once upon a time" settings, each story offers a fresh perspective to both legend and BDSM.
We all grew up on fairy tales, weaving our own dreams of a prince and happy-ever-after. Have you ever wondered what the darker side of those stories might be? Have you ever found yourself wanting something to read with a little more spice and a lot less sugar? I know I have.

Like A Thorn gives the reader quick look into the steamier side of things. Showing us the pain and pleasures of a few of the characters that are so very well known to us. It is defiantly a different view of the stories we have grown up on. A darker and as some might say a more sinister side to all of the fairy tales we have all read growing up.

What would it be like if The Beast had to choose between a simple beautiful girl and a woman who knew how to make him happy? One will turn him back to a prince but the other will keep him very happy in the form he is in. How about if you married a young rich man with a nasty reputation. One that is thought to have killed all of his previous wives. Given the keys to his house would you go into that one and only room you are forbidden to go into? A princess and her lady in waiting figure out just how to pass the test of the pea under the mattress to win the heart of the prince. Stories and dilemmas like this are what make up this anthology.

When Greta and Han are caught in the act of stealing they must take their punishment. A punishment dealt by the lady of the house, Circe. Definitely a hot story, as is this entire anthology. It gave me a look at each writer’s style and imagination and endeared all the characters to me just as quickly and easily as the original fairy tales did.

Each story was certainly a different and a quick read with a good flow. Every one stood out on its own merits. This book is definitely not a read for the faint of heart. If you enjoy reading stories on the edge this one is for you. I would be interested to see just what these authors could do with other well-known tales. So sit back, open your mind and indulge in this story - you may discover that you enjoy it very much.

Dark Legion (Collection) by Isabella Jordan

Dark Legion a Collection by Isabella Jordan
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Short Story (140 Pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Sex/Play, Ménage, M/F/F/M, BDSM, Forced Seduction
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Holly

Darkness is falling...
Things at Woods University are not what they seem. When Joey Sumner's roommate Maria joins the growing ranks of blazer-wearing supergeeks who roam the campus in emotionless packs, Joey begins to think she has a problem. Then Joey stumbles upon a secret ritual being performed on campus, and her world is turned upside down. Joey and her boyfriend Will are forced to fight for their lives against an ancient evil cult that is preying on the student body. To make matters worse, their boss is one of them, and his obsession for Joey goes way beyond thinking she has a cute ass...

Evil is growing...
A year after the mysterious death of her husband Terrence, Ada Ross is still seeking answers. When handsome detective Eric Perfater comes back into her life offering a chance to unravel the mystery of her husband's demise, Ada is more than ready to help. She's also willing to throw off her endless loneliness and wantonly offer herself to sexy Eric in bed... But a dark shadow falls across their chance at happiness. Ada is a pawn in a desperate man's ploy to hang onto the past and take control of a secret society whose very existence threatens the entire world.

Can the forces of evil's hungry claws be defeated? Or will they all be consumed by the Dark Legion?

Dark Legion is a collection of two stories of the evil people do in the quest for eternal life.

Dark Legion: University is the story of Joey, a twenty something woman who is attending Woods College on the GI Bill. She is attracted to her lab partner, Will Martin, and also notices that their boss Rafe Bowen seems to be unusually attentive to her. When Joey and Will witness a secret ritual, their lives are turned upside down by what they experience, including an extremely hot session between Joey, Will and Rafe that lasts for several hours, each man taking Joey, and taking turns satisfying their lust with her. Can Joey and Will escape the evil that surrounds them and save themselves? Or will Rafe and the cult have the final say?

Dark Legion: Adult Education takes place two years after the events in University, and one year after the untimely death of Terrence Ross on the grounds of Dillon University. His widow Ada was never satisfied with the results of the “investigation” into his death, and the strange email message she found on his computer when she went looking for him.

Now another man has died in the same manner, and the investigator believes both men were murdered. The only link to both men is a woman named Josephine Sumner. Ada is attracted to Eric Perfater, the detective who investigated her husband’s death and is now looking into this new man’s demise as well. Can Ada and Eric solve the mystery surrounding the two deaths? Can Joey/Josephine ever be free of this evil?

Isabella Jordan has written a compelling pair of mysteries, with a growing sense of evil following her characters. Her characters are well defined and multi-faceted, and they are well developed. I would have liked a bit more world building, and more history into the “cult” that was in operation. I was a little unclear as to who all was involved, as there were a lot of faceless or nameless people who were supposed to be in the cult. The sex in these two is over the top hot, with several very descriptive orgies during the rituals performed “in secret” at the two universities. I enjoyed this book, but it is not for everyone, and I will be careful whom I recommend it to among my friends. However, if you don't mind your mystery story with a "happy for now", and a future of fighting the evil, I believe you will enjoy Dark Legion.

The Man Of Her Dreams by Robie Madison

The Man Of Her Dreams by Robie Madison
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (75 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Mistletoe

Three days. One wish. If the Fairy Queen keeps her promise…

A Sexy Shifter story.

Workaholic web designer Megan Jones exudes sensible and practical by day, but in her dreams she truly lives. Her nights are filled with erotic trysts with a dream lover—who also defends her against the dangerous wild stallion of her nightmares.

When she inherits a Victorian-era Welsh locket, she opens it to a shocking revelation. The tiny portrait of a black-haired man with a sardonic smile is none other than the man in her dreams. There’s only one way to learn the truth about him—head to her ancestral home town in Wales.

A member of the ancient race of Tylwyth Teg, Owain Deverell has spent the last 170 years suspended between man and beast—punishment for loving a human woman. Weary of his cursed existence, and longing to be more than the object of Megan’s dream desire, he strikes a bargain with the Fairy Queen. In exchange for retaining his human form, she grants him three days to win Megan’s unconditional love.

Or remain the object of her nightmares. Forever.

Warning: Contains graphic sex, dream sex, picnic sex, magic sex, a meddlesome Fairy Queen, and did we mention sex?

Fairies, curses and dreams make up a wonderful story. Add true love to that mix and what more can you ask for? If one is lucky, lust and love will go hand in hand.

Megan has been dreaming of a big black stallion since she was a child. Along with the stallion comes Owain, her champion. As she grows up, her dreams continue but become more intense and erotic. Finally Megan decides to travel to her ancestral homeland of Wales. With only a special locket, Megan goes in search for some answers. She finds more than she bargained for in a small pub she visits on her first night in town.

Owain has been cursed by the Fairy Queen for loving a mortal and is forever doomed to be one of two shapes: a black stallion and a human. He spends half his time in each form. Ages ago he gave a locket to one of Megan’s ancestors when she would not leave the human world. Once he found Megan he realized just what true love could really be. He has visited her dreams since she was a child and grew to love her.

In an act of desperation he strikes a bargain with the Fairy Queen. In only a few days, Owain must get Megan to love him with her whole heart which will break the curse, but if he fails he will forever be stuck in her nightmares.

Will Owain be able to trust Megan and show her his true self? Will he win her heart before it is to late? As Owain and Megan try to understand and develop their relationship Rhiannon, the fairy queen, has her own agenda.

I just loved Megan! She was a great character with a mind all her own and a big heart that she always follows. With trust and bravery she stands up to the Fairy Queen and Overlord. She even conquers her fear of horses because of her love for Owain, who is a wonderful brooding hero. He was willing to give up all he is and will ever be for Megan.

Robie Madison weaves an enchanting story. She captivated this reader from the first page and kept me entertained to the end. This book is not to be missed. It is a wonderful tale of true love and bravery. If you enjoy beautiful fairy tales that come true you will love reading The Man Of Her Dreams.

The Master Series: Book 1 - Devil's Spawn by Sarah Marsters

The Master Series: Book 1 - Devil's Spawn by Sarah Masters
Publisher: Love You Divine
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (23 pgs)
Other: M/M, BDSM
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Cactus

Vincent’s life is turned upside down with the return of Julian. Will Vincent find out why Julian is really called The Master?

After an altercation with Vincent, Julian leaves the ton as captain of Le Frai de Démon, trading his wares in foreign parts. Two years pass, two years of Vincent abstaining from sex and mourning the loss of his love.

Week nights, gay men gather in Devil’s Spawn, Julian’s club, and though Vincent doesn’t partake in sexual contact, he visits the club as a way to bring Julian closer despite his absence.

One night, Vincent’s life is turned upside down with the return of Julian. Though his heart tells him to open up and allow Julian in, his pride rears its stubborn head. Will Julian be able to break down the barriers? And will Vincent find out why Julian is really called The Master?

Vincent has a second chance with the man who stole his heart, but he must first forget the past to move towards their future. Two years ago Vincent and Julian shared a passionate affair, which ended abruptly when Julian left without a word. Now Julian is back and more than ready to pick up where they left off but Vincent is not sure he’s as easily willing to forgive and forget. He wants answers, but more than that, he wants to experience the intense passion that flared between them again.

This short story is the beginning of a planned series and clearly meant to be an introduction to the characters and setting with some hot sex and charged chemistry thrown in. There is very little plot and numerous hanging threads left dangling from Vincent’s business to an altercation at a club and even smaller details about Julian’s absence that are never resolved or dealt with. Instead the short story focuses on Julian and Vincent and their sexual chemistry, which is incredibly hot and erotic. The sex scene included is indulgent and only hints at BDSM without making any tamer readers uncomfortable. This obvious lure to capture readers for the length of series is a good introduction but incomplete and looks like it intends to split one full book into several short stories.

The sex between the men was interesting and those readers who enjoy a touch of kink to some hot, masculine men thrown into a historical setting will enjoy this fun trip to the past. The writing is decent but tries too hard with the alliteration and exaggerated descriptions. This almost literary word choice mixed with erotica scenes comes off as somewhat silly and reaching in the story, trying to make this short story something it's not. As a quick, hot tale – this works. Hopefully in future editions of the series the prose will tone down to match the characters, setting, and actions of the story, which could make for a pretty enjoyable series.

For readers looking to start a new series of short stories, basically one full plot broken up into several short offerings, this may satisfy. It has fascinating men with a hint of dark sex and some intriguing possibilities. Slight problems aside, this may prove to be a fun, hot series. Check it out.

A Tempting Taste by Adriana Kraft

A Tempting Taste by Adriana Kraft
Publisher: Extasy books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (68 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/F/F, F/F, M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Fern

A little voyeurism, some role-playing, a taste of m/m, ménage for three and four – is this more than they signed on for? No longer novices, Jennifer and Brett Andrews reach a little deeper into the swinging world. When the evening’s over, will they still go home together, and what will happen next?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading A Tempting Taste Swinging Games 2. The title pretty much summarized the premise, but my oh my, did I underestimate just how scorching hot those next seventy or so pages were going to be!

The story, for the most part, is used as a device to move from one swinging encounter to another. Though there is one conflict of interest as the hero, Brett, is trying to come to terms with bi-sexuality. It’s interesting to see a character that is so open he’ll share his wife with internet found partners, but still retains “boundaries”.

Another thing I was pleasantly surprised by is the ages of the protagonists. Brett and Jen are not your typical gorgeous twenty or thirty-year olds. They are in their fifties, and some of their “partners” are older than that. It was also refreshing to read, and is something that is rarely found.

This is something you read when you want straight up hotness, because there is plenty to go around!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Hunt by Anne Marsh

The Hunt by Anne Marsh
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing/ Love Spell
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full (288 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by: Xeranthemum

No matter how they try to flee, the virgins who enter the twisting tunnels of the Guardians are destined to be caught. Actually, most don’t try too hard. The stories of warriors who can take on Cat form, of lovers who can make a woman scream with pleasure, are just too enticing.

But Miu is no virgin, and she’s joined the Hunt with her own agenda. After she steals the moonstone necklace she’s been sent for, she has no intention of becoming some Cat’s tasty morsel. Too late she discovers these kitties have some deliciously kinky habits, and the dark hunter on her trail isn’t about to let impudent thievery go without punishment of the most exquisite kind.

The Hunt is a tale of scorching fantasy, double-crosses and a strong heroine and hero pitted against the threat of personal disaster – for each of them. And the clock is ticking.

Our heroine, Miu, has a sassy and determined demeanor which grabs a reader from the moment you meet her. She’s a thief, but a very special one. In fact, who and what Miu is ends up being a very important clue and serves to increase the tension and adventure in the story. She has a hard as steel attitude but inside, is starved for gentleness and the need for someone to want her. Not for what she can get them, or what she can do for them, but for Miu, the woman. Her heart is untouched and she’s mistrustful of anyone who tries to get close. And Jafar, the hero, intends to get even closer than that. The relationship between her and Jafar is like a taffy-pull. I’d call her a piece of cinnamon taffy--sweet yet burning hot on the tongue.

Jafar is one who does not trust. He can’t. His job, his duty demands that he be vigilant at all times. He bears the weight of failure in the past and refuses to pay such a high price ever again. Of course, that was until he met Miu. Jafar is extremely alpha and a hardened warrior. Not a fool, he certainly starts to act like one around Miu. Hormones can do that and as soon as he gets a whiff of our heroine, the chase is on yet Jafar continues to try his hardest not to be lead by his tail –which I enjoyed watching. Also, there are a few lines of dialogue that Jafar speaks which totally had this reader in a swoon.

I will caution readers that although I was perfectly fine with this and for me, it made it a bit more enjoyable, Miu’s dialogue is not completely restricted to this fantasy world Ms. Marsh has built. Some people can be strict with fantasy stories, not accepting current Earth vernacular in a non-Earth setting. Although I made note of the seemingly out of place references in the dialogue, by no means did it detract from the fun, flow and interest in the story. It certainly helped me relate to Miu. She’s a feisty one.

As for secondary characters, the villain is not a surprise; he’s very up front with his badness. But even he provides a bit of a shocker in the end. I really didn’t see it coming. Then there is the Amun Ra. Man, I would love to know exactly what this guy is. He is so above it all, I almost wish he’d get his story. I enjoy a good comeuppance. Then there is Hebon -- a character that screams tortured hero. If you think Jafar is all about duty, you’ve not met this guy.

There is a punishment scene that is very interesting, hot even. What I found even more amazing and incredibly exciting was Jafar’s Cat. When his Cat comes out to play, the relationship between Miu and Jafar is rocketed into an erotic stratosphere of dark passions. I admit those passages received a few re-reads from me, and few hastily gulped sips of iced-tea too.

The Hunt is a fantastic story with a fun heroine, a noble yet hotly sensual hero, a troublesome treasure and a plan full of intrigue that can make or break the world as they know it. An engrossing summer read sure to leave you wanting more from the talented Ms. Marsh.

The Initiation of Isabella by Jenna Ives

The Initiation of Isabella by Jenna Ives
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (63 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Multiple Partners, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Mistletoe

Given the chance, would you dare to indulge your wildest sexual fantasies?

A Binding Ties story.

Isabella Tallin, a brand-spanking new Sigma Iomega Nu sorority pledge, thought she was waiting at the corner of Elm and Main for her initiation rite to begin. She knows these things are notoriously secret affairs, but surely the initiation doesn’t involve a gorgeous guy in a hot red convertible and being bound, gagged, and blindfolded…does it? Only one way to find out…

Logan Sommers can’t believe the innocent-looking girl waiting for him is his mysterious client—a sexually jaded woman who paid his company, Fantasies Fulfilled, to indulge her most outrageous sexual fantasies. But the pickup instructions were clear. He’s never forced himself on anyone in his life, but if she insists on playing the innocent schoolgirl…well, it’s her party.

Then his planned night of seduction takes a turn he never expected…

Warning: You’ll be hot to join this sorority by the end of the story.

Sometimes, mistaken identity can be a good thing. Just ask Isabella! I am sure she will tell you just what fun it can be. Being able to lose one's inhibitions without repercussions is a wonderful thing. Who wouldn't want to be able to let loose and enjoy without any worries. I know I for one would enjoy that freedom.

Isabella’s life seems to be all laid out for her, from her career to the plain and safe boyfriend her parents adore. Even though she is starting to feel trapped in her life, Isabella decides to try and pledge to her mother’s old sorority. As for her initiation she is told to wait on a corner for someone to pick her up and that is all they will tell her. As she waits for her sorority sisters to come a gorgeous man pulls up in a convertible and tells her to get into his car. After questioning him she decides that he seems to be from the sorority. Little does she know how wrong she is. Logan thinks that he is picking up his client for the evening. Amongst the confusion both Logan and Isabella think that the other is the person they are looking for.

Once she finally realizes that the man she is with is not from the sorority it is too late. Isabella decides to let her fantasy unfold and see where it will take them.

Logan has never felt this way before. He is so drawn to the young woman he picked up he cannot stand it. He begins to break many of the rules he himself has implemented. Having never done this before Logan finds it hard to keep himself separated and not let his feelings become involved. It was just a fluke that he decided to take this job yet he cannot seem to control the urges in him. The woman with him is an enigma to Logan she is wanton as well as shy. Will they ever find out the truth about each other? Just what will be the consequences of their actions?

Definitely a hot one, this book does not disappoint. It was such a good story that I would be hard pressed to say that there was one good scene that stuck out more than the rest. Instead the whole book was one continuous good scene. I loved that Isabella became her own person and started to come out of her shell and realized just what she wanted instead of what everyone else expected from her and her life.

Jenna Ives tells a wonderful story pulling this reader in with her imagery and details. I found The Initiation Of Isabella flowed well and kept me riveted to the end. A quick, intense read this one is not to be missed. I certainly will be looking for more reads from this author.

The Price of Submission by Michelle Cary

The Price of Submission by Michelle Cary
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (114 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by: Fern

When the club Misty's working at closes, she's left with few employment options. That is, until her ex-boss offers her an alternative she would have never considered on her own. A friend of his is looking to hire a submissive to satisfy his sexual needs. It's not exactly conventional, but what the hell? Misty accepts the year-long contract. What's the worst that can happen? A lot of sex and money to start over?

Owner of a multi-national conglomerate, Garron Worthington works hard for his money and likes to play just as hard in his spare time. His fetish for bondage and dominance dictates his need for hiring women to satisfy him, since he doesn't have time to court them. Infatuated with Misty, Garron accepts her contract and begins her training. He doesn’t intend to fall in love with her, but sometimes that's the price of a submissive.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and content (including/not limited to: spanking), ménage (m/f/m), same-sex sexual situations (f/f), voyeurism.

If you were given the opportunity to live as a sexual submissive for a year, after which you would have enough money to start a new life, would you take it? That’s the question Misty Cochran must answer at the beginning of The Price of Submission, a delightful tale of coming to terms with who and what you are and finding love where you least expect it. Michelle Cary has created a story that is equal parts acceptance, trust, and self awareness. It’s not always easy to read, especially as Misty is so torn by events in her past, but her Master, Garron Worthington, is a man that is equally complex. As the two become closer and begin envisioning a future as more than Master and slave, it makes for captivating reading.

The writing is stellar, the characters complex, and the small mystery underlying the story was rather unexpected. I always enjoy a bit of a twist, and I was shocked when I finally learned who was behind the horrible “accidents” that continually occurred to Misty shortly after her arrival Garron’s estate. It kept you guessing throughout.

I recommend this to anyone that enjoys BDSM with protagonists that are both relatable and memorable. The Price of Submission is a must read.

Savage Need by Moira Rogers

Savage Need by Moira Rogers
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (51 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Holly

Temple Of Luna Book 2

Zahra has devoted her life to serving Luna. The savage needs of the werewolf warriors can take their toll, and she serves as a healer, treating not only her fellow priestesses but anyone in need. Still, she's never seen anyone so wounded as Jarek, an old friend who's been through hell -- and who doesn't seem to remember her.

Jarek was always considered the most civilized wolf in his unit, a rare healer trained in werewolf magic as well as the medicine of their human enemies. When an injury shatters his self-control, the beast inside him takes over, leaving only the wolf. A wolf who remembers the scent of the mate he always needed... and is determined to claim her at any cost.

He is a healer, working the front lines in the war between men and werewolves, the best of the best. But suddenly, he’s seen more than his mind can accept, and he shatters, letting the beast take over to protect him. She is one of the healers at the Temple of Luna, the Savage Temple where warriors go to relieve their stress and be cared for in any way needed by the priestess. Zahra has loved Jarek for years, since they were at school together. Does she have the strength to care for him? Can she heal the shattered mind and spirit of this man, or will he be lost to his beast forever? And can Jarek overcome his pain to love this woman and take her as his mate forever?

Temple of Luna 2: Savage Need is the second installment from the writing team that is Moira Rogers. Once again we are taken to a world filled with passion, a world where only the strong will survive this war. I love the world that Moira Rogers has created, and I was drawn into it from the very first words. The characters of Zahra and Jarek are superbly detailed, and I could feel the agony in Jarek’s mind, as well as the need in Zahra to heal this man. I was delighted when Jarek was allowed to choose his fate, and not just be thrown away. And when he asked Zahra for six months, just six months for him to know she was his, I cried for him. Here is a big, strong and handsome man asking the love of his life for just six months to prove himself, when she knows she would give him forever.

The sex, as I fully expected from Moira Rogers, was off the scale for imagination and pure, unadulterated raw power. And I loved the “minor complication” that Zahra happens to be the cousin to King Rais, while Jarek is a farmer’s son who doesn’t think he’s worthy. Can these two find a way to heal his mind and forge a future together? I heartily recommend Temple of Luna 2: Savage Need to anyone who wants a scorching hot happy ever after.

Desire by Marie Rochelle

Desire by Marie Rochelle
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Length: Short Story (84 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Cherokee Rose

Desire is when you close your eyes, think of what you want...then you can smell it, taste it, and feel it stroking your skin. It's almost better than sex...almost.

Communications Specialist Nick Lavery never thought he would be the recipient of a Dear John letter. When his girlfriend ran off with another man, she left it taped to the refrigerator door. He wasn't thinking about meeting anyone new when he decided to stop for a cup of coffee to drown his sorrows.

Tasha Kelly was taking a much needed break from her job as a supply store chain manager at the local coffee shop when she noticed him at the counter ordering something to drink. It was then that she started craving more than caffeine...

Nick Lavery is too old for love. At the age of 41 he has been there, done that. When his ex, Carrie, left him for another man, Nick was destroyed. He made the decision then to never fall in love again.

But as we all know, things don’t always go as planned. It all starts when he forgets to stop by the ATM. It wouldn’t have been a problem if the credit card machine at the coffee shop he stops at was working. He loses his cool, but is quickly put in check when Tasha Kelly, bravely steps forward, pays for his drink and suggests he not yell at the sales clerk.

Tasha has her own issues. Her social life is non-existent because she is busy building her personal business. Still, she can't deny that Nick is the sexiest man she has ever laid eyes on, even if he does have an anger issue. Paying for his coffee was a small consolation prize but well worth it. Imagine her surprise when Nick tracks her down, to repay her, only not in the way she expects.

Ms. Rochelle has penned a riveting fast-paced read. Believe me when I say you won’t be able to put this book down until you are finished. Then you will want to pick it up and read it two—maybe three more times. At least, that was my experience with this book.

I loved the way she depicts Nick and Tasha. Ms. Rochelle covers the old adage that love can come when one least expects it, for neither of these characters were looking or ready for a relationship. Even the supporting characters had me cheering as I went from page to page.

This is a must read! If you haven’t read any of Ms. Rochelle’s work before now, Desire, is a great introduction to it. I can pretty much guarantee you will become a fan who will be watching the shelves for her next release.

Eternal Embrace by Ann Lory

Eternal Embrace by Ann Lory
Publisher: Linden Bay Romance LLC
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (270 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Mistletoe

One sip… One taste of eternity…

Eternal, Book 1

Dimitri Alexios lives alone in his San Francisco mansion, if one could call seething with hate for his maker living. Until he beholds the mortal woman who appears on his doorstep. Her gentleness brings light to his darkness, and her innocence calls to him. Yet she knows nothing of his world, or the dangerous predator that constantly rages within him.

Museum curator Cassie Stephens, sent to catalog antiques at the Alexios estate, is surprised to discover Dimitri is anything but the old man she expected. He’s handsome and darkly mysterious, not the sort who’s usually attracted to her girl-next-door looks. Yet she’s ensnared by his irresistible charm—which makes it all the more crushing when he suddenly pushes her away.

Dimitri knows he’s doing the right thing, but it’s too late. Cassie’s passion has touched a heart he thought no longer capable of love. Now he must turn his strength to a deadly task: a battle to save the woman he loves from the maker who would love nothing more than to rip her away from him…
Product Warnings

This book contains vampire battles and mindless minions that do their bidding. Snakes, but they’re not on a plane. AND a melt in your mouth, yummy vampire that will bite.
Who isn't looking for that true eternal love in their life? This story proves that if you want it badly enough you can find it. Now keeping it is another story. Are you strong enough to find it and keep it? Would you risk everything for that love? Eternal Embrace is a beautiful story of two people doing just that, risking everything for love.

Dimitri has lived years upon years without the hope of finding love. He's been living in despair since his maker Gabrielle brought him over. She abandoned him early in his new life and only shows up to torment him every few years. Then one night after agreeing to let a museum show some of his art he meets the woman assigned the job of cataloging and choosing some of the pieces. Dimitri is taken aback at just how lovely she is and something about her calls to him. Cassie is just as flustered as Dimitri is upon their meeting. He is the most handsome and intriguing man she has ever met. As Dimitri and Cassie try to understand their feelings for each other and what to do about them they must also deal with Gabrielle. Who has suddenly become very jealous and vindictive.

Dimitri must find a way to tell Cassie of his true nature and hopes that once he tells her she will not run from him in fear. Once Cassie knows, she must get past her fears and decide if she can handle Dimitri's secret. But their decisions may be taken from them once Gabrielle springs her trap. Cassie and Dimitri must rely on good friends to help them through it all. Will Cassie accept Dimitri as he is? Will survive Gabrielle's evil manipulations?

Ann Lory has woven a beautiful tale of love and hate. I was drawn into her magical world right from the beginning. With characters that I learned to love or hate this story took me on a wonderful ride.

Cassie was a spirited young woman with great loyalty and Dimitri was a great Alpha male who learned to trust and fight for what he wanted. Even to the point of laying his own heart on the line. All the characters in this book stood out on their own; Each one of them so full of depth and courage. I just loved Dimitri’s manservant Rowlin. A great man in his own right Rowlin was always ready to help and loyal to the end. I especially loved the interaction between Rowlin and Cassie. Their friendship came so quickly and easily. I hope that Rowlins gets his own story told soon and I cannot wait to read Jacques story. Of course the villains are just as easy to hate. From the jealousy of both Gabrielle and Craig to their hatred of Dimitri and Cassie they are definitely easy to hate and prove that they are not to be taken lightly. The action in this story was great and at times I found myself getting antsy wondering what would happen next. I would have enjoyed a bit more action myself but all in all this was a good read full of courage and love. I will definitely be looking for more books from this author.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dawg Town: Hustle by Anne Kane

Dawg Town: Hustle by Anne Kane
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Short (25 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Cherokee Rose

Kaylee has no idea that she's a prairie dog shifter, or that the reason for all the male attention she's been attracting is her first heat cycle. When her boss fires her in a jealous fit of rage, she decides to go find some action at the local biker bar.

When the cute little dawg waltzes onto his turf, Logan isn't about to let any of his buddies get their paws on her. A game of pool turns into a sexy seduction as Logan introduces her to loving, Prairie Dawg style.

After the day she has had, Kaylee is positive that all man have gone insane. She is actually terminated from her job because the men around her can’t seem to control themselves. Yet, Kaylee refuses to let her bad day get her down. All she needs to do is off some steam then she can start over. Her destination ends up being the Prairie Dawg Saloon in Dawg Town. When she arrives, the male attention is just as intense but there is only one man’s interest she welcomes.

Logan can’t help but to stand at attention the instant he becomes aware of Kaylee’s presence after she enters the bar. How could he not? She is in heat. Any man in the bar would love to mate with her but he claims her as his own.

With a few twists that I didn’t see coming, Hustle is a wicked story that kept my interest as startling secrets are revealed--secrets that give Kaylee more insight into her own past than she ever thought she would obtain when she walked into Prairie Dawg Saloon. Ms. Kane provides us with a pool table scene so naughty and steamy that you will want to go back and read it again. I know I did.

If you are looking for a humorous, yet sexy and seductive quick read, then I’d recommend this one. Ms. Kane won’t leave you disappointed.

Down & Dirty 3: Ante Up by Moira Rogers

Down & Dirty 3: Ante Up by Moira Rogers
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Futuristic, Paranormal, Western
Length: Short (59 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Gillyflower

Thomas Crawford is Lonely River's beta, and it's high time he settled down. He's had his eye on Charlotte Daniel, the owner of the Full Moon Saloon -- and independent cuss of a woman -- for months, but she either hasn't noticed his gentle courting... or she's ignoring him. But when some local wolves lodge a complaint about her questionable business practices it's Thomas's job to investigate, even if it means the woman he wants will hate him forever.

Lottie has noticed Thomas's courting, all right, but it's a little too polite for her tastes. She wants a man with fire and sensuality, not daisies and poetry. Then he kisses her. Once she gets a glimpse of the passion burning in him, Lottie decides a slow, careful seduction isn't a bad idea at all. But she'll do it her way.

You have to ante up if you want to play this game, and once pack beta Thomas Crawford and saloon owner Charlotte Daniel decide to play, they play for the highest stakes of all … love.

Down & Dirty 3: Ante Up is a deliciously down and dirty quick read. While third in a series, it is not necessary to have read the first two books to enjoy this book, though enough characters from the earlier stories make an appearance that it makes it more fun to know the back-story. In truth, though, the back-story is shadowy – we learn early on of a conflict between weres and humans and a war that makes everyone skeptical of technology – so much so that this futuristic story seems like it is set on the Old West. But while the world here is but sketched out, it provides a richly woven backdrop to Thomas and Lottie’s story, which rightly gets center stage.

Thomas has passion, strength and magic to spare, but he keeps it in check. To fulfill his role as the pack beta, Thomas must maintain a calm, civilized façade, both as the were liaison to the humans and to provide a measured contrast to the pack alpha, Jack, who rules with an iron hand. Lottie is a strong, independent woman who doesn’t want to settle for companionship or even just respectful courting. She wants heat, desire and passion and she’s not sure quiet, restrained Thomas can provide it. Watching these two grown-ups explore love and sizzling hot passion was delightful. And it was a hoot watching a feisty independent woman and an overprotective alpha man try to find balance in and out of the bedroom.

In the end, Down & Dirty 3: Ante Up is like a guilty pleasure without the guilt. The characters are richly, if broadly, drawn, and there is a conflict with a dastardly villain that moves the plot along. There is lots of hot lovin’, but the bedroom (and office, and kitchen and, well, you get the idea) scenes are completely integral to the story. While I’d love to know more about the war, and the role of technology in the war, and who Hazel’s parents are, and a lot of other things, snot knowing in no way detracted from the story. Because I am curious, I would read the next Down & Dirty installment in a heartbeat. But then I would do that anyway just because these are enjoyable and sexy books.

Moira Rogers never disappoints! If you like Westerns, weres, or lusty love scenes, Down & Dirty 3: Ante Up is a delicious and sure bet.