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Friday, July 2, 2010

Bound By Sunlight by KB Alan

Bound By Sunlight by KB Alan
Publisher: Ellora’s cave publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (130 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Oral/Anal Play, Fetish, Toys, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Kyriana Price has spent nearly a year trapped at her evil day job. And she does mean evil. Her boss is a mage bent on power who lets nothing stand in the way of his quest to gain more. When she sees Connul Graysn wielding a flogger at a BDSM club, she formulates an escape that will require his considerable skills—as a mage and as a Dom. Going to another mage for help might not be the best plan, but it’s the only one she’s got, and at this point, she’s willing to try just about anything.

The last thing Connul expects when he finds an intruder in his house is that he’ll soon have her chained in his bedroom, her lovely body marked by his paddle. But she’s begging for his help—how can a gentleman refuse? As they learn to trust each other, he begins to realize the only thing he’s not willing to do for Kyriana is let her go.

This book had me right from the start. Kyriana is such a sweetheart, how could the reader not like her? She is a brave and smart woman. She's willing to fight and to believe in what she knows is right. Connul may be a domineering man but he has a heart of gold. He fiercely protects his family and those he cares about. The two make a wonderful couple and work off of each other very well. The tentative bond between the two that begins from the start only grows stronger the more they are together. I enjoyed watching Kyriana grow and begin to have less self-doubt. Her faith in Connul and his love was a wonderful read. Both Kyriana and Connul go on an emotional ride taking the reader with them on their incredible journey.

KB Alan pulls the reader into a world filled with magic and keeps you entertained until the end. Each character is well rounded and full of emotion. Whether it is the nasty villain who threatens them all or the siblings who have come to help every one of them is full of emotion and depth making the reader want to know more. I would love to know if there is going to be more books after this one. It would be great to find out more about Keller or Dain.

If you love paranormal with a bit of a kink than this is one book you should read.

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