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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cum and Get Me by Zenina Masters

Cum and Get Me (Four Ever More Book Three) by Zenina Masters
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (76 pgs)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M/M, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Kalli Next runs Hell, a bar and cafe on a new colony jungle world. One night she uses her psi talents to stop a bar fight and the next thing she knows, she is staring at three new lawmen that she knows in her bones. Hers. When she is released the next morning, she has only one comment to make to the stunned men who know that she is their fourth--come and get me.

In this third book in her Four Ever More series, Zenina Masters has introduced a touch of danger to her story.

After stopping a fight in her bar, Kalli Next is arrested by the newest set of lawmen to Hakur. Her talent is the psi ability to render those around her unconscious, but the use of technology on the low-tech planet is illegal, and the lawmen don’t know about Kalli’s talent. They also don’t realize that she is their fourth, created specifically for them by the same scientist that made them possible.

Kalli owns and runs Hell, the only bar on the planet and is loved by nearly everyone on the planet... except for one man, a captain on the base who is upset when he finds that Kalli isn’t interested in him, and then finds that he was turned down by a “blender”, a clone. Can Kalli come to terms with her men? Can they manage to keep her safe from the captain? Will her three survive meeting the parents who raised Kalli with love and honesty?

I adore the world Ms. Masters has created, with three created lawmen needing to search the planets for that one who completes them. With this book, she adds a new element of danger from one outside the foursome, while showing how prejudice can corrupt a person.

Kalli is the strong and independent bar owner. Hakur is the melting pot of the colonies, and Kalli is the only cook in the area. She is dependable and talented, and very protective of all of her “people”. She knows as soon as she sees them that the new lawmen are hers, the three men that will complete her life. But she isn’t going to make it easy for them - they will work for her attention.

Shen, Ecan and Asher are stunned to find that the woman Shen arrested at the bar is, in fact, their fourth. The men are all strong, disciplined and desirable, each with their own distinct personality. Shen, as first, is the solemn and reliable leader, battle scarred but still handsome. Ecan, their second, is friendly and sensible, but less serious, and Asher, their third, is the happy-go-lucky one of the trio. All three are dedicated and wonderful characters, and each one is a delight.

I enjoyed the interaction between Kalli and her Men of the Golden Rose. There was a lot of laughter in this one, and the addition of the threat by the captain made this the best of the three books so far. I look forward to meeting more of Ms. Masters’ created lawmen and their unique searches for their predestined mates. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys hot and passion-filled stories, filled with fun and laughter, and a little bit of danger.

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