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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dark Obsession by Sydney Somers

Dark Obsession (Shadow Destroyers Book Four) by Sydney Somers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (208 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Ambrosia

Scorching desire…fatal consequences.

Shadow Destroyers, Book 4

Demon slayer Rae McAvoy refuses to let anything stand between her and getting the job done. Especially her ex. Loving Parker nearly destroyed her, and if partnering with him one last time means he’ll be reassigned and out of her life for good, bring it on.

If Parker was the only threat to her heart, tracking down one rogue scientist would be a snap. Except the scientist in question is Rae’s father, and his experiments are hitting much too close to home.

Parker Walsh hasn’t forgotten the passion that once burned between them, and he’s determined to remind Rae every chance he gets. But giving in to more than just lust could mean surrendering to the darkness inside him—the same darkness that once drove her away.

Riding the edge of their rising desire pushes them to the breaking point, until an explosion of passion raises the stakes even higher. Especially when long-buried secrets force them to break the last links to their past—or else be consumed by an obsession so dark it could tear them apart for good.

WOW! This is a story that will keep you turning pages from start to finish, keep you breathless, guessing, and yes, squirming on the edge of your seat as the hero and heroine build sexual tension to the point of bursting into a million pieces.

No vampire slayer could be tougher or more supernaturally gifted than a demon–initiated female Destroyer who sets out to kill Shadow Demons and prevent them from taking over the world. The only thing Rae McAvoy is defenseless against is the steamy vibes coming from her lethally sexy ex-boyfriend, Parker Walsh.

Rae lives in a private hell as she strives to keep her past a secret, a past that eventually catches up with her and nearly destroys them both in more ways than one. Experimented on by her scientist father as a child, Rae has special abilities that make her deadly when facing foes. Her team of Destroyers work together with Parker on a mission to find lost children who might suffer the same fate. You can feel the essence of her pain and fury as she seeks answers, her powerful character leaping off the pages that you can’t help but turn.

Years before, Parker lost his own heart to the feisty heroine yet had to battle his own demons before he could come back to reclaim her, even though she wants no part of him. Guilt and confusion ride him over the deaths of his mother and sister, and only Rae has the key to unlock the mystery. His sexy, sensual ability to woo any woman can make anyone weak in the knees as he uses every trick in the book to tackle her defenses. The chase is on as the heat rises, making these characters so rich with erotic romance, you’ll be lucky to remain in your seat.

There was absolutely nothing about this story that I didn’t like. Kept in its grip from page one, I couldn’t stop reading. Sydney Somers is an author who captures your attention until you ache for release.

This story deserves a Best Book Rating. A MUST READ!

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Terri H said...

I agree with your great review. This story was wonderful!