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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Diego by Angel Martinez

Diego by Angel Martinez
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, sci-fi/fantasy
Length: Full Length (400 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

After defeating an evil wendigo, a man and his pooka lover deserve a little quiet, don’t they? Unfortunately, Diego and Finn’s hard-won peace is disturbed, their new life in Montana turned upside-down when Diego, in a jealous rage, unwittingly rips a hole in the impenetrable Veil to the Otherworld.

Separated, stuck on the other side of the Veil where Finn has to deal with old conflicts and Diego is the only human in a land of fae, the two of them are forced to navigate rocky waters between huge egos and ancient feuds. To make matters worse, some of the fae, in both the sidhe and Fomorian courts, are dying of a mysterious illness and everyone believes Diego is the key to a cure.

Things can’t possibly get any worse, can they?

Oh, yes—it can when the U.S. government gets involved.

When charged with saving a dying race, Diego just may lose the love of his life. A jealous argument sends Diego racing off and ripping a hole into the Otherworld. There a race of fae is struggling against the threat of war while being afflicted by a mysterious illness. Diego and Finn race to find each other and a cure. Yet just when matters settle down, the US government steps in and threatens their very lives.

Diego is book two in the Endangered Fae series and it follows the first book, Finn. Now Finn and Diego are happily together but an argument triggers Diego’s dangerous seizures, culminating in a doorway to the Otherworld. The story is tightly plotted and packs a lot in its 400 pages. From the dying fae to the opposing courts, misguided governments and search for an autonomous nation, the book never fails to keep the action high. There is almost too much offered, but each subject is well handled and resolved before moving on to the next.

The characters remain wonderfully three dimensional and highly romantic. There are many new characters introduced and each is imaginative and interesting. Not to mention there are several pairings and each is romantic and lovely. Finn and Diego remain the main couple and they must deal with Finn’s insecurity and feelings of inferiority. Diego grows in power and importance as the fae people call upon his unique powers and insight to help matters.

This is a pretty long book and offers quite a bit of action. You don’t necessarily need to read the previous book to understand as there’s enough background to dive right into this one on its own. The fae world is original, interesting, and fascinating, and I could have read about the actions and court dynamics for the entire story. There is some really funny, laugh out loud moments and some definite hot sex. Though the book is long, it remains entertaining and easy to read.

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