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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eagle's Run by Desiree Holt

Eagles’ Run by Desiree Holt
Publishing: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (100 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 Cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

Her father was murdered by an unknown killer. Now Leah Morgan, the half-Comanche daughter of the owner of White Eagle Ranch, is faced with his unsolved murder, as well as two illegitimate half brothers who have each been left a share of the ranch. If not for Shane Duffy, the hot-looking, hot-blooded veterinarian, she’d be falling apart completely.

As she fights to retain control of the ranch and considers her heritage, Leah finds comfort in long nights of sweaty sex with Shane. And then there’s Grant Fallon, the geologist who wants to show Leah he can bring her more screaming orgasms than the hunky vet if she’ll just give him a chance.

But someone has an ulterior motive. Is it Shane? Grant? One of her half brothers? Leah might find the answer…if she’s not too busy chasing away the shadows in the arms of her lover.

Leah Morgan is having one heck of a day. She discovers at the reading of his will, that the father she loved and adored, who raised her to take over his ranch has also left behind two illegitimate sons who are now going to be her partners in the ranch that is her life.

Add in one totally smoking hot veterinarian, Shane Duffy, who has been keeping her hot, bothered but oh-so content; a geologist, Grant Fallon who would like to keep her content; confusion over mineral deposit rights on the ranch and this adds up to one interesting who done it! Who killed Joe Morgan, who tried to kill Leah and is everyone really who they seem to be?

Desiree Holt has written an interesting story with lots of twists, turns, sexy men, a Comanche grandfather, and a couple of promising secondary characters with colorful pasts that only beg for their own stories. This is definitely a modern day, western happily ever after. I especially love it when the knight in shining armor is wearing a Stetson.

This is a short story that could have been so much more because there was so much more to tell. Be that as it may, it was enjoyable, entertaining and smoking hot.

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