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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Engage by Viola Grace

Engage by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (92 pgs)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M/M, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Natalia has developed an allergy to the very technology that enabled her to be a Relay. Forced to resign from a job that would cost her her life, she is sent to Solray, a low tech planet whose inhabitants have the ability to heal her completely. A single woman on Solray isn't single for long, and when the Storm Set eagle shifters show an interest in her, Natalia knows the uncomfortable feeling of being prey. Thobin, Rosh and Apdel are linked mind to mind, talent to talent. A woman who brings out the predatory and protective instinct in all three is a woman worth pursuing, and they are not above using her new familiar to work their way into her thoughts and dreams.

Viola Grace continues to fascinate and entertain with more of her Terran Times tales.
When she develops a life-threatening allergy to the very environment that is her job as a relay for the Alliance, Natalia “Tal” Nithin is released, and sent to the low-tech planet of Solray. The healers on the planet have the skills necessary to heal her completely. Solray is very short of eligible single women, so Natalia becomes the focus of the many men looking for mates. Being adopted by a raptor, one of the “little brothers” is an honor, and soon Tal is recovered enough to begin moving around on her new home. When she attracts the interest of three handsome men, “elder brothers” who are raptor shifters, Tal is at first overwhelmed, then captivated by them. And she realizes that, after all the teasing and comments she made to her cousin Aster for finding herself mated to two men, she is in for it by finding, not two, but three mates in the Storm Set eagles. Can Tal commit to Thobin, Rosh and Apdel wholeheartedly? Will she be able to recover and adapt to her new life with three men and a bird?

I enjoyed Tal’s story, and it was fun to see the interaction between previous stories and this one. Once again Ms. Grace has created memorable and interesting characters in new and different worlds.

Tal starts off as a physically weakened being, but one with a strong and sassy spirit. She slowly gains strength and learns all about the customs of her new home, some of which keep her blushing quite a lot. She is intelligent, and she is ready and willing to face whatever the future holds for her. I loved her indomitable spirit of adventure and daring, even when she was still recovering.

Thobin, Rosh and Apdel are eagle shifters. Strong and proud, these three set out to captivate and win the heart of Tal, with the approval of her raptor familiar Pakor. These three golden-eyed men become eagles, and they control the storms of Solray, keeping people safe and protecting the land. I loved the many ways they chose to pursue Tal, and their determination to win out over all the competition for her love.

This is yet another glimpse into the wonderful worlds created by Viola Grace and a worthy addition to her Terran Times tales. If you like your romance with multiple heroes and scorching hot, this one is definitely your cup of tea.

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