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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dragos 1: Burned by Amber Kallyn

Dragos 1: Burned by Amber Kallyn
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (98 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

When Calla, a dragon shifter, heads to a sleepy mountain town to investigate their recent arson outbreak, she doesn't expect to come face to face with the dark dragon who killed her mother, or find her destined mate beneath the burning rays of the moon.

Firefighter Scott O'Neil can't fight his attraction to her, even after he finds out what she is, and the shocking secret of his own past.

When fire investigator Calla Dragos came to investigate a series of mysterious fires in the small mountain town, she wasn’t expecting to find evidence of a dragon. And not just any dragon, but the evil one that killed her mother. And she definitely didn’t expect to meet a man that set her body on fire.

Fire chief Scott O’Neil strikes Calla as exactly the kind of man she doesn’t like: shallow, handsome, a playboy posing for calendars. But the more she is near him, the more she realizes he is a good man, an honorable man. Can Calla keep her secrets safe from Scott? Will Scott believe the truth when he sees it? Are Calla and Scott strong enough to face the black dragon and win? Just what happens when a dragon falls for a fireman?

Amber Kallyn has created an intriguing world, one where dragons and magic exist, but are hidden from mortals. I loved the twists and surprises in this story, especially those concerning the villain and his relationship to Calla and her family. That came as a big surprise to me. The characters are very well developed, and several are not what they seem. I like to be surprised, and this did that quite well. One of the big surprises is the identity of the black dragon terrorizing the town, and how he gained his powers.

Calla is more than just your average arson investigator. She is also a dragon shifter, which makes her choice of occupation rather ironic. She is determined to do her job, even when her family tries to interfere, and she takes risks, with her life and her heart. I liked that she wasn’t going to back down, and was set on proving her abilities.

Scott is an interesting character. He seems so human, but there are hints that he may be more than just human. He is strong, compassionate and sexy as can be. At first, when he sees the dragons, he can’t believe his eyes, but he accepts more easily than most would. When he discovered that there is more in the world than he believed, he adapts to the new reality.

The interaction between Calla and Scott is intense and incendiary. I love this world, and I hope Ms. Kallyn continues to write about the Dragos family, because I would love to read about Calla’s brothers and their adventures. I recommend this for all of the dragon lovers out there, you will not be disappointed.

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