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Friday, July 2, 2010

Last Call Europe: Classy Bitch by Lacey Savage

Last Call Europe: Classy Bitch by Lacey Savage
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (67 pgs)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Sex in shifted form
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Viscaria

Being summoned home to be married is the last thing Vito Moretti expects. But before he can convince his father that he's not about to be chained down to any woman -- especially one he's never met -- Vito swings by Last Call for one more night of pure, unapologetic pleasure.

Margot LeFevre has a duty to uphold, and a mission to fulfill. And nothing would jeopardize both quicker than ordering a drink from Last Call's exotic menu. Still, she can't help but wonder what it would be like to be someone different, just for one night. Someone sexy, someone alluring, someone free to give in to the need for pleasure and pain that simmers inside her.

Lucky for her, she's about to find out.

Classy Bitch: Whore in designer clothing, ripe for the taking.

I've visited Last Call on numerous occasions. Okay, not in person... but you know what I mean. And each time I find a hot time. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's dark, but so far it's always been intense. This time was no different, and I can't wait to see more of this series.

Margot LeFevre is in control and classy in every way... on the surface. She walks the walk, and can even manage the talk, but deep down she needs more than she's ever found. Duty is something that drives this interesting woman, and to that end she will walk into another pack's palace and bind herself to someone she doesn't know or love becuase it is what is expected of her... tomorrow. Tonight she wants something for herself to hold onto in the future when she's left with duty.

Margot is an interesting character. I could completely relate with a woman who had been brought up with people she loved and trusted telling her that her inner desires and feelings were dirty. I could also see how that would finally make her snap and grab what pleasure she could with both hands before she had to go back to those expectations. I really enjoyed seeing her come out of her shell and let her inner goddess out. She thoroughly enjoyed every single thing Vito did to her. Lucky girl!

Vito Moretti is not a soft easy man. He's a warrior to the bone and as such he has... harder... darker desires and needs. He's perfectly content with the status quo: he travels around saving others from bad things, and on those travels he never has to worry about settling down or offending some female with his darker lusts. If she doesn't like his... darker side, no worries, he'll be gone in the morning. All that comes crashing down around him when he gets a summons from his father to come home... and get married to some woman he's never met. But he too understands duty, and so he heads home. What can it hurt to follow his libido to Last Call?

Vito is everything I love in an alpha hero. Some of you know I have a serious thing for shifters, and Vito is all I could hope for. Too bad he's not for me. I found Vito's inner dialogue to be rather amusing as he jumped between thinking he didn't care what women thought of him and knowing that something about Margot was just... different. His delight in her innocent enthusiasm for all he had to give was surprisingly endearing and so very hot. I loved this alpha... more please!

The only thing that keeps me from giving this book a full 5 cherry rating is something that others may not even notice but bugged me all the way through the end of the book. I could never figure out what exactly happened to Margot's clothing... one second she's still fully clothed if a bit disheveled... and the next she's naked... with no explanation of how it happened. It actually bugged me enough that even though I finished the book and smiled, I had to backtrack and figure out if I'd missed something. Call me picky, but I love those details of how these things happen. Beyond that, the writing was beautiful, and flowed extremely well from one moment to the next.

Last Call: Classy Bitch was another fun foray into the world of the Last Call bar. The fairy godmothers were an interesting group of characters and I'd love to see more of them... judging by the way things were left, I might get my wish! While I was never sure who exactly set the godmothers on Vito and Margot, it didn't really matter as the results were the same regardless. Hot sex, a beautiful beginning and a story that left me with a smile on my face. If you've never been introduced to Last Call, this story would be a good place to start... and even if you have, you know you want to visit again. Vito and Margot will make it worth your while... just leave your inhibitions at the door.

Sanctuary Unbound by Moira Rogers

Sanctuary Unbound (Red Rock Pass Book 4) by Moira Rogers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (119 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

They’ve been hiding from the past. Now it’s time to fight for their future.

Red Rock Pass, Book 4

New England is ideal for vampire Adam Dubois. His cozy home in the Great North Woods reminds him of a happier time when werewolves and witches were stuff of legends, and he was a simple lumberjack.

Hiding from past failures has worked for over eighty years, but a life debt owed to the Red Rock alpha has forced him to leave his retreat—and come face to face with a woman who challenges and tempts him on every level.

Hiding secrets is a lonely business, and Cindy Shepherd is lonely with a capital L. Red Rock isn’t exactly crawling with available men, but her interest in the mystery-shrouded new vampire in town seems mutual. After all, it’s only sex—there’s no danger he’ll dig deep enough to unleash the demons of her past.

Casual flirtation turns deadly serious when Adam discovers that the vampire plaguing Red Rock is using his mistakes as a road map. When it comes to his life, he knows Cindy has his back. But in order to secure the future, they both must trust each other with more—even if it means sacrificing themselves to save everything they hold dear.

This fourth book in the Red Rock Pass saga by Moira Rogers is the best yet. The danger to the pack is coming closer, and the tension is evident on every single page. This story kept me on the edge until the very end, wondering if they would succeed.

I love the world of Moira Rogers’ wolves. They are real people, with cares, concerns and passions just like the rest of us. There is such a feeling of family and friendship between the characters, and these are folks that could live just down the road, except that they can turn into wolves pretty much at will. I love that we see the pack dynamic in a more personal light. Adam Dubois is a wonderfully complex character, one we got a brief look at in the previous book.

This book is definitely Adam and Cindy’s story, a story of secrets revealed and passions unleashed. I love Cindy: she grabs on to what she wants with both hands, but isn’t afraid to do what may have to be done in the end. I love Adam, and his self deprecating sense of humor, and his dedication to his friends. And the man is seriously hot in the bargain. Once these two wonderful characters decide to let the past go, they both soar into the future, and take the roles necessary for the coming battle. And the passion they share grows as the book progresses, culminating in one scene in Cindy’s kitchen that requires ice, a fan and lots of heavy breathing to get through.

Do Adam and Cindy save the Red Rock Pass pack, and find the happy ever after they deserve? You will just have to read this one to find out. But bring the ice and turn the air down low.

Necking Anthology by Various

Necking Anthology by Various
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical
Length: Full Length (310 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex, menage, m/m/m
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

Just close your eyes and feel: soft, warm lips skimming from your shoulder to your ear, your skin prickling and tickling. Then add another set, echoing the first, layer upon layer of sensation as two sets of hands join the game, stroking, sliding, ratcheting up the heat. And when your lips part and the tip of your tongue darts out, it's met by two more in a luscious, messy, three-way kiss. This is necking, pure and hot, sending shivers of arousal down your spine. In these stories, the men come in threes: triple the pleasure, triple the love.

Fifteen stories of hot gay sex, all involving threesomes. What more could you want? From sweet to funny to serious, these stories offer all kinds and types of men as they explore the potentially dangerous but elusive thrill of threesomes. The sex is non-stop and each of these raises the temperature so be sure to read this when you’re in the mood for hot, delicious man on man on man loving. The majority of stories are well written, interesting, with diverse men from all walks of life. While the themes tend to be similar, each story does a decent to good job of delivering a dual punch of sex and romance. Not all of the stories end in happy endings though and the majority are even happy for now, at best.

Almost all the stories are decent and there are none that stand out in a negative way. The sex tends to run together after a while, kind of making your eyes glaze over from too much erotica. The combination of body parts, repetitive scenes, and similar ideas is one of the major pitfalls of such a big collection. I mean there are only so many places for things to go and threesomes to happen so this is an inherent and predictable drawback. But also not a reason to avoid the collection, just perhaps read it bit by bit, story by story instead of devouring it in one sitting.

Some of the positive standouts are Snowbound by Jana Denardo, the lone historical set in an alternate reality of the 1930s with demons and hunters. The three hunters get stuck in a cabin during a snow storm and while the results are predictable, they’re also hot and entertaining. The world building here is the best of the collection and really stands out incredibly well with great descriptions and yummy men. Also of note is Perform for Me by Lori Toland, the sole D/s addition showing how a couple works to get their needs met by a third when they can’t satisfy each other. This is not only incredibly hot and squirm worthy but the emotion and real love between the men comes through as well, making a thoroughly sexy and fun read.

Additionally Breaking the Habit by Heidi Champa about three roommates that try to quit smoking and use sex as a distraction is perhaps one of the funniest. Smokers and ex-smokers will identify with the characters, their resolve, and some of the entertaining dialogue. This light and enjoyable story is a cute theme and easy fluff. This contrasts well to the heavier tone of Down the Middle by Heidi Cullinan talking about a couple on the verge of breaking up but finding potentially new ground with a sexy stranger. The emotion here is somewhat angsty and involving, making for a great note to tend the collection.

These are just four of the great stories offered in the collection and without a doubt there are many more worthy of mention. Of the fifteen none are horrible and they vary from easy, instant sex to emotion filled choices within relationships. If you’re looking for a collection filled with sexy male threesomes, you won’t be disappointed with Necking.

Rules Were Made to Be Broken by Lenore Black

Rules Were Made to Be Broken by Lenore Black
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (72 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Voyeurism, Anal Sex
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Successful businessman. Future pillar of the community. Stick in the mud. That's Aaron Fitchley, and since his father retired, leaving him in charge of the business, it’s been all work, work, work. Dale Lambert is a free-spirited, responsibility-shirking charmer who has been spicing up Aaron’s upstanding life since they met as kids. So when Aaron gets Dale’s phone call for help at three a.m., he’s sure he can handle it.

But nothing could have prepared him for the sight of Dale in his underwear, wearing lip gloss, and handcuffed to his bed. After the initial shock, Aaron lets Dale loose and plans a hasty escape. But the cuffs quickly go back on… only this time Aaron is the one chained to the bed! Now that the tables have been turned, Dale has a few things to teach Aaron about breaking the rules.

What do you do when you’re lusting after your best friend, but you know darned well that he’s not into you as more than a friend? You make rules for yourself to keep yourself in check. But, in this case, Rules Were Made to Be Broken.

There are lots of stories of best friends wanting to get it on. The concept isn’t new. But, with that said, Ms. Black puts her own spin on the idea. Aaron and Dale have been the best of friends for well over fifteen years, but trying to take the relationship further wasn’t an option. There’s lots of heart in this story and a great deal of realism. Who wants to screw up a good thing by trying to make it something it’s not? I empathized with Aaron. He’s sure he’s gay, but not sure how to tell his folks. Many people can relate to his struggle and the internal issues he’s concocted in his head.

My favorite character had to be Dale. I loved Aaron, but his tendency to over think everything, though realistic, put me off. Dale could’ve been the same way. He thinks with his heart and his male parts, but there’s a definite need for Aaron. There were so many one-liners of his that I loved, like being compared to a wife who sticks by while Aaron runs the store. Yeah, I laughed a lot. And his growth through the story really made him shine.

The love scenes in this could’ve been contrived but weren’t. When Aaron and Dale got together, I felt the passion as if I was right there with them. Plus, I loved the idea of Dale, the macho man in lip gloss.

If you want a touching story that will stick with you long after the last page, then you need to read Rules Were Made to Be Broken. I give this story 4 cherries.

Bound By Sunlight by KB Alan

Bound By Sunlight by KB Alan
Publisher: Ellora’s cave publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (130 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Oral/Anal Play, Fetish, Toys, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Kyriana Price has spent nearly a year trapped at her evil day job. And she does mean evil. Her boss is a mage bent on power who lets nothing stand in the way of his quest to gain more. When she sees Connul Graysn wielding a flogger at a BDSM club, she formulates an escape that will require his considerable skills—as a mage and as a Dom. Going to another mage for help might not be the best plan, but it’s the only one she’s got, and at this point, she’s willing to try just about anything.

The last thing Connul expects when he finds an intruder in his house is that he’ll soon have her chained in his bedroom, her lovely body marked by his paddle. But she’s begging for his help—how can a gentleman refuse? As they learn to trust each other, he begins to realize the only thing he’s not willing to do for Kyriana is let her go.

This book had me right from the start. Kyriana is such a sweetheart, how could the reader not like her? She is a brave and smart woman. She's willing to fight and to believe in what she knows is right. Connul may be a domineering man but he has a heart of gold. He fiercely protects his family and those he cares about. The two make a wonderful couple and work off of each other very well. The tentative bond between the two that begins from the start only grows stronger the more they are together. I enjoyed watching Kyriana grow and begin to have less self-doubt. Her faith in Connul and his love was a wonderful read. Both Kyriana and Connul go on an emotional ride taking the reader with them on their incredible journey.

KB Alan pulls the reader into a world filled with magic and keeps you entertained until the end. Each character is well rounded and full of emotion. Whether it is the nasty villain who threatens them all or the siblings who have come to help every one of them is full of emotion and depth making the reader want to know more. I would love to know if there is going to be more books after this one. It would be great to find out more about Keller or Dain.

If you love paranormal with a bit of a kink than this is one book you should read.

Guitar Man by Marie Treanor

Guitar Man by Marie Treanor
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (192 pgs )
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Hydrangea

Book two in the Psychic Seductions series.

Ellie’s a powerful psychic who can’t seem to hold onto her man. When she’s dumped at the altar—again—she swears off men and takes her wounded heart to Scotland, where she promptly runs into the best-ever one-night stand from her past, sexy, adventurous busker Chris.

Chris is as hot—and as good in bed—as he was when they first met. But something’s different now, something that changes him into a terrifying threat all her psychic abilities can’t overcome. Now it’s up to Ellie—free Chris from the evil possessing him, and claim him as her own.

If you want to read a book with a strong psychic, a battle against evil, and sensual scenes, this is the book for you.

More than a year ago, Ellie, a psychic, and Chris, a street-musician, had a no-strings encounter.

Ellie is a great heroine. She is strong and feisty without being overbearing, her powers are neat, and she goes after what she wants. Chris is fun and charming, with an appealing good-guy quality. I liked how he interacted with Ellie. The progression of their relationship from no-strings to love was believable, hot and caring. Even when their relationship was in trouble, they were strong and, with the help of their friends, found their way back to one another.

Guitar Man never got boring or predictable. The sensual scenes were very exciting. I enjoyed the secondary characters, who were interesting in their own right. The ones on Ellie's and Chris side rocked. I’d love to see a sequel about them. And the villain was also interesting and multidimensional.

The supernatural elements in the story were great, and I was on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what happened to Chris.

If you like books with supernatural elements, a good plot, fun characters and good sensual scenes, I truly believe you will enjoy Guitar Man.

Strung Out by Kaitlin Maitland

Strung Out by Kaitlin Maitland
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (151 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Fern

Erik Aasen has never failed to get what he wants. If money equals power and power equals influence, then Erik is at the top of the social strata. But when fate tosses a sexy classical musician named Talia Davies into his path, Erik discovers that the one thing he wants more than anything else is priceless.

When a one-night stand with Erik becomes much more than she ever could have imagined, Talia realizes she’s in way over her head. Growing up with nothing means understanding compromise. But the only thing Talia has is her self respect and that isn’t for sale at any cost. Not even when Erik is the buyer and the price is millions.

It doesn’t take Erik long to realize that Talia is worth everything he has. But a lifetime together might be more costly than either one of them expected. When worlds collide and the sheets catch fire, both will have to place a value on love, trust, and loyalty.

Strung Out is a story with a very engaging premise, a hero and heroine that snare your attention, and conflicts that are very real and therefore relatable to. It’s one of those stories that hit the ground running, bringing the differences and complexities of merging social classes together. He’s filthy rich and from old money. She was raised in foster homes after her mother left and has worked for everything she holds dear; including her most prized possession -- music.

Erik and Tahlia’s attraction, while combustive, isn’t enough to see them through several of the pitfalls that occur as a result of their relationship. This is the source of the conflict and tension which progresses the story. Although Erik cares for Tahlia -- and lusts for her -- he doesn’t understand her desire to earn her way in the world. Likewise, Tahlia has a difficult time grasping Erik’s way of life, including his predisposition to buy whatever he wants, whenever he wants. I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes that focus on this divide in social class and felt that the uncomfortable moments in which Tahlia is viewed as someone far less that those who Erik associated/is related to worked. There are so many positive things to say about Strung Out. Unfortunately there was one thing that kept me from truly loving the story.

Each time there is conflict, upset, or heartache, Erik and Tahlia resolve the issue with sex. At first I understood that their physical attraction was incredibly strong; to the point they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. However, as things moved along and they continued having sex versus addressing the issues as responsible people would, I found myself becoming a trifled annoyed. Physical intimacy is not the solution to serious issues which you learn will never go away, but rather, is a bandage to cover the wound without addressing what caused it in the first place. Although Erik and Tahlia are just beginning to know each other (their relationship quite literally flourishes over the course of days), I felt something was missing. Each time they solved their problem by dancing between the sheets, it pulled me from the story and caused me to question why they were together in the first place. Attraction is enough to keep you with someone I’m sure, but under circumstances like these, is it truly enough?

Fans of steamy erotic romance will definitely love Strung Out. Although I didn’t enjoy the manner their sexual encounters were used at times, the chemistry between Erik and Tahlia does sizzle. There are also portions of the story that will tug at your heart, especially as Tahlia struggles to acclimate to a world in which people view money, not others, as the most important thing in the world. The writing and dialogue is also very well done, and I’m fairly certain you can expect a ménage follow-up featuring friends of Erik and Tahlia in the future.

All Alone in the Night by Michelle Houston

All Alone in the Night by Michelle Houston
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (26 pgs)
Other: mild BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, F/M/M, Ménage, Voyeurism, Anal Play
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Riana had almost given up hope of ever finding her lost comrades, and friends, when the Earth-Space Initiative finally decided to send her on a fact finding mission, almost two years after Braden and Davin had gone missing. They figured it was finally safe.

They figured wrong.

Now Riana is stuck on a strange planet, lucky to be alive after being sucked into a wormhole. And she wasn’t the only one stranded there; she had found the missing pilots. With no way home, and only themselves to answer to, they had plans for her; plans several years in the making.

Who knew crash landing would be a salvation?

I love books where the plot takes twists and turns I don’t see coming. All Alone in the Night is one of those books. Ms. Houston takes a situation that could be disastrous—it is in many stories—and turns it into something I wanted to read about. Her characters, though brash at times and meek at others, are memorable and I wanted to see them succeed.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a short story, but there is a lot going on. I felt like I was there on the foreign planet with Riana, Davin, and Braeden, learning things all over again, and dealing with the loss of most everything I knew. The ordeal is a heavy thing to deal with, but Ms. Houston writes it in a poignant fashion that captured me.

I loved the relationship between Davin and Braeden. The men have been through the wringer and managed to come out together. The passion bubbling between them is palpable and strong. The character I had the most trouble with was Riana. I realize she’s a stranger in a strange land, but there were times when she came across as not nice to be around. I loved seeing her structure and order peeled away to reveal the woman within. As the story progressed and she got to live a little, I really came to like her.

If you want a story with a hint of naughty, a lot of sex, and a healthy dose of “how would I deal in the same situation”, then you need to read All Alone in the Night/ I give it 4 cherries.

Phaze Binary Stars 4: Performance Review and Spank

Phaze Binary Stars 4: Performance Review and Spank by D. Musgrave and Nona Wesley
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (29 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal/Oral Play, Spanking
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Performance Review: Mark goes to work for a friend. It's a mistake. He's given an ultimatum that is doomed to fail. After the performance review, he catches the owner's wife having sex with the shop foreman. With nothing left to lose, he takes advantage of the situation nd teaches her a lesson.

Spank: For years, Colleen has yearned to know the stinging sensation of a disciplinary hand against her flesh. Tonight she gets her wish, but is she brave enough to submit to a true Dominant?

This book contains two short stories about the lure and the love of the discipline of spanking. One from the Dominant’s side and one from the sub’s side—each one giving the reader a view into their world, a different kind of world where discipline reigns. Will the women submit and enjoy themselves or will they run from it?

In the first story we meet Mark. He has gone to work for his friend, but it seems Bill and his wife Lisa have other things on their agenda than Mark’s well-being at the job. When Mark catches Lisa with the shop foreman, he devises a plan, a plan that includes Lisa’s punishment before he leaves.

This fast-paced story was an interesting read. Mark is a strong man who stands up for his rights and in the end gets what he wants. The fact that Mark, a married man, is strong enough to take Lisa to task for what she has done and to resist what she is offering was a nice read. I would be interested in finding more about Mark and his personal life in a longer book. As I have never read anything from this author this was a nice introduction. The author brings the reader into their world and keeps you entertained with characters that have depth and emotion.

The second story tells Maria’s tale. As a sub, she yearns to please her Dom. Because they indulge in their play at work, they must be discreet. Maria wants nothing more than to feel the disciplinary hand of her Dom. Will she be able to endure her Dom’s pleasing torment?

The bond that Maria and Derek share is an intense love. From home to work, they never lose the Dom and sub relationship that they share. It was a little strange to see them acting this out at work. Even though it was behind closed doors, it was still hard for me to embrace this story. Maria is a smart woman who knows what she needs and Derek is more than ready to give it to her. Although both Maria and Derek understand each other’s needs, this was a hard story for me to get into. While Maria and Derek are strong characters, these two did not have the emotion and depth for me to be able to immerse myself into their world. As this scene was only about Maria and her discipline in Derek’s office, this story seemed like it would be a better fit as a scene in a book than to stand on its own.

If you are looking for short and quick reads that include spanking, this is a book that you may want to pick up. The stories are a nice introduction to these authors, helping the reader to find out if their writing is to your liking or not.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lessons for Teacher by Emma Jay

Lessons for Teacher by Emma Jay
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (85 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Sex, Light bondage
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Poppy

University teaching assistant Jamie Winston is ready to break out of her shy, unadventurous shell by finally approaching Brady Lane—the sexy Iraqi war vet seated in the front row of her journalism class. He's brave and outgoing—something Jamie is not—and good looking to boot. Her shy flirtation with Brady at a frat party leads to a deliciously sinful tryst that leaves her wanting more. Each breathless encounter with Brady peels away a layer of Jamie's insecurity, leaving her more wanton and willing each time. But eventually, all good things must come to an end. When Brady finally leaves for an internship, will Jamie be brave enough to let him go?

I’m still fanning myself after reading this short, incredibly sexy story. When teaching assistant, Jamie, finally decides to act on the crush she has on her student, Brady, she’s expecting a one night stand. Brady’s hot, close to her age (they’re both a bit older than the usual college student) and sexy as hell. She’s been tormenting herself with fantasies about him, watching him watch her in class and can’t stand waiting any longer.

Brady, too, has been entertaining fantasies about his prim and proper teacher – fantasies that are blown into another, hotter galaxy when he sees her at a frat party not clothed in her usual straight skirt and loose blouse, but in snug jeans and a top that leaves little to the imagination.

From the first chapter the story all but steamed up the screen of my eReader. Brady, confident and sexy, initiates an erotic game of Truth or Dare at the party, leading to sweaty, intense sex in a nearly public place. You see, neither Brady nor Jamie live alone and from the moment their lips meet it’s a challenge to find places to be alone. They can’t be seen together – Jamie could risk her job – but neither can they stop the hunger they have for each other.

What started out as a daring one-night-stand slowly evolves into so much more. Jamie is challenged by Brady to broaden her horizons, both in bed and out and she, in turn, gives Brady the support and encouragement he needs.

Sounds idyllic, right?

Maybe so, except Brady’s looking for an internship that’s hours away and Jamie’s never lived outside the city she was born in. They both know the clock is ticking down the time they have together.

Jamie’s character was someone most of us can identify with. Despite having been married before, her sex life was beyond vanilla and she has very little experience with men or confidence in herself. But, that’s okay because Brady has enough for the both of them. With a desperate need for each other, they take incredible risks to be together, and I was glued to the screen not only waiting to see if they were going to get caught, but also mesmerized by Emma Jay’s amazing writing. The relationship was realistic and so touching... I loved watching these two get to know each other, and the sex was smoking hot, frequent and adventurous.

I completely enjoyed watching Jamie come out of her shell (and come, and come, and come ... ) and think this is one story I’m going to share with my husband because, oh yeah, it’s hot.

For a sexy romp that will leave you panting for more, and a romance that makes your heart sigh, pick up this book. But keep either a cold shower running or a significant other handy ... you’ll need it.

On the Edge by Raine Latimer

On the Edge by Raine Latimer
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (52 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Spanking, Voyeurism, Fetish
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

For Lucy Malone—young and on the fast track to partner—nothing beats the adrenaline rush of edgy sex. But men can’t handle Lucy’s professional success or the passionate nature she refuses to hide behind a vanilla exterior…until she meets ex-Marine John Langley.

A man who handles all things dangerous, John respects Lucy’s competitiveness and confidence even as he one-ups her fantasies, transforming their hot hookup into an emotional snare tightening around her heart. Determined to regain control, Lucy challenges John to a dark, risky game designed to push them both to the edge.

John knows he’s in a winner-takes-all fight for Lucy's trust…and her heart. With the help of a fellow Marine, he’s going to show Lucy there’s nothing she can do but surrender.

All that you want, that you need, is right in the palm of your hand. Do you take it and run into the night, never to let go? Or do you shove it away in disgust?

Need to know more? You need to read On the Edge.

Lucy is a character out of control. She’s on the verge of losing everything, yet teeters even closer to the edge. Raine Latimer wrote characters and scenes that tugged at the heart while making me cringe and need to read faster to see what would happen next. I felt so enmeshed in the story that it was hard to let go once the last page turned. Yeah, it’s that gripping.

John is one Marine with a patient heart of gold. Now it was hard not to picture a certain pro wrestler each time he was mentioned in the story, but that only heightened the realism. I could put a face to the character. I love an alpha who needs no partner in crime, but knows when things merit help. I loved him from the first mention and wanted to know what would happen after the story. And his buddy Ty? I wanted to see more of him and learn his story. I know there was more going on than met the eye and can’t wait to see what happens to him.

Lucy, on the other hand, needed some getting used to. I like characters who ride the ragged edge and she rode it for all it was worth. Sometimes, even though I got her motivations, I had a hard time rooting for her. Her selfishness and self-doubt were hard to handle. Still, as the story progressed, she became a character I liked.

If you want a red hot ménage, with bdsm in the mix for spice, then you need to read On the Edge. I give this story 3.5 cherries.

All or Nothing by Dee Tenorio

All Or Nothing by Dee Tenorio
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (158 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Fern

In this game of love, winning is not an option.

The Lonnigans, Book 2

Lucas Lonnigan thinks he’s finally gotten the best of his twin brother, until he discovers his half of a date-swap is none other than metal artist Belinda Riggs. A leather-dipped Goth queen who considers him a cross between a pin cushion and a science project—and the woman he’s loved forever.

Belinda isn’t exactly overjoyed to see him, either. In her opinion, love means becoming a punching bag, and she won’t be anyone’s doormat. Lucas is too dangerously tempting to allow within striking distance of her heart, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting.

After one blazing night of passion, Lucas finds himself locked out of Belle’s life with seemingly no chance to get back in. With nothing left to lose, Lucas makes a final play and appeals to the one thing Belle can’t say no to—a dare. Winner take all.

Lucas may think this crazy game will decide their relationship, but she sees it as her chance to finally set him free—and maybe indulge in the sexiest goodbye of her life…

After reading Dee Tenorio’s All Of You, I knew I had to read the continuation All Or Nothing. Although secondary characters in the first installment, Belinda and Lucas made one heck of an impression. He was a man who seemed to be detached from those around him, while she was the odd ball chick with goth clothing and a wicked attitude. Yet, it took reading All Or Nothing to discover they were nothing as I originally perceived.

From the onset of the story you are aware that Lucas and Belinda share an intense attraction and a heartbreaking past. Although they’ve tried to move on and forget each other, they’ve been unable to do so. When Lucas’s brother Kyle arranges to “date-swap” with Lucas, he agrees, unknowing that his sibling has set him up on a date with Belinda. Thus, begins an unavoidable domino effect. The journey they take, which starts with an incredibly steamy bang, also has an underlying amount of pain and torment. Through the progression of the story truths are revealed and you’re allowed to glimpse what shadows linger behind the tormented hero and heroine. There is an exorbitant amount of complexity, including secrets which are slow to surface. Can they find their happily ever after? Is it possible to let go of the ghosts of the past and embrace the future?

While it should be stated that the writing is fantastic and I did enjoy the story, I had a very difficult time connecting to Belinda. I’m certain this had to do with her past and the manner in which events of her horrific childhood were shared. I wanted to understand why she continued to push Lucas away and why he seemed to allow it. Likewise, Lucas also remained a mystery. Both of their stories and revelations, while wonderful when presented, seemed to be a tad drawn out. I don’t think learning the circumstances that divided them earlier would have hurt the story, but rather, could have aided in understanding why each was so caustic at times.

Even so, I would definitely recommend All Or Nothing. The story tugged at my heart on more than one occasion, and I enjoyed revisiting Kyle and Jessica through shared scenes which appeared in the first book. There is definitely more to this story than you might perceive from the beautiful cover and from All Of You, which started it all.

A definite for the TBR list. If you enjoy emotional romances that are not entirely what they seem, be sure not to miss All Or Nothing.

Wasteland: The Breeder by Eden Bradley

Wasteland: The Breeder by Eden Bradley
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (76 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/M, Ménage
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Destined to serve the desires of an entire city, all she wants is one man. Or maybe two…

Wasteland, Book 2

Born to the Temple, Nitara knows the Great Goddess’s plan for her: to bring life into what is left of an arid and wasted Earth. Since puberty she has been trained to arouse and titillate, to ensure the continuation of the human race.

As is the custom, the man captured for her is strong of blood, though considered little more than a wild animal. Yet when she looks into his eyes, she sees no primitive creature, but the man whose face and hands haunt her sensual dreams.

For Akaash, a hunter and warrior, it’s his shame that he will be sacrificed to a goddess he doesn’t believe in, for a people who are not his own, leaving behind his Wanderer clan—and his bonded lover, Dhatri. Locked in the bowels of the Temple, he has a month to ponder his fate, all while falling helplessly under the spell of the virgin temptress who will soon take his life.

With each tortuously erotic encounter, however, Akaash realizes that Nitara is as much a prisoner as he. If he can just get a message out to Dhatri, there may be a slim chance both of them can escape…

A massive solar storm and the radiation it generates bring life on Earth as we know it to a screeching halt. Those that emerge in the aftermath are survivors who must learn to deal with conditions in the Wasteland. More men than women survived, but the women who did are strong and determined, and fall into four distinct categories: Wanderers, Whores, Breeders and Priestesses.

Nitara knows her purpose in life is to be a Breeder—to bring new life and help repopulate the Earth. Her whole life has been in service to the Goddess, preparing to entice and seduce the man who will take her innocence, give her his seed, and become a sacrifice. The Temple has been Nitara’s existence, and now it is time to become the woman she has been trained to be. Nitara and the other young woman chosen to be Breeders have been led to believe that the sacrifices are mere animals, drugged to remain docile and aroused until the ritual of the Sacrifice, then killed by the hand of their Breeder. But Nitara questions the ritual, especially after meeting Akaash, the Wanderer captured to be her “sacrifice”.

Nitara discovers that her doubts are well placed, as she finds Akaash to be intelligent, strong and attractive. Her doubts lead her to follow the family curse, and she chooses to help Akaash escape and journey with him—and his bonded lover Dhatri—into the Wasteland, leaving all she knows behind. Can Nitara escape her fate, and save Akaash in the process? Will Akaash still desire Nitara once reunited with Dhatri? Can Nitara accept Dhatri as her lover, along with Akaash?

Nitara is a wonderful character — strong and determined not to just follow along a course she feels is wrong. I loved the interaction she had with Akaash, learning to see him as more than just a means to an end. I found her courage, and her need to do what is right in spite of any consequences, to be a refreshing light in the darkness of this future society. Nitara uses her intelligence to find another way of life, one that will ultimately save many from dying needlessly.

Akaash is a warrior, strong and determined to find a way out of his predicament, although he knows his clan will shun him for his capture. But he is determined to escape and return to Dhatri, his lover. I loved the fact that Akaash held firm to his beliefs and his determination to survive, even while he was held captive—it showed an inner strength, one that would serve well in the Wasteland. I was fascinated by the interaction between the virginal Nitara and the captive warrior Akaash — it was some of the hottest action I’ve read, and without any touching between them.

The Wasteland is a harsh and unforgiving place, and Nitara is ill-equipped to deal with it. This is where Akaash and Dhatri shine — both are strong and protective of Nitara, and through them she learns what it means to be in a true loving relationship. Do these three have a happy ever after? It’s a hard-won happiness, and well worth reading.