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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hunger Aroused by Dee Carney

Hunger Aroused by Dee Carney
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (184 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Jasmine is sick in bed when a sexy stranger breaks in and reveals she's suffering an irreversible case of vampirism. And because her turning wasn't approved by the Council, he must kill her once the transition is complete. In the meantime, the executioner offers to ease her torment with chocolate, hot peppers or sexual release. Fortunately for them both, Jasmine's kitchen is bare...

Corin's honor demands he do his duty, but he cannot execute the lovely woman while any part of her humanity remains. He must also find—and kill—her sire. Jasmine denies ever having contact with a vampire, causing Corin to question the justice of his orders. Sensing his hesitation, the Council dispatches another executioner, forcing the pair to make a run for it.

Every hour they spend together—every sensual encounter they share—finds them growing closer. Now Corin will have to choose: kill the woman he loves, or go against everything he believes to set her free.

Dee Carney has written a story filled with mystery, danger and passion.

Jasmine is miserable. She has the worst case of the flu ever, and for the first time in her life, she leaves work early to head home. As a nurse, she is aware of the dangers of illness, and she also has another fear as well. During an emergency with a John Doe at the urgent care center, Jasmine suffered an accidental stick with a needle. So far, she has tested negative for AIDS, but the fear is still there in the back of her mind.

On her way home, she staggers into a handsome stranger, but is too sick to care. Later, in her apartment, she wakes to find the stranger in her apartment, tending to her. Imagine her shock and disbelief when he informs her that she has contracted an incurable case of vampirism. Not only that, but because she was turned without permission, she must be terminated in three days.

The gorgeous stranger is the executioner for the vampire Council, and he tries to learn the identity of Jasmine’s sire. For the first time in his long life, Corin doesn’t want to blindly follow his orders; he is developing feelings for the brave and beautiful woman who didn’t choose any of what is happening to her. Can Jasmine survive the transformation? Will Corin be able to find a way to save her, or will he be the instrument of her final death? Can these two find an answer to all the puzzles of Jasmine’s unusual change?

This story kept me reading long past my bedtime, because I just had to know what happened next here. The characters were well written and I enjoyed watching them go from adversaries to reluctant allies and finally to lovers. I loved that this wasn’t a predictable story, and that I didn’t see what was coming around every corner.

Jasmine is a spunky heroine. Faced with a shift to everything she has ever believed, she finds the courage to forge ahead. She is smart, sassy and determined to find a solution that she can live with, or rather die with. She is also determined to go out fighting, but she finally found the one thing worth fighting for: love.

Corin is an executioner for the Vampire Council. He is tall and handsome, and for the first time in his long life, he questions the orders he is to fulfill. He was once a Roman gladiator, and has seen much in his long life, but never love. He is noble and honorable, and comes to doubt the Council’s rules. But he isn’t sure how to save the woman he loves.

I love the strength of these characters. I kept expecting the worst, and several times I was near tears as events unfolded. I wanted this to turn out right, but there was some doubt a couple of times, before Jasmine found the key to their happy ever after. This one is filled with romance, suspense and scorching hot sex too. If you read this, keep the ice around.

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