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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miranda’s Rights by KyAnn Waters

Miranda’s Rights by KyAnn Waters
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (42 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Fetish, Spanking
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Fern

She needs pain…she needs punishment…she needs him.

Jase Ralston gets hot under his very blue collar just thinking about his friend and neighbor, Miranda Carlucci. Yet she can’t possibly be interested—not when she could have champagne, caviar and her pick of Vegas high rollers.

The bruises change everything. She denies she’s in an abusive relationship, but his cop instincts won’t let him rest until he finds out the truth. When he follows her to a BDSM club and finds her writhing under a flogger’s stinging kiss, his Dom instincts kick in.

Jase takes command of the scene—and Miranda—at Club Creed. This is what she’s always wanted. Pleasure, pain…and rough-around-the-edges Jase. Yet after his domination transports her to a level of subspace she’s never known, he leaves her—unwilling to continue the scene.

Confusion gives way to hurt…then anger. He’s claimed her and Miranda wants more. Even if it means confronting Jase and making demands of her own.

Two friends who yearn for more are kept apart by a secret. When they learn the truth, will they be able to cave to their desires? Or will their explorations destroy everything they’ve come to cherish? Thus is the premise of Miranda’s Rights, a sizzling hot BDSM contemporary novella by author KyAnn Waters.

Miranda is a submissive who desires more than sex. She needs a bit of pain with her pleasure. Unfortunately, the person she wants delivering her punishment is none other than her best friend and sexy neighbor Jase. For years, she’s kept her desires a secret. Now, faced with the questions he expects answers for, she is unsure of the appropriate way to respond. Does she tell him the bruises she carries are from consensual play at a BDSM club? Or does she continue to live a lie for the sake of friendship?

Jase wanted Miranda from the first moment he saw her. Of course, as a Dom who requires total submission and surrender, she is everything he can never have. When he discovers bruises on her beautiful body, he decides an investigation is in order. As a cop, it shouldn’t be too hard to track her down and uncover her secrets. To his shock, his gorgeous neighbor has been frequenting a BDSM club. When he enters the establishment to get some answers, he ends up going home with a whole lot more.

Miranda’s Rights is an extremely sexy story about friends who become lovers. Yes, the BDSM theme is prevalent, but I did enjoy the interaction between Miranda and Jase. Their chemistry is fantastic, and their love scenes make the pages burn. There is just enough back history to keep the reader informed, while the ending manages to pull everything together.

Fans of BDSM romances are sure to enjoy Miranda’s Rights. If you’re in the mood for something short, hot, and sweet don’t let this story pass you by.

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KyAnn said...

thank you for the wonderful review!