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Monday, February 7, 2011

Reincarnated Hunger by Marisa Chenery

Reincarnated Hunger by Marisa Chenery
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Twilight
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (132 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Verbena

Unlike his fellow warriors, Kysen already found his mate—the woman who stirred his blood like no other. But he’d been mortal at the time. When she died, he vowed to never love again. He feared the day Ra’s decree that all his warriors take mates would fall upon him. How could he spend eternity with a woman he could never love? But when he stumbles upon the spitting image of her, he wonders if his beloved has returned.

Cena is disappointed in men. Perhaps reading too many romance novels has done her in, but no man lives up to what she’s read…and dreamed. For years a faceless man has entered her sleep, filling her dreams with passion. Once she meets the tall stranger who stares at her with longing, her dreams come to life. Now she wants him in her bed. But once she has him there, her life changes forever. Thrust into a dangerous world she never knew existed, she must cheat death in this life to keep him.

What good is eternal love when the woman you want died hundreds of years ago?

As one of sun god Ra’s six chosen warriors, Kysen had already found his mate. Problem was, she’d died an untimely death and he vowed never to love again. A protector of humanity, Kysen had lived a long time fighting the minions of Apep, god of evil. He’s content, albeit lonely, in his life. But Ra has other plans for him. Sometimes, even love can transcend time.

Cena has sworn off men. She’s never found the perfect guy to give herself too and blames it on her high standards, that and too many romance novels that set every man she meets up for failure. When tall dark, and way too gorgeous for the likes of her—aka Kysen--shows up one day at her work, she feels a desire for him she’s never felt before. Even his Egyptian heritage seems a perfect match for hers. What's more, the dream that’s plagued her since childhood has taken on his likeness. Things seems way too good to be true.

Marisa Chenery has penned one heckuva story with Reincarnated Hunger. I can’t say much else but, wow. I am totally reeling and so in love with her characters. I hated it to end. From the get go, you’re sucked in to Kysen’s dilemma. He’s not your just your typical warrior, he’s a vampire too. But the author has created a whole new meaning to the word. The expected immortality and fangs are there, but that’s where the likeness ends. She’s given her vampires characteristics that I’ve never seen before. I found it refreshing and a creative change to the typical brooding, blood thirsty, creature of the night. Cena is so saucy and naïve at the same time that you can’t help but love her. The sex is hot hot hot and had me squirming in my chair.

I can be a difficult reader to please and tend to nit-pick things early on, but a few pages into it and I was completely engrossed. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a story that won my heart from the get go and Reincarnated Hunger will definitely go on my Favorites shelf. The author’s use of grammar punctuation were impeccable. If there were any point of view violations I didn’t pick up on them, I was too absorbed into the story to notice. I honestly can’t think of anything that needs improved. Thank you, Ms. Chenery, for creating a story that this reader will remember for a long time to come.

If you’d like to see a new twist on the typical vampire and the notion of reincarnated love tweaks your interest, then be sure to grab a copy of Reincarnated Hunger. It will have you glued to the pages, eager to see what happens next.

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Toni said...

I have been checking out this series. I think I'm a bit more interested now! Thanks for the great review. Perfect!