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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Suite Seduction by J. Rose Allister

Suite Seduction by J. Rose Allister
(Immortal Paradise, #1)
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (103 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Dahlia

Julietta LaSalle begrudgingly lets her almost-ex badger her into a weekend getaway at an exclusive Bahamas resort. Sexy personal trainer Collier Blair books a romantic package at the same resort, hoping to determine once and for all whether a future exists for him and his on-again, off-again date mate.

Thanks to a hotel room foul-up, Collier and Julietta wind up having the sex of their lives—in each other’s arms. Neither realizes the shocking sex-with-a-stranger “mix up” was no accident. Supernatural strings are pulled behind the scenes by the gods Love and Lust. In the immortals’ contest to prove whose powers are greater, how will Julietta and Collier come to terms with their budding feelings—and the relationship fallout from their “accidental” passion?

Many couples go on romantic getaways, but not all for the same reason. Sometimes these getaways are used as a last resort to reignite the spark that seems to have fizzled out of a relationship or to find out if the person they thought they knew is still that same person. It’s a time for focusing on your partner without any other distractions or complications, but what happens when outside forces decide to wager in on your relationship? It starts with something as simple as a room mix-up, which leads to plenty of distraction and even more complications.

Temptation Island hosted by demigods Lust and Love... let the games begin!

Julietta and her husband Craig are on the verge of divorce. The circumstances surrounding their fallout leaves little doubt as to where the fault lies, but perhaps going away together will give them both some perspective before any final decisions are made. With the hotel's special accommodations, Craig paid for the opportunity to reconnect with Julietta in an exciting new way, but will it be enough?

Collier and Deena have been in an off and on relationship now for a while. Collier wants to know once and for all if Deena is ready to start a monogamous relationship with him, so a little one-on-one time is in order. With the resort's exclusivity, Collier and Deena must face their compatibility issues without interference and decide the future of their relationship.

Demigods Lust and Love have made a bet that includes these two couples, unbeknownst to them of course. Which is more powerful, the carnality of lust or the emotionally strong bonds of love?

This is my first read by J. Rose Allister and one in which I thoroughly enjoyed! She managed to write incredible circumstances set in the beautiful scenery that is the Bahamas and made it feel very real with the use of actual relationship issues. The character personalities and dialogue also felt very genuine without lacking humor, guilt, regret, and many other emotional behaviors that the reader would expect given the various situations.

After I finished reading, it left me thinking about how much uncertainty actually goes on within in a relationship and if resorting to what is familiar or comfortable is better than actually taking a risk on something new. Regardless, no one is immune to the charms of either lust or love and there are scenes of both in this story. I’m still quite surprised about the turn of events that lead to the ending and will be looking forward to reading the next installment to the series.

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