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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jewels From the Sea by Cassandra Pierce

Jewels From the Sea by Cassandra Pierce
The Aquans Book 1
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (112 Pages)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M/M/M/M, Multiple partners, Anal Sex
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Heiress Savannah Godfrey is relaxing on the deck of a Caribbean cruise ship when a gorgeous naked man rises from the water and invites her to the island retreat he shares with four other mermen. Together, Kral, Bariah, Joquin, Jhoad and Zoeb introduce Savannah to a world of sand, surf, and bodily pleasures she has never imagined.

Savannah is astonished, but intrigued, when the mermen suggest that she is the perfect mate for all five of them, an arrangement central to traditional merman culture.

She returns to the ship to consider their offer, but before long a mysterious attempt is made on her life. After they rescue her, all five mermen pledge to help discover and outwit whoever is trying to kill her. Will she live long enough to take them up on their offer of a multiple marriage?

Jewels From the Sea is filled with romance, hot sex in a multitude of places, and five very hot and sexy men. Men who belong to an ancient and forgotten race, looking for a woman to lead them and make them complete.

A cruise is just what her two closest friends convince heiress Savannah Godfrey she needs after her fathers death. After the support they gave her through everything, she treats David and Angela to the trip aboard the Caribbean Dream, hoping the relaxation will help with the dizzy spells she has been feeling since her loss. And it does seem to be working, at least until she sees a man swimming along next to the ship: a man no one else sees, a man who couldn’t possibly be there. When she suffers another dizzy spell, she goes to her cabin to relax, telling her friends she’s just under the influence of the unfamiliar drinks and climate.

To her surprise, she receives a visit from the mystery man, and falls to sleep after the best sexual encounter of her life. When she wakes, he is gone and Savannah wonders if she imagined him. When she encounters him again at the costume party, her friends try to prevent them from being together. Later that night, Savannah feels hands grab her, and force her to drink something, and then she is thrown overboard. Kral, her mystery man, rescues her, and takes her to his island. There she finds out that Kral is not really human, but is one of a group of men from the ancient land of Lemuria, and that he and his friends are Aquans. They worship her and care for her, and ask her to stay with them.

Savannah is tempted, but also feels the need to let her friends know she is okay. Kral believes there is something off about her ‘accident’ and convinces her to let him and the rest of his pod of Aquans investigate before revealing herself. What they find shocks her to her very core. Can Savannah accept the life that Kral and the others offer her? Can the five Aquans stop the danger targeting their woman once and for all? Will Savannah return to her old life, or join her men on the island for a new and brighter future?

I thoroughly enjoyed the role reversal here: the men stay near shore in groups, while the women of their race seek their pleasure where they roam and then move on. I loved the characters in this. But this is not just a hot and sexy story, it is also one of greed and betrayal, and danger. Yes the sex is hot and plentiful, but it was the plot, the mystery, that kept me reading. I just had to find out who wanted Savannah dead, and why.

Savannah is going through changes. She is afraid she has developed the condition that killed her mother, because of her dizzy spells. She is generous and loyal to her friends, and is ready to move on after all she has been through. I like watching her open up as she discovered there was more to the world than she had been aware of. I enjoyed watching her discover her sensuous side, the side willing to open up to new experiences.

The men-Aquans-that want Savannah are as different from each other as they can be. There is Kral, the tall and handsome leader of his pod, who instinctively knew Savannah would be the perfect woman for his two pod mates and himself. Joquin is tall, blond and gently sweet, and Bariah is just a bit shorter that the other two, dark and more serious than the others. The other two, who join the pod later, are Jhoad and Zoeb, and both are as handsome and virile as the three men Savannah is starting to care for.

There is an edge to the story of who wants Savannah dead, and why. I was a bit surprised to see who the guilty parties were, and just how far they would go to get what they wanted. I enjoyed watching the interaction between Savannah and her men, and I was intrigued once again by the reversal of stereotypical behavior: when Savannah returns to the ship, all five men are worried that they have lost her, that she will forget them.

There is a fantastic happy ever after for Savannah and her pod of Aquans, and there is love and passion and lots of very steamy sex: on the ship, on the beach, in the ocean, in the lagoon….One warning with this one, and a tip: be prepared for lots of hot and exotic sex, and bring lots of ice water and a fan to cool down with.

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