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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lust by Moonlight by Desiree Holt

Lust by Moonlight by Desiree Holt
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (163 pages)
Other: M/F, violence
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Dogwood

As a shifter, Mark Guitron is uniquely equipped to search for the devil beast, El Chupacabra, and stop the horrible killings. Hunting one night by moonlight, he spots another wolf whose aura tells him she is also a shifter. When he’s visited by an erotic vision of her in human form, he knows he must find her and make her his own.

Chloe Hanson is searching for a friend she’s convinced is a victim of the devil beast. When she meets Mark, she feels a primal tug that tells her they are meant to be together. As they join forces in the hunt, they soon learn that sex between them feeds a need, rather than slaking it. The multiple orgasms barely satisfy their lust for each other, and as they draw closer to their prey, their fiercest coupling is yet to come.

This "Moon-Howling" romance sizzles as the storytelling unfolds!
After reading this second book in the Night Seekers series, I cannot wait until the next installment is released!

Desiree Holt is now one of my all-time favorite writers. Her narration in this book was so intriguing I had trouble setting it down. I found myself ready to head out to the bookstore to find and devour the rest of her works.

I absolutely love that she took a legend already in existence and turned it into a multifaceted super-villain. The reader cannot help but be excited to see where this talented author takes us next. In the face of this fictional piece of literature, I found myself frightened by the El Chupacabra, yet anxious to see his dark intentions unfold. The really great part? This is a romance book not a horror series, yet it easily could be classified as both.

Lust by Moonlight focuses on the romance between wolf-shifters Mark Guitron, a former deputy sheriff of Zapata County Texas and presently an investigator for the Night Seekers; and Chloe Hanson, a lovely yet lonely freelance nature photographer. Besides the fact that they are destine to be mates, these two are drawn together by the tragic deaths of their best-friends, both killed by the devil beast called the Chupacabra.

Ms. Holt's cast of characters are brought together by their mutual traumas, making them life-like to the reader. We cannot help but sympathize with their individual circumstances. She shows us that human passion and resilience can be obtained with love, support and friendship. These characters though flawed as all humans are, are still heroic in their endeavors to seek out justice for their fallen loved ones.

Not only does this story focus on our two main lovebirds Mark and Chloe, but we get side stories as well into the lives of the other characters that I am sure will be featured more in future installments of this series. Ms. Holt even shows her followers of book one, Lust Unleashed, a glimpse into the present day lives of Jonah and Dakota.

I really felt connected to these characters and their lives and found myself holding my breath at times, knowing the villain was about to strike. A few typos and one major name error dropped the rating on this book just a bit. There was a scene where Chloe calls out Jonah's name instead of Mark's in the thralls of passion, and we have to assume this is a typo, because Chloe has yet to even meet Jonah, and Jonah is now happily married to Dakota. Otherwise, as I felt this was an excellently well-written book and will be part of an outstanding bestselling series.

Mark and Chloe's attract is immediate and the reader can feel the boiling chemistry of these two Wolf Shifters. I like the supernatural facet of their first encounter making them seem as magical as any good fairy-tale should be. However, this tale engages so many emotions, such as lust, horror, and suspense, I do not think it will be Disney's next feature. But the depth of the struggles, as well as the details of the love-scenes make this adult-tale all the more YUMMY!

Is a shape-shifter romance with a side of suspense for you? If so then this book is a must, “snuggle-up” and read.

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