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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oliver’s Heart by Lynn Hagen

Oliver’s Heart by Lynn Hagen
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (87 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Coreopsis

Micah Barak rescued his mate from the clutches of his abusive father, but Oliver was too young to claim. As Oliver lashed out at everyone around him, Micah was determined to protect him, reminding the pack of their mates’ own shortcomings.

Now eighteen, lonely, and desperate, Oliver is trying to give up the hatred that’s long claimed him. He longs for Micah’s heart and body, but will his old ways let him truly open himself up to love?

One night, driving home, they’re run off the road by wolves out to kill Oliver for thwarting the violent attempts of the Eastern pack’s ex-alpha, Jackson. Oliver, so used to being defiant, is now a target of rogues with no sense of playing by the rules.

Will Micah finally claim Oliver—if he can keep him alive—or has the young man’s bitterness gouged a hole too deep?

Oliver Weston is angry young man with good reason. He is dealing with being sexually abused by his father and also feeling abandoned by his older brother Blair. Oliver has lived a long life for someone so young and his anger is understandable. Oliver is a complicated character, he knows once he’s rescued by the Brac pack that it’s for the best and a chance to live a normal life, but he can’t get past the years of abuse.

Oliver was introduced in book three of this series and we are made aware that his mate is Micah. So to finally get to read their story was amazing. Micah treats his young mate with kid gloves, thinking it’s for the best, but Oliver needs a partner not a parent. These two struggle with what they want and what they think the other needs.

Oliver, with the help of Micah, is making a change in his life and doing his best to become a better man, friend, and brother. To read how this man grows and changes really is touching. As the reader you want Oliver to change and you want good things for this misguided young man.

Things come to a head between these two when a misunderstanding it blown out of proportion. This couple has more battles to conquer then should be allowed but they begin to work through their differences. There are forces at work trying to pull this couple apart due to things Oliver has done for the sake of the other mates in the Brac household. This story is full of suspense and action that leaves your heart racing.

Once again the mates are banding together and taking over the house. The scenes with all the mates together are light hearted and enjoyable. All these men from different back grounds are coming together to form a family they all so desperately needed.

This was a story in this series I was looking forward to and Ms. Hagen has done an excellent job of telling Oliver’s story. What won’t kill us only makes us stronger, and this is very true where Oliver is concerned. Underneath the gruff exterior lies a heart of gold. If you’re a reader who loves a story that unfolds into a very touching love story, you will love Oliver’s Heart.

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Terra said...

Wow now this sound like my kind of book. Great review.