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Monday, July 4, 2011

Bound And Determined by Sierra Cartwright

Bound And Determined by Sierra Cartwright
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (169 Pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, M/M
Rating: 5 cherries
Review by: Clematis

The Quinn men have been kidnapping O’Malley women for eight hundred years, and when Sinead O’Malley finds herself upside down over her mortal enemy’s shoulder, his strong hand on her rear, she fights her response as hard as she fights him.

The damn men of the Quinn clan have been kidnapping the women of her family for nearly a millennium.

When Sinead O’Malley finds herself upside down over the shoulder of the tall, dark, and mortal enemy Jack Quinn, she’s determined to fight him every step of the way.

Enough is enough...

Jack is bound and determined to break the eight hundred year old curse, no matter what it takes, including tying her to his bed and demanding her total submission.

Her in-your-face T-shirt said it all: You’re not rich enough. Smart enough. Or man enough. Don’t even try. Let the games begin!

Sinead O’Malley is gorgeous, fiercely independent and a deeply passionate Irishwoman. She is bound and determined to live her own life, exactly the way she wants to, despite an eight hundred year old curse. And although, she’d like to believe there is no such thing as curses, it’s all just a moot point. Because her life is about to be turned upside down by her mortal enemy, the mighty Quinn.

Equally deeply passionate and drop-dead-gorgeous, fellow countryman and Dom, Jack Quinn takes his responsibilities seriously. The way Jack sees it is simple. The curse has plagued both families and has brought nothing but fear and misery for centuries. It stops now, stops with him, Sinead and a wedding... He’s tried the civil approach to no avail, so he’s followed her half way around the world and likes what he sees in the flesh. Now, he's bound and determined to take whatever actions are necessary. To prove to her that marrying him and freeing both their families, can be about more than duty.

After seeing that T-shirt, he's decided that he has every intention of showing her, in every blatant way possible, just how much he’s exactly what she needs…

Got to love Sierra Cartwright and her decadent tales of love and lust! What a most, marvelously twisted mind the woman has! After all, who in their right mind wouldn’t want one of her deliciously debauched alpha Doms? One who is a Master and completely dedicated to ensuring all his woman’s needs and pleasures are met, in the most tormenting and thorough of ways possible? Even Sinead, with a famous Irish temper can see the danger. He’s everything she could ever have wanted in a man, and he’d have been so perfect too, if he just hadn’t been a Quinn!

With a firm hand on the reins, or in this case, ropes, Ms Cartwright delivers her lovers, bound and determined to break the other first. Throw in a submissive man-servant and a ménage that blew my mind and it’s easy to see why the pages all but flipped themselves. I tried to read it slowly. Kept it waiting like a tempting box of chocolates, without so much as a peek… Then fell in head-first and was immediately immersed and totally enthralled. Talk about ‘get-into-a-story’, I wanted to bang their heads together, slap them both and roar like Cher from Moonstruck, “Snap out of it!”

Ahhh… Such, agonizing and sublime tension, artfully eased with every lash! This one’s a keeper, so if a little BDSM and three-way action by the mighty pen of Ms Cartwright sounds good to you too, then don’t miss Bound and Determined.

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