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Friday, August 26, 2011

Undercover Sins by Hayley B. James

Undercover Sins by Hayley B. James
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (295 Pages)
Other: M/M, anal sex, Voyeurism
Rating 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Myrtle

Police officer Gabriel Carter refuses to walk away from an assignment without seeing it through. So when he goes into deep cover as a male prostitute named Ty, he intends to do everything in his power to see his case to an arrest. He seduces his mark, Demetrius Prado, the second most powerful man in Las Vegas and a human trafficker, but the man is nothing like he expected.

The more Gabriel learns about Demetrius, the more twists and turns are thrown his way in the convoluted case leading to Demetrius’s rival, Arden, and beyond. It’s a case of mistaken identities and layer after layer of trumped-up cover stories, and Gabriel is sure there’s no way he’ll ever be able to trust Demetrius with his life… much less with his heart.

These people “are nothing but produce. You wouldn’t cry for lettuce, would you?”

You won't find a cop show on Prime Time TV as hot as Undercover Sins, where lust was a normal human behavior; human trafficking, OCD and germs all play into this high action plot. There is nothing that falls into place like you expect. I found it extremely hard to put the book down. Being my first true suspense story I was always waiting to see what was around the next corner. I can understand now why so many people enjoy this type of genre and could become hooked myself if they are all like this book.

I must confess that I took this book to review without any idea what it was about. I could have checked out the blurb or excerpt but I wanted to go in blind and let the excitement build as the author meant it to. For the first few chapters I was confused as to how the book could be classified as an erotic romance and wondered how Ms. James was going to add that thing called love into the plot. I mean it’s hard to see romance with an undercover cop acting as a male prostitute to bring down a human trafficking organization, only to end up as a pet to a monster.

“The trafficking business was disgusting, but to stop a monster”, you become one. This was how many cops look at life undercover. Ty (Gabriel Carter) was willing to do anything to bring down Demetrius Pardo, all he needed was for Demetrius to take him home for a night. From there the story was like nothing I had expected and I didn’t know who the good guys were and who the bad guys were. Violence and death makes Demetrius and Lee, his body guard, seem like a horrible excuses for humans. I was not sure if Demetrius was a horrible jerk but I do know I have no nails left to bite after reading this story. The whole time I kept wondering just who the hell he was and if Ty/Gabriel would be the same cop after going undercover.

The plot was a deadly cat and mouse game with many players, where being so deep undercover could cause a slip in sanity, and this only added more depth to the story. I was torn between wanting to savor the suspense forever, and wanting to reach the end to see if the tale ended happily. This book kept me on my toes and until the end. I was not sure which of the characters I liked and which ones I didn’t. Nothing seemed to happen as I thought it would.

This book is definitely full of good and bad perversion, lots of anxiety, and an unbelievable ending that made me anxious to find more books by Ms. James.

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