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Friday, January 28, 2011

Secret Cravings by Kris Cook

Secret Cravings by Kris Cook
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre: Holiday, Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (78 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play
Rating: 3 Cherries
Reviewed by Dahlia

Kate Bullion’s chance to surprise her grandmother for the holidays goes awry when, instead of Gran, she comes face-to-face with twins Rance and Troy Keekoti, her childhood best friends. They’ve grown up into two very sexy men, but pain from their past still stings Kate.

Rance and Troy have never forgotten Kate--the girl of their dreams, now a woman they crave to possess. Yet tribal law prevents them from coming clean with her about their true nature as shifters. They can’t resist being near her, though, no matter what the risk.

Kate bakes some of Gran’s famous cookies for Rance and Troy, but what none of them know is that one of the ingredients magically lowers inhibitions in humans. In the twins, it unleashes primal urges that scorch her to the core.

Will she be able to let go of old pain and choose the love of her two wolf-shifters?

The teenage trio known as The Three Musketeers have certainly done a lot of growing up since the last time twins Troy and Rance had seen Kate. It was one fateful summer night which had officially torn them apart, now several years later, it's tribal laws that prevent the twins from recapturing what they once had with Kate and taking it to the next level. Troy and Rance stayed in the quiet Texas town, but Kate couldn't take the apparent rejection she felt from them, so she ran... also known as going off to college. Now she's back to surprise visit her Gran, but just like that summer when she was a teenager, fate has decided to intervene again.

With a dose of magic, Ms. Cook writes a fast paced reunion with lots of lusty encounters. The dialogue between the characters during those intensely sexual moments will leave you panting, since no desire is left unchecked or quiet. Readers who adore wolf shifters will love these twin alphas with their Texas drawl.

If you're in the market for for an enjoyably quick and dirty read then look no further. Ms. Cook has you covered with writing that will leave mental images you'll be wanting to try out. Oh and she adds a great recipe for some cookies that are sure to help put you in the mood.

Pride and Joey by Devon Rhodes

Pride and Joey by Devon Rhodes
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (37 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

Vance thought his pride meant everything to him...until fate sent Joey into his lair and into his heart.

Vance grew up the odd one out in a macho and very insular pride of lion shifters. Differences like enjoying the cool fall weather are bad enough-his pridemates would kill him if they learned he was gay. Still, his pride is all he knows. He'd never even met a shifter of another type...until he discovers an unconscious cougar male in his lair.

Joey is on the run and wants to keep Vance at arm’s length, especially since someone very close to the lion is the root of all his troubles. But there is something irresistible about Vance, something which has Joey wanting more than he ever dared to dream.

When their lives are threatened, Joey must choose whether to sacrifice himself, or try to live and keep Vance close...for the very short remainder of his life.

For such a short story, it was sure packed with a lot of great characters and a strong plot. I couldn’t believe how thorough of a job the author did with this story in such a compact space. I usually expect a certain amount of missing detail, plot development, and characterization when reading stories less than 100+ pages. Had I not know the page count no one could have told me this was not a larger story because it was so complete.

Vance may not have had what it takes to be considered an alpha in his pack but as far as I am concerned he has all the alpha qualities I love in a shifter, one of which is his committment to protect Joey, even if he doesn’t know much about the man. When having to choose between Joey and his pride Vance does what he thinks is right, even if it means sacrificing what he holds dear.

Joey, poor innocent Joey. The guy wakes up and finds himself thrown into problems he didn’t even know existed let alone wanted to be part of. What he does know is that Vance a lion-shifter claiming to want to help and Vance feels comforting. With everything going on around him, comfort is something he can truly use, but may not want to get used to. Joey is truly a victim in every way, yet he still wants to try and protect Vance, even if it means walking away from the only happiness he may ever experience. To be so self sacrificing really shows what a pure heart this cougar has.

For those who do not like forced seduction scenes, please do not let that minor detail turn you away from this story. This is very mild and done extremely tastefully.

The plot in this story is astonishing. From beginning to end it pulled me in and held me by my throat until the last page. The twist the author was able to incorporate worked perfectly and left me holding my breath. If this is not intended to be the beginning of a series, the author should really reconsider because this is a precious gem that I can only see getting brighter and would love to get more of.

Shelter from the Storm by Samantha Sommersby

Shelter from the Storm by Samantha Sommersby
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (150 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Cholla

Not everyone has to go looking for love…for a lucky few, love finds them.

In any other circumstance, Jennifer Jones’s first meeting with Maclain Moore would have been called serendipity, a happy coincidence. She’s looking for a new roommate; he’s looking for a place to live. It doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy as hell, either.

But the man who crosses her threshold isn’t there to sign on the dotted line—he’s the bearer of news bad enough to shake the very foundation of her life. A life built around a fierce sense of independence, born of a violent incident from her past.

Mac is no stranger to heartache. His career in social work immerses him in it, plus he has his own share of skeletons rattling around in his closet. His attempts to comfort Jennifer bring the two of them closer together. With each touch, she becomes harder to resist. Mac’s body’s response would try the patience of a saint. And a saint he’s not.

Baring her soul isn’t high on her list, but she finds herself opening up to Mac in ways that make it hard to hold him at arm’s length. And as her life spins out of control, their growing passion becomes the only tangible thing she can cling to…

How do you control the uncontrollable? That’s the question always at the back of Jennifer Jones’ mind. Having survived the unpredictable childhood from hell, her exacting control over her day to day life is the only thing keeping her sane. Come, take her hand and step into the darkness of her past…

Jennifer was simply looking for a roommate. What she found in Mac was so much more than she could have hoped for. She is more than just a woman with baggage, she’s emotionally damaged with a dark and unhappy past. I was worried at first that she’d be one of those heroines that make you insane – the kind who hides behind her past and pushes the hero away completely. To my enjoyable surprise, she wasn’t like that in the least. When she does hold Mac at arm’s length, she has good reason behind it. Jennifer’s emotional growth during this story is wonderful and realistic as well.

Maclain Moore is a woman’s dream come to life. Because of his job as a social worker, he’s not only familiar with the damaged goods that can result from a rough childhood, but he has that one skill lacking in so many adults – the ability to simply listen. More than anything, that is what Jennifer needs in her life. I love Mac’s character to no end. He knows how far to push and just when to back off as well. He takes her as she is, baggage and all, and embraces her dysfunctionality fully. If there was ever a man made specifically for a woman with Jennifer’s history, it is definitely Mac. Add in the fact that he’s athletic and gorgeous and you’ve got the perfect package.

Shelter from the Storm is an emotionally intense story that will grab you by the heart, refusing to let go. If you’ve ever wondered how a woman with a dark and dreadful past finds happiness, then you will want to read Jennifer’s journey to just that – happiness and release from her personal demons.

Breakfast By The Sea by Destiny Blaine

Breakfast By The Sea by Destiny Blaine
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (276 pages)
Other: M/F/M/M/M, M/F, M/F/M/M, anal play, menage
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

A beautiful woman with a checkered past runs a legitimate bed and breakfast on Jekyll Island. Several young men posing as cowboys move in Breakfast by the Sea and things become chaotic right from the start when the oceanfront B&B turns into a command center for a very determined group of special Super-Op Forces.

Pursuing a man known as the King of Hearts, five tough operatives fall fast for a woman they’re supposed to eliminate. When the team discovers Paige Lambert is in fact the Queen of Hearts, they can’t ignore their handler’s orders. Is the bed and breakfast owner destined to die for her past crimes or will she end up under the protective custody of the men hired to kill her?

“You told me you were cowboys on an extended vacation!”

Turns out a few lying cowboys/operatives is the least of Paige’s worries. Being married, separated, and hunted by the world’s most wanted mob boss certainly ranks somewhere near the top of her “wish I could undo” list.

Paige is one tough lady but can she protect herself from an obsessive ex and five tough and determined men who may or may not have to kill her before the mission was finished? Sit back and prepare yourself for a deep and intense story that will have you turning the pages, anticipating each new development in this exciting novel.

Ms. Blaine has penned a very in-depth and layered plot that kept me constantly trying to guess her next move. This is not your typical ménage storyline where the heroine automatically falls madly in love with all the heroes involved. While Paige doesn’t reject any of the men outright, she has a deeper and more obvious connection with two of the men. I won’t give away which two she ends up favoring, partially because that would be a spoiler but also because I don’t want the reader to not appreciate what she has with the other men involved.

If you like a heroine who has been put through the wringer and came out tougher and more self-sufficient on the other side, you will love Paige Lambert aka Jillian Carpasia. She lived in an abusive relationship and has finally broken away and is simply trying to live quietly as the owner of a bed and breakfast on Jekyll Island. Just as an aside, I really loved the setting of Jekyll Island. There’s history and beauty there that seems almost out of place until you remember how close you are to the Georgia coast.

Like Paige, the men in this story are each unique and captivating characters. Adam is the leader of this band of brothers. Connor it his second in command and oozes self confidence. Callan and Miles are the youngest members of the group and the least experienced. What they lack in experience they more than make up for in enthusiasm. Jeff is the lady killer – literally and figuratively.

My only real problem with the story, other than a few editing errors, was some of the dialogue. Both Paige and the men seem to speak a language that was a bit over my head. She has a history of dealing with mob men and they are espionage agents. They seem to understand each other perfectly but I felt like I was trying to catch up to an inside meaning that alluded me. Ms. Blaine obviously put in some real time and effort for the sake of accuracy. I loved the ending of the story and as such I will likely go back and re-read it for a better understanding.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Breakfast By The Sea. This novel is packed with plenty of action, tension, personal growth and some steamy hotness that had me reaching for a fan.

Sacrifice to the Stars by Viola Grace

Sacrifice to the Stars by Viola Grace
The Hashka Chronicles Book 1
Publisher: Extasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (74 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Tia’s life has been defined by avoiding the priesthood, so when she finds herself on a foreign world with seductively familiar males, she is conflicted. General Jenner Mathwin is striking and his voice sends her body into a full-on riot. Can she trust him when it comes to offering her for sacrifice or will the Lassing priesthood tear her to pieces? She really hopes that her trust is earned because when she offers herself to the star’s avatar, she will be tied hand and foot in a public forum. It may be a little late to change her mind once they bind her...

Oritia ran from her home planet of Morvigeth to escape the priests of Lassing. As a latent psychic, she would be sacrificed to Lassing at her first heat. Her parents help her to prevent the onset, but in Hashka females, this could cause madness. So her family saved so she could escape Morvigeth and the priests.

She thought she had made a complete getaway, but a meteor strike caused her to make an emergency landing on Emicar IV, another Hashka world, and right back to the problem she fought to escape. She disguises herself, pretending to be Misrael, whose traditional garb covered her from head to toe. But General Jenner Mathwin realizes there is something strange about the new barmaid, and soon uncovers Tia’s secret. He hides her from the priests, and convinces her that the actual ritual of the sacrifice is not supposed to cause pain, but pleasure, and certainly not torture and death. And Tia wants badly to believe him, and not have to run anymore. Can she put her trust in a man she just met? Can Jenner stop the priests and protect Tia? Most important, will becoming the avatars of the stars provide a new life for them both?

This is the first book of a new series by Viola Grace. I like the Hashka race that Ms. Grace has created, as they are different from anything she has done before. This first book sets the stage for many more adventures in this universe, and the journey looks to be filled with adventure, peril and lots of hot and steamy sex. The characters are well thought out, and the story here, while quite graphic when dealing with the sacrifice perversion on Morvigeth, is one of hope and happy endings.

Oritia ‘Tia’ is determined to escape the only possible fate for her on Morvigeth after the priests show her the horrific result of one such sacrifice. She is strong and smart, and her quick wits help her in tight spots. But time is running out, as the drugs she took are wearing off, and soon Hashka men will be drawn to her. She is afraid, but wants to trust in the hope offered to her.

Jenner Mathwin knows right away that Tia is no Misrael woman, but he didn’t expect the powerful attraction he felt for her. I enjoyed watching these two come to terms with their feelings. Jenner is gorgeous, and hot, and has a brother, Morrer, just about as hot. I liked that Jenner and his brother, one of the priests of Lassing on Emicar IV, were able to foil the evil priests, and protect Tia.

The ritual sacrifice ceremony was a surprise for all involved, and I found many twists and turns in this one lead to a very satisfying conclusion. If this first book in the Hashka Chronicles is any indication, then Viola Grace has another great series to enjoy. I look forward to meeting more of the Hashka people, on the many worlds of their universe.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Closer by Charlotte Stein

Closer by Charlotte Stein
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (30 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Forced Seduction, Fetish, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 cherries
Review by: Anemone

Judy has a bad habit, one that gets worse during the busy Christmas season. She likes to rub against strangers on trains. And with all the hot businessmen on her route, she’s not kicking the habit anytime soon. After all, she’s not really hurting anyone. But she definitely feels dirty when a gorgeous stranger catches her in the act—until it’s clear he wants to join in, and he’s not the type to take no for an answer. In fact, he isn’t taking no for an answer on a lot of things.

Judy may think she’s only willing to go so far, or get so close. But Holt thinks differently…

What does it feel like to indulge in a fetish in public? Judy loves the holiday season because at this time of year, no one notices how much she enjoys rubbing up against strangers, not even the people themselves. Until one man sees her. Holt wants to help her out and take her fetish one step farther but can Judy make a leap of faith?

Ms. Stein explains Judy's fetish perfectly along with the euphoria and sexual gratification that drives her to keep pursuing these avenues. When she is caught practicing the fetish, especially in public, the shame and pleasure comes across in her words. In every description, she nails it beautifully.

The story is well written with the promise of a future relationship. Judy and Holt have great chemistry between them and I was worried this was simply a quickie for both of them, never to be seen or heard from either again but the ending is a pleasant surprise. While the sex in the beginning is hot, the end lovemaking scene felt dull in comparison and I missed the explosive chemistry from the first scene.

I hope Ms. Stein delves into the fetish area again because this book sinfully delicious. I look forward to reading future stories from her with the amazing character development and gorgeous prose. Her books are definitely keepers for my bookshelf.

Monica’s Secret by Saskia Walker

Monica’s Secret by Saskia Walker
Erogenous Zones series
Publisher: Total E Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (150 pages)
Other: bondage, spanking, Voyeurism, Menage a Trois, M/M/F, M/M, anal sex
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed By Myrtle

Two men have walked in to Monica Evans’ life, and it isn’t ever going to be the same. Owen Clifford and his lover, Alec Stroud, are investigating fraud at Monica’s place of work, a luxurious London hotel. From the moment they meet, the chemistry between the three of them is off the scale.

But Monica has a secret, and it isn’t anything to do with fraud. Like her sisters, Monica is a psychic. In Monica’s case the gift is psychometry—when she touches objects or people she can experience their sexual history. Can she ever truly share that with a lover, let alone two bisexual lovers? Something about Owen and Alec captures her though, literally. Willingly bound and seduced, Monica opens up to them, physically, emotionally, and psychically.

Owen and Alec have been looking for their third, and they believe Monica might be the one to complete their lives. But Monica’s secret isn’t the only barrier these two have to break down in order to win their woman. Fraud, duplicity, and mysterious threats add to their complications. For Owen and Alec, the challenges are stacking up and the race is on.

The energizer bunny of sexual tension is the best way to describe Monicas Secret. I cannot imagine how a woman could relax if she can feel and see the sexual activity around her when she touches something with her hands. It has got to be even harder if she is head of the house cleaning staff at a high-end hotel.

When Monica is asked to give Owen Clifford and Alec Stroud a tour of the hotel she didn’t know they were sent by the Cumbernauld's Board of Directors to root out and expose weak points in the running of the hotel. On the tour Monica lets her psychic gift open up so she can get a glimpse of their sexual aura. She best describes them as predators and she finds she is in danger of falling under their seductive spell when they ask her to dinner. They double team her with their sexual power and try to find out what makes her tick as well as what secrets she is hiding.

Even though Monica knows that Owen and Alec are lovers, she wants them both and is hungry for the debauched act they offer her.

What a new twist on the whole psychic plane with a nicely laid out plot of secrets, lies, lust, and love. Even though it has some hot scenes in it and keeps you fanning yourself all the way through, it is not a hastily tossed together story so there is a lot of meat between the covers.

If you are looking for a hot -- and I mean hot -- erotic story then this book is for you. It's one that I will be reading again myself.

Heat of the Night by Elle Kennedy

Heat of the Night by Elle Kennedy
Out of Uniform book 5
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (75 Pages)
Other: M/F, multiple partners
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

When the heat is on, anything that can happen…will.

Out of Uniform, Book 5

When her long-time fiancé breaks off their engagement, saying he needs to “explore other avenues”, Annabelle Holmes has no trouble reading between the lines. Bryce thinks she’s a prude. Funny, since when it comes to acting out sexual fantasies, he’s always been the squeamish one.

Determined to prove him wrong, she sublets an apartment in San Diego, grabs pen and paper, and lists all her sexual fantasies. Intending to surprise Bryce with it as soon as possible. Only the list winds up in the wrong hands—or are they the right ones?

Navy SEAL Ryan Evans is expecting a little impromptu fun with his always-willing, blonde-and-leggy neighbor. But when he slides into her bed, he finds horrified, brunette-and-curvy Annabelle instead—along with her naughty list.

Embarrassment doesn’t begin to cover it when Annabelle realizes where her list has ended up. But then Ryan makes her a delicious offer: The chance to check off every last wild, wicked item—with the help of his equally hot SEAL team buddy, Matt.

A harmless fling is easy to add to her list. Then something unexpected happens that’s not so easy to cross off...

Be careful what you put on paper. It could come back to taunt and tease you…if you’re lucky!!

What better way is there to be woken up then to have a sexy guy kissing your neck and running his hands over your body? Yeah, that would be sweet as long as you actually know the guy in question! It’s a toss up who was more surprised Annabelle or Ryan when they realized the mistake. Conversely, their reactions were one of the things I liked about Heat of the Night. It was genuine. Where the author could have had Annabelle simply turn over and be just fine with some random guy crawling in bed with her, she had Annabelle screaming, kicking and reaching for a lamp to throw. The conversation between Annabelle and Ryan during the exchange was priceless!

In this fifth book of the Out of Uniform series we get to know Navy SEALs members, Ryan and Matt. While Matt isn’t a major factor in this story, let’s just say he leaves an indelible impression on Annabelle! I’m hoping Ms. Kennedy has one more Uniform story in mind so Matt can have his HEA as well.

You may remember Ryan from book four, Heat It Up. He is a complete charmer and Annabelle really has to put some effort into not giving into him from the get go. When she finally resolves her feelings regarding her recent breakup and decides to give Ryan a chance, the story really becomes interesting. Ryan challenges Annabelle’s perception of what is right and what is just plain “fun” and dirty. On the other hand, Annabelle gets Ryan to open up about his terrible childhood and eventually his obsession with his best friend’s girl. There is obvious personal growth for both Ryan and Annabelle that just added to the well thought out layers of the plot.

If you enjoy witty dialogue, sarcastic and sexy characters and a smoking HEA you will love Heat of the Night. This reviewer has added books 1 – 4 to her TBR list as well. There’s just something about a man in (or out of) uniform!

Lust & Fae by Joyee Flynn

Lust and Fae by Joyee Flynn
Anything Goes, Book 1
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (158 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, M/M/M, M/F/M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

Cal has been alone all his life. After all, lust demons aren't known for their ability to fall in love. For centuries, he's used his gifts to help others find the happy ending he felt he would never have. When a virgin fae, Gabe, walks into his club, Cal is immediately struck by the little sprite's good looks. Knowing the fae's natural magnetism could ignite a riot, Cal immediately rushes Gabe out of the club, only to find out he was sent to be Cal's mate. But Gabe is in trouble. The evil halfers seek fae essence to become human. Knowing Gabe is in danger sets off every protective instinct within Cal. Can a lust demon defy convention and find his happy ending with an innocent fae?

You would think in a story about a lust demon that he would be the kinky one. But that is not the case here! Gabe, the virgin fae, has an appetite for sex that only Cal, the sensual lust demon, can appease.

This was a very unique spin on traditional demons. We all know that demons are supposed to be these evil, soulless creatures. If that is the type of demon you want than you are in the wrong place. Yes, Cal is a demon and yes he must feed off of people, but he does not steal your eternal soul. Instead he absorbs your lust, while providing one of the best sexual experienced anyone has experienced. Cal also tries to use his need to feed for good in a way only a lust demon can. Seeing a demon cast in a different light was fascinating. I have always appreciated an author that can do something different with an older concept.

The characters themselves were entertaining. This goes for the two main characters as well as their wide array of supporting characters. Usually I have one character that stands out in a story, but I really cannot pick just one or even two particular characters in Lust and Fae. I wanted to get to know each and every one of them, even the minor characters like the random security guard. No, I will not tell you how gorgeous so and so was or how humorous that character was, because I would be writing for days. I will say that this is the first story in the series and I better see much more of each and every one of these characters.

There is a forced seduction scene in this story, but it does not involve the main characters and it is very brief, but is mentioned throughout the story. I labeled this story voyeurism because lust demons don't care about who watches them while in the throes of passion. Also, a better part of the story takes place in a sex club were people watch sexual activities regularly. This is also why this story is labeled m/f/m/m -- even though it does not involve the main characters.

This story has plenty of lust filled activities. So if you like your erotica with plenty of naughty activity, with a fun plot and great characters then this story would be perfect for you.

His Christmas Present by Rachel Randall

His Christmas Present by Rachel Randall
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (64 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/M, F/M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Fetish, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Anemone

You are cordially commanded to attend my Christmas revel…

When London cabbie Tim drives the gorgeous Diana to a costume party, he eagerly accepts her invitation to stay. He soon learns that this is no ordinary holiday bash—it’s an exclusive sex party, where saucy secret Santa favours are exchanged and even the Christmas tree’s hung—with condoms.

Diana has chosen Tim as the perfect gift for their charismatic host, Max. But before Max gets to unwrap his Christmas present, the other guests want to play naughty and nice with his new boy-toy.

Tim’s in for a very sexy Christmas Eve. Welcome to the party.

Beware of cab riders bearing gifts…

Tim, a cab driver, is invited to a Christmas party by Diana, a fare he picked up earlier in the day. Once they arrive, Tim finds out this is no ordinary party but a swingers party and he is the gift to be presented to Max, the host.

Properly representing a sex party is difficult at best but Ms. Randall pulls it off splendidly. Even with a heavy dose of Brit-speak that had me running for a British slang dictionary more than once, the prose was beautiful and the dialogue felt very natural. Just a warning — the cover may look like a Historical but it is just representative of the party Max is hosting.

Diana and Tim’s chemistry is very hot but as much as they all kept saying Tim was being saved for Max, there was a lot of sex going on as Tim was being passed through the crowd while waiting for the host. Unfortunately, this made the plot confusing and by the end, I wasn’t entirely sure there was a plot. As long as the book was, it needed some kind of point, even though the sex was incredible. While there is a happy for now ending, some of the scenes didn’t make sense, including the final one.

While the book is supposed to be a stand alone, I do think it might be beneficial for readers to get the accompanying book in this series. Ms. Randall is a very talented writer and I do look forward to reading more of her books, especially in this universe.

Spend the Night with Me by Amber Skyze

Spend the Night with Me by Amber Skyze
(Book Two of the Freedom Fantasies Series)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Sophisticate
Length: Short Story (99 pgs)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Stephantois

Memories of her deceased fiancé no longer so painful, Brooke is determined it’s time to move on. She goes to Freedom Fantasies in search of someone who will rock her world—for one night only.

She’s not prepared for young, sexy, funny Liam. He’s wants to explore the limits of pleasures Brooke didn’t know existed. Their sexual experiments and seductions leave each other breathless. But Brooke still isn’t certain she’s able to let one night turn into many.

Brooke is putting the death of her former lover behind her and decides to visit her friend’s manor house where Freedom Fantasies is located. She’s not sure if she can commit to another relationship but is definitely interested in having some fun with the bartender, Liam.

I liked Brooke; I think the author did a great job with getting us to sympathize with her and her loss. I also liked Liam a lot, he’s young, sexy and seems to be a great guy for Brooke. The sex is hot and the dialogue was very natural sounding. However, I think this story needed more plot that just Brooke and Liam getting together to have sex. Maybe if it had been a longer story with the couple doing stuff together other than living out their fantasy at the manor it would have made for a stronger story.

Besides that, the setting did have a sense of sexual adventure to it. I liked the hero (and I think this is where the author did a great job)-- he's someone any woman would want. Although I knew why Brooke was reluctant to get emotionally attached again, I was cheering for Liam and hoping he could make her come to her senses.

If you want a story that is very much sexual fantasy and one with a satisfying ending, this is probably a good book for you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Solstice Seduction: Celtic Fire by Bronwyn Green

Solstice Seduction: Celtic Fire by Bronwyn Green
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday
Length: Short Story (51 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Is love enough to redeem the fallen?

Banished from Heaven as punishment for his sins, Taliesin has walked among humans for thousands of years. He's damned sick of it. Death would be preferable to the cultural bankruptcy of the twenty-first century, but what's a cursed immortal to do? It's not like he can kill himself.

Dr. Emerson Matthews has no clue what to do with the enigmatic, gorgeous man who has landed in the psych ward at the hospital where she works. Well, she knows what she wants to do, but it's unethical and likely illegal. Especially since he seems to be out of his mind. Why else would he claim to be a fallen angel?

Hell bent on seduction, Taliesin tempts Emerson, luring her tightly guarded passion to the surface and introduces her to sensual delights she's never dreamed of. As she learns more about the mysterious man in her care, she begins to question her own sanity as his claims of Divine origin seem more plausible with each passing moment.

Taliesin fell from Heaven for the sin of Pride. As the Angel of Inspiration, he gave artists the nudge needed to create masterpieces, whether it was music, art or literature, he inspired them all. At least he did until he began to believe his own hype, and that caused his fall from grace.

Now Gabriel comes to him and tells him he has one last chance to redeem himself, and leaves without giving Taliesin a clue as to what he needs to do. What Gabriel does do is put him in front of an oncoming train.

When Dr. Emerson Matthews sees Taliesin through the two-way mirror at the mental health facility after the train incident, she has been told he tried to kill himself. When attraction flares between them, she pulls back, knowing ethics prevent her from becoming involved. She is the only therapist on duty, having volunteered to work the holiday weekend to let others enjoy family time.

When Taliesin convinces her he is what he says he is-a fallen angel-she releases him from care, and things progress to the hot and passionate level very quickly. Will Taliesin discover his mission in time to gain his redemption? Can Emerson survive losing one more person from her life during the holiday season? Can an angel find happiness with a psychiatrist, or even find middle ground?

This is a story of old pain giving way to new beginnings, of finding the one person who fills the emptiness and gives new hope. I enjoyed the subtle humor and sarcasm between Emerson and Taliesin, and her inner conversations with herself. I liked that the setting is not some big city filled with people, but a small Midwestern town in the dead of winter. There is a growing sense of rightness of these two being together.

Emerson stopped enjoying the holidays the year her mother died. She is a smart and slightly bitter woman, convinced that God doesn’t exist, and that there is nothing she hasn’t seen. She is very determined that Taliesin is crazy for saying he is an angel, and tries to trip him up many times.

Taliesin is one hot angel, and he is determined to discover what Gabriel meant. I liked his decision to be open and honest with Emerson, and I was surprised at the lengths he went to prove the truth of who, and what, he was to her. I also enjoyed watching him bring out the talent of the young patient, creating a bond between them, however brief.

This is a story of finding love, and learning what you really want. It is also a very hot and passion filled story of healing and going forward, learning to live, and love, again for Emerson. There are two very surprising turns here, and I will just say both contribute to the happy ever after these two finally get.