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Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Erotic Book of the Month Poll Winner ~ The Devil's Match by Victoria Vane

The Devil’s Match by Victoria Vane
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (132 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal sex
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Plumeria

Once burned twice shy... but when old flames come together...passion reignites...

When burned once... Arriving in London as her goddaughter's chaperone, Baroness Diana Palmerston-Wriothesley wants to avoid her erstwhile lover at all costs.

Once nearly consumed by passion, four years has reduced the former inferno to bitterness and ashes.

By an old flame... A world-weary master of seduction, Ludovic "The Devil" DeVere is bored with his chosen life of debauchery.

When Diana's charge disappears, she is forced to seek help from the devil's lair, and their mutual desire reignites with undeniable ferocity.

Fire is best fought with fire... While DeVere is hell-bent to have her back for keeps, Diana is equally determined to bring him to his acquiring some sensual secrets of her own.


Friday, December 14, 2012

The Pleasures of Winter by Evie Hunter

The Pleasures of Winter by Evie Hunter
Publisher: Penquin
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (388 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play, Fetish, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Stephantois

When reporter Abbie Marshall needs to escape Honduras, a private jet carrying a Hollywood A-lister is her only way out. She has a ride home with Irish actor Jack Winter - notorious womanizer and all round bad boy. Abbie is shaken to the core by Winter's blazing beauty and provocative mind.

After the plane's nose-dive into the remote rainforest forces them to fight for survival, Abbie catches tantalizing glimpses of the complicated man behind the image. And the more she sees of him, the more he touches some primal part of her that she is determined to suppress. But after a devastating encounter with Winter's shadow side, Abbie's detachment is shattered.

On returning to normal life, Abbie cannot forget what happened, nor ignore the shocking rumours about the star's private life. Her struggle to make sense of her torment leads straight back to Winter, who is just as obsessed by her. But if they are to have a relationship, Abbie knows she must embrace his hidden desires ... and accept her own.

No longer caring about anything but their intoxicating love affair, Abbie is drawn deeper into the dark heart of Winter - and the secret that threatens to destroy everything ...

I always enjoy a book that draws you into the action straightaway and that’s what The Pleasures of Winter did. Abbie, the main character, is running for her life and just when you think she’s safe, she ends up in a plane crash in the jungle. It’s during the scenes there that Ms. Winters did a great job of setting the stage for the rest of the story. There’s a pull-push quality to the relationship between Jack and Abbie and just when you think you know how the story will play out, they’re whisked back to civilization.

Sometimes I liked the character of Abbie because she came across as the strong journalist she was initially portrayed as, but then at other times she seemed to be at the mercy of everyone else in the story. I liked Jack, even though it was obvious he had a dark side to him. The dialogue was wonderful and very natural sounding and the pace kept me reading. All the secondary characters were interesting too. Although this book was publicized as similar to Fifty Shades of Grey (which I must admit I’ve never read), there wasn’t a lot of sex in it but instead lots of tension that led up to those scenes. If you like Chick Lit with kink, this is probably the book for you.

While I don’t think this will be a romance novel to everyone’s liking, if you want to check out a BDSM story with a happy ending than The Pleasures of Winter would probably be a good starting point for you.

The Sexiest Time of the Year: Erotic Encounters at the Yule Season by Clarice Clique, JP Archer, Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

The Sexiest Time of the Year: Erotic Encounters at the Yule Season by Clarice Clique, JP Archer, Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej
Publisher: Renaissance E-books
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Holiday, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (161 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Multiple Partners, Forced Seduction, Fisting, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

During the holiday season everyone's thoughys turn to amour. Everyone has an idea of what kind of romantic or sexual encounter they want as a present. No wonder it is the sexiest time of the year. Have a happy, merry, and - best of all - kinky holiday season with this anthology of yule erotica! Wishes are fulfilled from true love to forbidden sexual longings in these stories by Clarice Clique, JP Archer And Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, and edited by our own master of erotic romance, Sascha Illyvich!

Cold winter nights are perfect for snuggling up to someone to keep warm, and if you don't have someone you better find them quick. That is what these stories are all about; they may not love each other just yet, but they sure do enjoy sharing some body heat.

Winter by Clarice Clique

Winter has always been viewed as a time of death before spring, which brings a new beginning. In this historical fiction story the death is not only of the planets, but of the sacrifice that must be made to the gods so they will show favor and make the season less harsh and help in a fruitful bounty of spring. Yet, Therion made a grave mistake this season and instead of choosing a virgin he decides to sacrifice the witch who taunts him with her body and sexual independence. The storyline was entertaining. I especially loved the main heroine. That is because at moments you can see the woman she was forced to be, and other the woman she wants to be. It is clear that what some many consider has proven to be a curse as well. She has seen too much in her life, which has jaded her and it seems that only her prince can offer the light she needs after a cold winter night.

The Ark Hotel: Before the Dawn by JP Archer and Lani Rhea

Angie and Noah's story really touched a part of me that a story hasn't in a while. While the previous story in the anthology was hot and spicy, The Ark Hotel created that slow burn that I knew would warm the characters during the winter months. Angie's previous abuse relationship played a large role in this story. I liked that the author started, not during the abuse, but right after Angie decided to stand up for herself and take a chance on her. While Noah did not have a abusive ex-lover, he had his own hardships. Another character I was impressed with was Lizzie. I found myself wondering if she to had her own story to tell, because I would have loved to heard it. This was truly one of those stories I wanted to re-read as soon as I was done.

Demon Protection Plan by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

When ordered to protect the eccentric Kasidy to ensure she stayed alive long enough to testify against a criminal they have been trying to get for a while, Decland hadn't realized he would be the one needing the protection. Kasidy's character has a way of looking at the world that is refreshing yet scary. She lives for the moment which I can honestly say I envy, yet because of who she is she cannot let anyone close to her. That is until she is trapped in a cabin with the delectable Decland. He makes her question not only her ability to keep her panties on, but also her ability to maintain the walls she had erected around her heart to protect herself and anyone who dares to care about her.

While I expected the holidays to play a larger role in this anthology, I enjoyed the cold winter months none the same. All three stories were truly unique to one another each could really stand on their own. This anthology helped to introduce me to some excellent authors that sure do know how to heat a girl's blood and keep the pages turning.

Covert: Dragonfire 3 by BJ McCall

Covert: Dragonfire 3 by BJ McCall
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (91 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

Rogue dragons are committing crimes. Anti-shifters activists are demanding action. A human vigilante militia has formed.

The good dragons have come up with a plan. Undercover dragon warrior Velka Krytt's mission is to bring the Rogues to justice. Law enforcement has a different plan. Undercover human cop Aric Exeter's mission is to bust the Vigilante organization.

When their missions collide, they are forced to go on the run. Hunted by the Rogues and Vigilantes, Velka and Aric must join forces to survive the danger coming at them and fire flaming between them. Things are getting dragonfire hot!

Sometimes what seems so obvious is anything but. Velka is clearly working with the Rogue dragons to try and steal from the rich. Eagle (Aric) had been working with the vigilantes for weeks to try and take down the dragons whether they are Rogues or other. Yet, they find themselves together fighting for their lives and discovering each other's secret.

The beginning of the story is a bit confusing at first when trying to decipher who and what the vigilantes and rogues are, their purpose and how they play a role in the story. Once I was able to put everything together I understood what an influential role they played in the story and how much the additional conflicts really added to the story.

The love story between Velka and Eagle was exciting. The action in the story really helped to bring them together in a magical way. Even when they do not trust one another they have to depend on each other for survival. This really helps to keep the relationship moving forward as well as create more excitement in the story.

The various twist and turns that the author introduced into this story as well as the characters really created a dynamic story that was truly entertaining.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Feeling Safe by Vic Winter

Feeling Safe by Vic Winter
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (15 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Fern

The best day of Dobbs' life was when he was rescued from his kidnappers by an elite team of soldiers. A year later, Dobbs' life should be getting back to normal, shouldn't it? Despite his best efforts, Dobbs is discovering that back to normal is a relative thing. Then he runs into a man at a party who seems to be eager to help him define his new normal. Can something good come out of his harrowing experience?

It’s been over a year since Dobbs was rescued from a living nightmare, and still he can’t quite let go of the past. Despite the fact his friends don’t seem to understand why he isn’t “better” or “normal”, Dobbs has decided to accept the fact this might be as good as he gets, he might never feel safe again. Then at a friend’s party he meets Bruce McCarn – the soldier responsible for his rescue. The passion they’d both kept under wraps explodes and finally Dobbs realizes that in his lover’s hands he can feel safe.

I really enjoyed this short story. Dobbs is a slightly broken but still incredibly masculine character, and I really enjoyed how even Bruce could be both strongly male but still have a small amount of vulnerability hiding beneath his soldier’s persona. The chemistry and passion is believable, and even though the sex was brief the build up was fantastic. This is a very short story – only the one main scene really, but it’s a delicious taste of the author’s writing style and I’d definitely read other stories. Highly Recommended.

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon by Doris O’Connor; Raven McAllan; Cherie Nicholls; Michaela Rhua; Arya Grey

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon by Doris O’Connor, Raven McAllan, Cherie Nicholls, Michaela Rhua, Arya Grey
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (170 pgs)
Other: M/F, anal sex, multiple partners, spanking
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

When the blood moon coincides with Halloween, the forces of darkness unite to wreak their evil spells. Will this All Hallows Eve bring joy or sorrow? Curses abound and destiny calls, as a vampire watches over his human. Devils atone to the moon, and shifters hunt their mate on land protected by a powerful white witch. An angel takes human shape to protect the gypsy girl he loves, and a black widow hunts her prey in human form.

In these five chilling and sexy tales, is love enough to break the cycle? Or is all lost under the orange glow of the menacing sphere in the sky?

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon is an anthology with five different paranormal stories.

Destined Lovers by Doris O’Connor was a nice story with characters that I quickly came to like, for as just as Suzzanna felt entirely human, Drake had that otherworldly characteristic that made him exquisite. However, I found the ending of this short to be a bit confusing.

Atone for the Moon by Raven McAllan had some spanking but it was not sizzling hot in the sex department. It was definitely a fun story that had me laughing at some points but I believe it could have been much more enjoyable had it been longer.

Property Lines by Cherie Nicholls was my favorite of the five stories in The Eclipse of the Blood Moon anthology. The chemistry between Adam and Celeste is present from beginning to end making it impossible to drop the story. Ms. Nicholls write a short, very hot story that feels complete (even if I would have loved to learn more about the characters).

Gypsy Butterfly by Michaela Rhua was different. Though the interaction between the characters felt a bit forced, the plot idea was interesting and different.

The Black Widow by Arya Grey was not your usual vamp story. With a very original idea and very vivid descriptions, I really would have liked to read more on this one, especially since the ending felt a bit rushed to my taste.

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon was, in conclusion, a good and entertaining read with stories suited for all those that like things that go bump in the night.

Dex in Blue by Amy Lane

Dex in Blue by Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (350 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Ten years ago David Worral had plans to go to college and the potential for a beautiful future in front of him. One tragic accident later, he fled to California and reinvented himself as Dex, top porn model of Johnnies.

Dex’s life is a tangled mess now, but the guys he works with only see the man who makes them believe even porn stars can lead normal lives. When Kane, one of Dex’s coworkers, gets kicked out of his house, the least Dex can do is give him a place to stay. Kane may be a hyperactive muscle-bound psycho, but he’s also a really nice guy. What could be the harm?

Except nothing is simple—not sex, not love, and not the goofy kid with the big dick and bigger heart who moves his life into Dex’s guest room. When they start negotiating fractured pasts and broken friends, Dex wonders if Kane’s honest nature can untangle the sadness that stalled his once-promising future. With Kane by his side, Dex just might be able to reclaim the boy he once was—and if he can do that, he can give Kane the home and the family he deserves.

Who doesn’t love a snake with a ball fetish? Dex may not like or appreciate his roommate’s pet snake, especially the snake’s penchant for crawling into their bed and snuggling Dex’s balls, but Kane is too good to pass up. Dex and Kane both work at a gay for pay porn company, Johnnies. When Kane needed a place to stay, Dex happily took him in as a roommate and friend with benefits. However the line between friend and lover gets blurrier by the day and Dex is afraid his heart is going to get hurt yet again.

Dex in Blue is the second book in the Johnnie’s universe from Amy Lane. The first third of the book rushes to show how Dex and Kane came to be in the porn world while simultaneously showing the events of the first book from another perspective. You don’t need to have read the first book to understand this one, though it does add more depth and comprehension for a reader to see the same events from multiple character points of view. After the timeline and sequence of events is established, the book gets into showing Kane and Dex falling in love, then finally facing several challenges such as family disputes and friends in crisis.

The plot is an ambitious one, trying to catch readers’ up while giving a familiar but new set of circumstances. It doesn’t always work to the story’s benefit unfortunately. Here I found Tommy’s portrayal to be more bitter and angry than I remember him being from the previous book. I also found Dex’s near perfection at the start to be frustrating. Both Dex and Kane come more to life when the book focuses on them and their relationship, showing much more dimension than at the beginning of the book. The challenges that come towards the couple feel very similar to the same ones that Tommy and Chase experienced in their book and it takes a while for Dex and Kane to face something uniquely theirs.

The writing though is very good and clean with numerous sex scenes that actually fit the flow of the book. Dex and Kane have a very easy relationship, they sort of fall into one together without questioning it too much. Kane is often described as simple or not too smart so unfortunately I never got the feeling that these two are madly in love so much as need each other to function. Dex’s loneliness and Kane’s desire to be seen as smart seem to drive their relationship more than a fundamental love match but I liked them together. The addition of the reptiles is a very cute detail that brought a lot of humor to the story. This is one that fans of the series will want to continue with.

Feel the Fire by Diana DeRicci

Feel the Fire by Diana DeRicci
Publisher: Purple Sword Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Lengthl Short Story (118 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Rob's been working like the proverbial dog for months when he takes a trip to Granier Falls with his sister. Grateful for the break, he can't believe his good fortune when he meets Maddie. She’s playful, fun, unpretentious with a beguiling innocence and unlike any woman he's met in recent memory.

A long distance friendship soon turns into a torture of its own for Rob who shows up on her doorstep with nothing more on his mind than the hope of a wild weekend with the woman he can't forget.

Cursed from birth, both he and his sister share a trait that they can't explain, and have feared since their very power forced them out on the run. When there is a faint flicker of hope for a normal life, it crashes around him when his sister is yanked out of her home. Trouble from his past collides with the force of Maddie's over-protective family and Rob is faced with the challenge of a lifetime--save his sister, love Maddie, or lose them both.

All he wants is a normal life with Maddie in Granier Falls. But the truth about his power could ruin it all before the end of the weekend.

What starts out as innocent phone calls between Maddie and Rob had turned into something far more sensual. When Rob turns up on her doorstep one night they finally can stop talking and start doing. But Maddie has a few secrets, the biggest one being that she’s a witch. What she doesn’t know is Rob has a few secrets of his own – and soon both their hidden issues are going to break free and cause them both problems. Quickly they realise they’re going to have to come clean and trust each other.

This is a smoking hot book. The chemistry between Maddie and Rob leaps up from the page and grabs you by the throat. There are quite a few subplots revolving around both Maddie and Rob’s secrets and their assorted family members in particular. While these smaller plots interwoven together are interesting it’s the relationship blossoming between Maddie and Rob that really captured my attention. Showing really human concerns, personal issues and learning to trust another with one’s heart this story touched a number of tender places and held on tightly to my emotions.

With an easy, smoothly flowing writing style and characters that linger in your mind long after you’ve put the book down, this is certainly an author I plan to keep an eye out for. Add in scorching hot sex and a hero to die for – this is an excellent way to inject some spice into a quiet weekend.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paper Cranes by Sid McGinley

Paper Cranes by Sid McGinley
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (26 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Fetish(cutting), Spanking
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

On the brink of receiving his commitment mark from Dr. Tanaka, Tommy has to pass on some devastating news. Will his stern owner be able to handle his own emotions and Tommy's reactions to the fallout from the news?

Tommy is a sweetly submissive man and in love with his master, Sensei Tanaka. When a dear friend dies and leaves Tommy enough money to be financially independent it shocks him, and sets his world on its axis – petty jealousies from his “friends” and a whole host of emotions he tries to keep in check. Preparing for the funeral and carefully feeling his way through a new phase in his relationship with his Sensei and social group, Tommy struggles to find his balance.

This short story is very different to many other books – it’s a wonderful mixture of M/M, Japanese-American culture and a Dominant/Submissive relationship. Emotions rise and fall like waves – the stark differences between flagrant, campy drag queens and the subtle quietness of the Orient. The author manages to encompass all sides of the world and mesh it together with great skill and care.

While it won’t be everyone’s particular cup of tea I found it highly enjoyable and extremely well crafted. A short enough story to indulge in when you only have a brief amount of time, but with vivid enough characters and so much emotion bursting from the seems it at times felt like a far longer tale. I found myself drowning in the complex situation, and could empathize with Tommy in particular as he felt almost overwhelmed by everything. This is not your average short story and I greatly enjoyed it.

With Strings Attached by Kelly Jamieson

With Strings Attached by Kelly Jamieson
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (310 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Dahlia

The melting point is where it all comes together…or makes a big mess.

San Amaro Singles, Book 1

Corey Fenwick keeps her bitter past as hidden as the sweet centers inside the handmade chocolates she sells to a growing list of upscale customers. Experience has taught her the only person she can rely on is herself, so her best-friends-with-benefits relationship with Matt is perfect—no strings attached.

After his last girlfriend deemed him “boring”, Matt Ferber watched her ride off on the back of a Harley with a rock musician. Figuring he’s doomed to “let’s just be friends” with the women he cares about, the arrangement with Corey suits him fine too. Until his old friend Dylan Schell rolls into town to hang out while recovering from a surfing injury.

The sexy bad boy makes Corey’s mouth water, and she figures a harmless fling won’t hurt, especially when Dylan suggests she come between him and Matt—in bed.

It’s a win-win-win situation…until somehow there are strings attached. And too late they realize they’re getting all tangled up.

This time the ‘good guy’ may not finish last. As each strives to make their professional dreams come true, the future of their personal relationships is uncertain. Love is blind and for these three it is also self sacrificing.

Corey’s life is filled with chocolate and helping others. She is content in her friends-with-benefits relationship with long time best friend, Matt, and in mentoring a young girl who’s family is dealing with mental illness. Corey’s past struggles in life are her inspiration and her caring personality is shown by her actions. She really gives a lot of herself, but continues to remain guarded in getting too close to anyone for fear of becoming dependent on someone even just a friend. Her stubbornness has made her a stronger person and contributed to a budding, lucrative chocolate business, but it has also harmed her emotionally with that ever present fear of abandonment. When Matt's other best friend comes to town, Corey's life takes an unexpected turn and suddenly it's not so clear if there is such a thing as friend-with-benefits.

Matt is tired of being the ‘good guy’. After his last relationship ended badly neither he nor Corey wanted anything serious. His friend-with-benefits relationship with Corey gives him the best of both worlds – someone to talk to about anything and hot sex. No strings... until now. When Dylan enters the picture, Matt has never been more aware or confused by his growing feelings of jealousy and arousal at the site of Dylan and Corey together. He’s torn between his two best friends and their instant attraction. Matt has no claim on Corey, but he won’t let Dylan’s player ways hurt her. So he steps up and he steps up big, showing a surprised Dylan and Corey that he’s not the ‘good guy’ everyone perceives him to be and sometimes when the mood strikes he can be bad too.

Dylan’s at his lowest point in his career. His passion for surfing and women got left behind, after a traumatizing accident while on a surf tour, Dylan thought some rest and relaxation at his best friend’s house would be just the ticket to healing his bum leg. He just never expected to meet and fall for a girl while there. When Corey enters his world, Dylan begins to question his decisions in life and realizes he may just be missing out on something. He wastes no time in charming Corey while she brings some much needed light to his battling some inner demons. He can't afford to get too close to Corey though since his visit is only temporary, but each encounter with her only leaves him wanting more of what he can't have.

I was pleasantly surprised at how this story turned out. It really wasn't all that predictable and all three main characters really made me care about them. They are all considerate of each other and don’t want to do anything to ruin any of the friendships amongst them. Lots of unexpected personal drama, so there is a fair amount inner monologue where you really get to know the mind and true feelings of each character. The author does a splendid job of making sure to balance three POV’s too.

I found it interesting that as the sexy times and story intensifies so do the descriptions of the characters. It was like they finally noticed each other beyond the sex once emotion got involved. While there is a spanking scene and even some talk of BDSM it never went too far. I believe it was used more for one of the male leads to assert his dominance and I can definitely appreciate a guy who has a need and love of foreplay. And from the sounds of it sex wasn't the only thing orgasmic in this story – chocolate body paint anyone?

Like Corey or Matt would say this story is “so good”. And believe me they say that a lot especially in the heat of the moment. I am curious to see where this series will take us next and hope there will be catch-up of the characters from this one. This is only my second read from this author and I am already looking forward to the next.

Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn

Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (276 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Leather and lace don’t strike sparks. Or do they?

It’s Valentine’s Day, but Macy Rodgers isn’t feeling the love. Aside from a torrid, one-night fling in a backseat a few months back, her love life has been sorely lacking, but fortunately she has devious friends who feel like playing Cupid. Wouldn’t they be shocked to learn that the match they’ve made for her is the same one that steamed up the back of that ’69 GTO…

Seth “Ghost” Warren has just returned to town after an extended absence. Between his grandmother’s failing health, his job as a tattoo artist, his band’s gigs, and a crazy ex who won’t leave him alone, he’s stretched thin. Cautious cowgirl Macy is the last thing he needs thrown into the mix.

She’s all country, he’s all heavy metal—and Macy knows that if anyone can propel her out of her rut, it’s Seth. But when their worlds collide, it’s anyone’s guess if they’ll survive with their hearts intact.

OMG!!! Seth can leave me breathless anytime. This story really lived up to it's title. I loved everything about this multi-faceted story. Everything was soooo good. Starting with Seth...a truly scrumptious hero who will steal the hearts of readers everywhere. In the middle somewhere was Macy and her down-home country appeal. Then you have all the angst that comes with such an odd couple and their imperfect affair. These fabulous characters and the awesome writing skills of Cherrie Lynn gifted readers with a winning combination of heartbreak and   steamy passionate sex.

At first glance Macy wasn't too impressed with Seth. His friend, Brian, may have bamboozled her friend, Candace, but Macy considers herself too smart to fall for a heavy metal guy like him . No matter how smokin' hot he is . No two people could be more different. She's a country sweetheart. He's a bad boy tattooed rocker. I mean...who goes for that? Apparently, Macy goes for it. Because the Queen of the Rodeo ends up having a one-night stand with the Death Metal rocker in the back of his vintage 69 GTO. And yeah, that bad-boy rocked her world. The sex was steamy. But the light of day brings embarrassment for Macy who gives her lover the cold shoulder. Seth has a family emergency that sends him running home to Oklahoma.

The story picks up months later with Seth coming back just in time for a Valentine's Day hook-up with Macy. Once again in the back seat of his car. Man, that sweet ride sure got a lot of action. And I'm not just talking about the car. Things get hot and heavy as soon as they meet back up, giving the readers a lot of sultry sex scenes. But Macy and Seth have a lot of issues to deal with - as a couple as well as individuals. Years ago, Macy had an almost fatal rodeo fall that left her willing to accept a little less in life. To her, less risk means more safety. So she pushes everyone away to save herself the risk of a relationship . She also came off as being a bit of a snob to me. As for'd think a man that fine wouldn't have any issues. But he does. His heart was broken years ago. And thanks to the gal who done him wrong Seth's insecure and afraid to trust another woman with his heart. They'll just be friends with benefits. Yeah, that's what they tell themselves. Instead, they go from a casual hook-up to a full blown, hot and heavy relationship in no time flat . But misunderstandings and jealous exes get in the way. Enough said get the picture: steamy sex + romance = Happy Girl.

Now, to the good part. DAMN!! I loved this book. It's got lots of fantastic love scenes but there's a story here too. A really good one. For readers looking for a hot and steamy story that actually says something ...Leave Me Breathless is one you son't want to miss. So grab yourself a copy of Cherrie Lynn's latest. You will not be disappointed.


Dragon Games by Jory Strong

Dragon Games by Jory Strong
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Interracial
Length: Short Story (76 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed By Fuchsia

Though he has no intention of shackling himself to a female, Tielo has devised a poker invitational to bring potential human mates to Drake’s Lair for his fellow dragons. Club co-owner Pierce has also set a plan in motion—to see his partner mated. When their two schemes collide in the shape of Lyra, smoke and flame result, literally.

For Lyra, the invitation to an evening of high-stakes poker is the answer to a prayer and her chance to help a family in need. But her confidence wavers upon entering Drake’s Lair, where the male members role-play as dragons and brazenly display their sensuality.

None are as dangerously distracting as Tielo. The gold-and-silver “dragon” could be her downfall, and not just at the poker table. Because despite his attempts at denial, overwhelming need and lust blast Tielo the instant he meets Lyra. He’ll have her beneath him before the night is done, his essence inside her, his claim undeniable.

For dragons, mating is no game…and Tielo is playing for keeps.

Tielo and his partner, Pierce own Drake’s Lair, a club where dragons can come, mingle and possibly find a human mate. This particular night Tielo has planned a poker night sending out select invitations to human women who may possible be a mate for one of his fellow dragons. Pierce has other plans; he has devised a plan to find Tielo a mate, which is the one thing Tielo does not want.

Lyra is a third grade teacher who has become enmeshed in the lives of the Ochoa’s family who has suffered setbacks when their sons’, her students, were hospitalized and nearly died. Lyra wants to help them keep their restaurant and get a home instead of living in a motel, so she decides to take part in the game at Drakes’ Lair. She knows that the men who go there pretend to be dragons and she’s willing to play along especially if it means she can win enough to help the Ochoa’s.

Dragon Games had this reader enthralled from start to finish, I loved the characters and the easy way they interacted with one another. The supporting characters in the form of the other dragons also helped flesh out the story because you got to see a bit of their personalities and you saw how badly they wanted a mate. Lyra and Tielo were drawn to each other and the heat between them was scorching, which made for sex scenes that had you wishing you had a dragon in your tank. Jory Strong gave a great story, lots of hot sex and even hotter men/dragons.

This is the eight book in the Supernatural Bonds series and although it is part of a series it can read as a standalone. There was mention in the story of Lyra’s sister Summer who is into BDSM and a promise from Lyra that she would introduce the dragon Jubal to her. Their story will be book nine in the series and I will be getting a copy because if its anything like Dragon Games this reader is in for a real treat. I would absolutely recommend this book, it is a great way to indulge your shape shifter fantasies and get a in a good read.