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Friday, April 13, 2012

Off Limits by Emma Jay

Off Limits by Emma Jay
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, LTD.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (126 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed By Dianthus

Don’t look. Don’t touch. Definitely don’t want.

There’s no boundary Zach Purser won’t push. Three-ways, four-ways, sex clubs, he’s tried it all. It’s all about the freedom, but lately he’s had the nagging feeling that something is missing.

At a friend’s engagement party, he spots the missing piece all tied up one hot little package of a woman. Trouble is, she’s his best friend Adam’s baby sister. Adam knows all of Zach’s dirty secrets. Which means if he even thinks about touching her, he’s dead.

Paige Clark has crushed on Zach since she grew breasts, but he’s never so much as glanced her way. Until now. She knows desire when she sees it, and Zach’s eyes burn with that unmistakable heat. Finally, she’s got his attention—now if only she can get him to act on it.

Zach tries his best to push her away, but she doesn’t push back, she pulls—tumbling them both over the edge of resistance and right into bed. Panic isn’t far behind. Now he’s stuck between a big brother who’d like to bust his nose, and a woman who’s gotten under his skin. And of all the things he’s tried, romance isn’t one of them…

For Paige Clark there's only ever been one man for her, if only he would open his eyes and see that she's been waiting for him, things would be so much easier. Since Zach Purser has never done things the easy way, at least in Paige’s eyes, she's going to have to get dirty to get the guy. Giving into her heart isn’t an option in this game, but getting at least something from Zach is better than never having him at all. But the more she's with him the more that she wants him. Sooner rather than later she realizes that walking away isn’t an option anymore. Will offering him herself with no strings attached be just the right bait or will Paige end up losing not only her heart but her dignity as well?

Zach Purser just wants to have a good time, hang out with friends and relax every night with a different woman. He isn’t ready to settle down and doesn’t know if he will ever be ready. Settling is how Zach sees Paige; she's someone you could make a life with, maybe have a few kids and a house in the ‘burbs. However, she's not someone you have a few fun nights with then never talk to again. When Zach tries to make Paige into the woman he can handle, with negative results, panic is the only thing left for him. He can’t need her, or want to be around her, yet every time he tries to stay away the more he aches for her. One touch is never enough, and even out of the bedroom she's so much more than he expected. Simply put, falling for her is so easy.

With an over protective brother, sick kids and nosy roommates, Zach and Paige have their work cut out if they want to make this relationship work. Emma Jay made this story easy to read. The characters really told the story and made this so enthralling I was sad to see the last page. Because Ms. Jay is a new author for me, I didn’t know what to expect, but this book was wonderful to read and a pleasure to review. This one would make a great addition to anyone’s TBR pile, just like it has to my keeper shelf. I can't wait to read it again.

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