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Friday, April 6, 2012

I'll be Mated by Christmas by Rebecca Royce

I'll be Mated by Christmas by Rebecca Royce
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, paranormal, holiday
Length: Short Story (33 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

Bethany Johnson grew up one of the only humans in a pack of werewolves. She didn’t have an easy time and her self-confidence was almost non-existent. Finally, after some serious psychotherapy and the help of weight-loss surgery, she is feeling like the Bethany she has always wanted to be. But now she has to say goodbye to the werewolves in her life. Out with the old and in with the new this year…

Luke Denarius is the new Alpha of the Delta pack. He’s never met Bethany but the second he scents her he knows she is his. No way is she going off to Italy for adventure and hot sex with other men.

With the help of Madame Eve these two will find that a mating is in the works for Christmas.

I thought this was a sweet heartwarming story with just enough heat to keep a person smiling through the cold winter nights.

Ms. Royce can spin an erotic holiday tale sure to make you want to howl at the full-moon.

Madame Eve/Evangeline runs a very unique dating agency in this “One Night Stand” series. Again Madame Eve has plotted to bring together two more wolf lovers.

Bethany Johnson is one of only a few humans who has grown up with werewolves as her extended family after her widowed mother mates a werewolf. Now that her mother is no longer with her, she feels emotionally damaged believing she can't quite measure up where her family is concerned. Suffering from low self-esteem and conscious of her weight struggles, Bethany decides weight loss surgery, a new life, and maybe a new man is the key to helping her get a new attitude in life. Visiting her family one last time for the holidays is her way of saying goodbye to everything werewolf and hello to her new way of life.

Luke Denarius is now the new alpha of the delta pack. He has plans to turn this pack around toward a healthy family unit instead of the abusive lifestyle most of these werewolves encountered in the former reign. He has his hands full. While making the rounds to visit his new pack members, he discovers (quite by accident) that Bethany is his one true mate when he scents her unique fragrance. Now he has to find a way to win her over before she moves on to her new adventures.

I really enjoyed this story and the character development. It was a well choreographed short romance that served up a whimsical fantasy with imaginative settings.

I found myself lured into the world Ms. Royce created, and I was intrigued enough that I could not put this book down once I started reading it. Though short, this story was simply cute and cuddly.

Authors of novellas face an enormous task to create a complete love story in a small amount of words. Rebecca Royce has done that with this book. You can relate to her characters and enjoy this tale in one quick setting.

Looking for a holiday werewolf romance? This paranormal may be right up your wonderland-alley.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wolf Reborn by Rebecca Royce

Wolf Reborn by Rebecca Royce
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary, paranormal
Length: Short Story (84 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

A lone wolf is a dangerous creature, until he meets his mate. Then he’ll become lethal to protect her.

Faith Anderson never asked to be a wolf shifter, but one strange encounter with the Westervelt Wolves and she suddenly has a past she knows nothing about and a future wrought with danger. No one is more disappointed than she to discover that the island does not hold a mate for her…that is, until she collides with Theo Kane, the missing prince of the Westervelt Wolves who has chosen isolation to save his pack from what he believes are his insane tendencies.

Theo couldn’t imagine anything worse than the near death experience that left him scarred and forever changed. Until some of the same things start happening to Faith. Now he has no choice but to face what he has avoided for over a year if he doesn’t want the past to repeat itself, this time taking Faith along for the ride. Together they will battle demons, invisible wolves, and worst of all his father to find their eternal love.

But if the price is eternity, are they willing to risk it all?

How do you flush out a traitor who can mask their identity and even hide their scent from a wolves sensitive sense of smell? Well, when the former Alpha is a psychotic madman who resorts to all kinds of dark magic to destroy the Westervelt Werewolves and their mates, then an invisible traitor becomes the next logical spy in his sadistic plans.

After fending off an attack with a demon and now self-exiled to hide his darker side from his pack members, scarred and tortured Theo Kane (half brother to the Alpha, Tristan Kane) soon finds that his mate is the new head of security, Faith Anderson.

Rebecca Royce is a shining star with this action filled and fast paced story between werewolves Theo and Faith. Ms. Royce continues to impress with her engaging writing of wolf-shifter adventures. Her fictional world development is both believable and fascinating. I keep finding myself searching for wolf traits in my personality half-believing I might be a long lost shifter at heart. I have grown to love this series and look forward to each new saga.

Dream-mystic Faith discovers her wolf side quite by accident when a forced shifting takes place in Mexico. She's finally able to set her wolf free by working security detail on the island that has been calling for her return for many years. What a shock it is to Faith to discover not only that there is another Kane brother on the island but that he's her predestined mate.

Soon Theo and Faith find themselves working together to flush out the enemy among them. Despite the physical and mental repercussions they both have had to endure, you'll love how these two lovers secure their happiness before the wolf-shifters are all destroyed.

Ms. Royce has discovered the secret of writing her werewolf creations in such away to express their dual natures when ultimately they are one and the same-being. I love the witty dialogue and banter between the simplistic thinking wolf and it's emotional charged human counterpart. I find this unique and enjoyable.

I suggest anyone interested in this series to start from the beginning as each story is riveting and exciting; however I'm impressed with how each book covers enough background material to insure it can be a stand alone novel.

This particular story, though furthering the drama of the werewolves fate, focuses mostly on Faith and Theo and their lives, their past and how to unlock the mysteries that ultimately will decide their futures. I have really enjoyed the fact that these two characters accepted each other at the beginning of the tale and found themselves working together as a team to solve the drama of discovering who has betrayed them. The secondary characters are insightful and informative. You can feel the sense of evil in the development of this serial making this paranormal realm invigorating and thrilling. Each new addition to the Westervelt Wolves series entices us with a nibble of upcoming exploits making one anticipate reading about the Kane brothers, their new mates and the battle between good and evil.

Looking for an enchanting fable with scintillating and enigmatic plots, a sense of family unity, and a succulent romance that engages your imagination and satisfies your sense of adventure? Then Wolf Reborn might be the book you have been searching for.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer's Wolf by Rebecca Royce

Summer's Wolf by Rebecca Royce
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary, paranormal
Length: Short Story (57 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

Three years ago, Summer Morrison’s happy, normal life was thrown into upheaval. Forced to discover, before she was ready, that she was half-wolf shifter and mated to the pack’s enforcer has left Summer moody, shaken, and resentful. When tragedy strikes her family, Summer is forced to come back to the world of the Westervelt Wolves…and into the arms of Cullen Murphy.

Cullen has waited three years for Summer, having promised her mother he would give her time to grow up. But he’s never forgotten his mate and craved her presence since he first saw her on the battlefield three years earlier. The trouble is, now that Cullen has Summer, he has no idea what to do with her. Three hundred years of being alone has left Cullen socially inept and more lonesome than he would ever admit. He lives with the guilt and shame of his deeds, while knowing his role is pivotal to the pack’s survival.

Together, Cullen and Summer will heal each other’s wounds and discover that life is worth living as long as they are together. Now there’s just the little matter of Kendrick and Claudius, their evil henchmen, the army of miscreant wolves, and the demons that keep attacking. If they can survive, their love will be everlasting. But failure will mean not only their destruction, but the end of the Westervelt Wolves.

When love is eternal, failure is not an option.

Three years ago Summer found out that she was a wolf-shifter in a painful and scary way. She's waited ever since for Cullen to claim her, and when he doesn't, she feels rejected and hurt. When a family tragedy brings Cullen back into her life, can these two find love in the mist of heartache? Can she continue to deny her mate even when a vision reveals Cullen's eventual death?

Summer is beautiful and talented. She's also the mate to a 300 year old werewolf. Pack Enforcer Cullen and Summer meet for the first time at the end of Ms. Royce's first Westervelt Wolves book, Her Wolf. Cullen knows immediately that Summer is his destined mate but makes an agreement with her mother to wait until Summer is out of school before he acts on it. Three years later a unforeseen tragedy forces Cullen to protect his mate and stake his claim.

This is the second book in the Westervelt Wolves series and it just keeps getting better and better. Rebecca Royce has shown herself to be a leading authority on hot werewolf romance! I am excitedly awaiting the next installment in this well written drama. This intense, yet sensual, book is a fine stand-alone as well as a good continuation. It covers the details needed from the previous book well enough to keep up without backtracking to previous works. I find this refreshing and appreciated when reading and reviewing a serial novel.

The background story shows us a psychotic ex-alpha named Kendrick Kane who is trying to kill the Westervelt Wolves and their mates. This brings about many fantastical creations as magic is used in battle giving us a compelling new paranormal saga.

Ms. Royce has done a fantastic job of bringing her lupine characters to a humanist way of life. Cullen, a tortured soul who has lived the life of an assassin, is complicated, loyal, and sweet. He's seen many years of horrific things in his life, yet he still cannot help but fumble when talking to his mate. We see the insecurities that accompany relationships expressed well in these characters.

Summer on the other hand shows us just how young she really is. With much growing up still left to do, we see her as facing life's tragedies and making lemonade. She's hanging on to humanity by a thread by denying her inner wolf. When forced to battle evil with Cullen we discover she's actually quite strong in her own right and capable of deep love given time. Ms. Royce has a way of breathing LIFE into her characters, leaving the reader with a refreshing new story to add to our werewolf fantasies.

The sexual tension in our two main characters is electrifying and sizzles. We see that eventually there has to be a huge showdown between the alphas, but reading the developments in each new book is exciting and anticipated. This action-packed fable depicts an inner dialog with wolf and man that shows us how the shifters need balance to co-exist. I found it fascinating that the wolf can argue with the man when they are indeed one and the same. This reader thought this to be original and fun.

If a new werewolf series is in the cards, then Summer's Wolf might just be the book to add to your reading list.

Make Me Shiver by Aline Hunter

Make Me Shiver by Aline Hunter
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Taboo
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (126 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Voyeurism, Spanking, Anal Play, Toys
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Dianthus

When Lacey loses control of her vehicle and finds herself trapped by ice and snow, she knows there’s only one person to call for help. Unfortunately, Michael may cause more turmoil than relief. She’s lusted for the gorgeous Dom ever since she first laid eyes on him. Trouble is, he doesn’t do vanilla and she’s not a submissive…or is she?

Michael’s hungered for Lacey for months, so when he notices her fleeting glimpses and blush-stained cheeks as he rescues her from an altercation with a guardrail, he decides it’s time to push the sultry beauty’s boundaries…only to discover Lacey’s not as reserved as she thinks.

Physical attraction blossoms into something neither anticipates, taking Michael and Lacey beyond kink, dominance and submission. Their newfound connection is strong. Until a flame from Michael’s past returns, shatters the fragile trust he and Lacey have only just developed and threatens to destroy something neither wants to surrender.

Today just isn’t the day for Lacey Walsh. She walked in on her boyfriend sleeping with his secretary (and they weren’t doing too much sleeping before her interruption). Now she's stranded on the side of the road after she slammed into a guard rail on the way home. The only person who can get her out of this jam is the one person she doesn’t want to call. The man makes her blood stir and soaks her panties far more than she would like to admit. When giving into him is the only option on the table, today and forever, can Lacey make herself see that Michael wants more from her than just her body? Will his past make her run from him before he can open her eyes to the real Michael?

Michael has lusted for Lacey for months, and while he knows she's scared he can tell that she's born to be with him. There's just something about Lacey that sings to him and he can’t help but want to mark her as his in every way possible. Being gentle isn’t something Michael is especially good at but he's willing to give it a chance if it gets him the wonderful Lacey in the end. Will a surprise visit from Michael's sordid past make Lacey run from him or will he be able to make her see everything is different now that she is with him?

Talk about a HOT book! For the majority of the story I wanted to be Lacey and embrace the lifestyle Michael was offering her. Aline Hunter made the characters so realistic they couldn’t have been more real had they jumped off the page and talked to me. The story line was complete and flowed so well that the last page came way too soon and I hated to see it all end. I liked how Ms. Hunter left enough hanging to allow for a second book while still tying up the ending of Make Me Shiver for a decent solo read.

This is definitely a book for someone comfortable in the BDSM area as it's a heavy factor in the majority of this book. For someone new to the genre Ms. Hunter still made an enjoyable read for those who are simply curious. I will definitely be looking for more works by Ms. Hunter in the future!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lumina by Georgia Fox

Lumina by Georgia Fox
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Length: Full Length (110 pages)
Genre: Historical
Other: M/F, Multiple Partners, M/F/F, Menage, M/F/M, Voyeurism, Anal sex, BDSM, spanking
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

Misadventures of a Wanton Hussy, 1

Isabelle is about to have her virginity auctioned off to the highest bidder. Only stern, sensible Salvatore, her cruel aunt’s solicitor, can rescue her. While he’s been her tutor, she’s fallen deeply in love. But Salvatore has dark secrets that keep him from temptation. Their futures seem destined to be apart.

Her pride wounded by his rejection, and trust broken by a shocking discovery, Isabelle tries to forget him. Determined never to endanger her heart again, she finds another man to satisfy her sexual needs.

Until a surprise inheritance brings her back to Salvatore.

Now named “Lumina”, she wants two things from him – the cock he once denied her. And vengeance.

Salvatore, now a free man, has other ideas. He bitterly regretted losing her before and he’ll do anything to keep her this time, even sharing her with other lovers.

Until she’s ready to commit herself solely to him.

This was one hot story and the moment I opened it, I wondered who the woman was and what was going on. The author didn’t make me wait and little by little, with clear, vivid descriptions that sent my pulse racing more than once, she built the fascinating story of Isabelle or Lumina and how she came to be where she was.

Isabelle tugged at my heartstrings. We watch how she grows from a naive, playful, chattering girl, to a woman, determined to get what she wants. Like real life, her path is full of hardships and mistakes that will show her life is no easy stroll through the park.

I liked Isabelle but, my heart belongs to the male hero of Lumina, Salvatore. Usually, romance novels have a handsome hero. In Lumina this is not the case. Oh, there is definitely an incredibly hot and sexy masculine figure: Alexander Deschamps, also known as The Chevalier. However, Lumina’s love interest lies on the not particularly handsome, Salvatore. The character is built in such an artful way that, to my mind, he was truly beautiful. He was a man of worth; kind and good, deserving, even with his mistakes and errors.

Through Ms. Fox’s way with words I felt every moment of fear, yearning and pent up desire of the characters as if it were my own. Oh, how I wished Salvatore was not so proper or Lumina was not so impulsive! But the moments of happiness were also mine to relish. A forbidden kiss! A mirrored room! And one naughty, naughty Salvatore!

If you want to read something deliciously hot and naughty, with imperfect characters sure to leave an imprint in your heart, then Lumina is the book for you.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wrath by Laurann Dohner

Wrath by Laurann Dohner
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (224 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

Wrath volunteers to live and work outside Homeland where he’ll once again be confined in a small space with other males. He was subjected to horrific abuse and conditioning and forced to view endless sex tapes of human females while chained to Mercile’s perverted machines. Wrath knows he’s too dangerous and emotionally damaged to ever be with a female.

Lauren has just been detained by three big, buff, well-armed men—New Species. One of them really catches her eye. He is tall, sexy, and…her new roommate apparently. She has never met a man this truly spectacular and she decides to taste every inch of his amazing body. Wrath wants to explore that plan too. The sex is incredible and he gives her everything she needs but he’ll only go so far. Something is holding him back.

Lauren has to make him unleash his desire and Wrath has to get past his fear to give them a chance at a future together.

Award winning author Laurann Dohner has created yet another hot dramatic romance that sizzles the pages right off of the book. Dazzling her readers once again with exhilarating sexually charged exploits, Ms. Dohner proves to be a superb chemist when it comes to electrifying paranormal coupling.

Laurann Dohner continues her erotic saga with this intriguing tale about “New Species” number 919. Domineering, dangerous, sexy and emotionally scarred, 919 has recently been rescued from Mercile's horrific abuse. He feels strongly that he may be a danger to human females. When volunteers are needed to work in the new rescue task force, 919 picks a new name calling himself Wrath. He volunteers in hopes of bringing down those who have previously captured and abused him.

I do suggest reading this series from the beginning if you possibly can, as it makes it easier to follow the character development in Ms. Dohner's creations.

“New Species” are much stronger, faster and larger than humans, but many of the male “New Species” have discovered their true love-mate is found with a human female, and since “New Species” females cannot conceive, human female mates are birthing their future.

Wrath and the new task force members have set up their first sting operation. The problem? Lauren, a new real-estate agent who was told to show the warehouse her co-worker Brent should have shown, turns up instead and is mistakenly captured by the task force for interrogation.

Wrath is immediately attracted to Lauren but believes it would be best to avoice her for her personal safety. That cannot happen, though, when Wrath inevitably becomes her rescuer and protector. Action and adventure turns into a dramatic love bond that sparks out of control, leaving these two characters not only fighting for their lives, but fighting also to contain the wildfires of love.

Sizzling with lethal dialogue, as well as steamy sex, this truly sweet love story captures your heart and fuels your imagination.

I have enjoyed Wrath's story, as I found myself plunging deeper under the spell that Ms. Dohner has magically woven in her New Species series! The characters are traumatized yet extremely loveable. The Alpha personality we expect from the New Species heroes holds true even in this fable. I continue to find myself relating to characteristics of the female leads, and I tend to get excited about the hints of future romances mentioned in each book regarding secondary characters. With exciting alternate world building presented in these stories, one might find themself totally captivated and charmed.

Looking for a strong lover to sweep you off of your feet? Well Wrath might just be the one you seek.

Free For All by Jayne Rylon

Free For All by Jayne Rylon
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (68 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/F/M, menage
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Lotus

After a courtship filled with nights steamy enough to thaw the lingering winter chill, Sarah is finally beginning to believe she might have found the one man who can support her career as a sex worker in Amsterdam’s Red Light district. But when she asks around, it’s clear Rick isn’t taking advantage of the freedom their open relationship offers. None of the sexiest girls in the district have serviced him for months.

Afraid of losing the star of her extra-naughty dreams, Sarah confronts her boyfriend about his change of heart. Rick confesses he’s no longer interested in wild times without her. Instead, he’d like to try experimenting with multiple partners, show off his sexy woman and revel in the company of like-minded hedonists. Fortunately, he knows just the place for a debauched experience wicked enough to make even an experienced hooker blush.

A sexual free-for-all is on the menu at one of Amsterdam’s infamous swingers’ clubs, and by the end of the night, Sarah is going to get the surprise of her life.

What does a sex worker do for fun during her off duty time? What does a sex worker’s boyfriend think about her line of work? The intriguing answers to these questions are revealed in Free For All, Jayne Rylon’s latest book in the Red Light series.

Sarah is a sex worker in Amsterdam’s red light district, performing in front of a window every night she is at work. Rick is her boyfriend, whose line of work appears to involve some kind of entertainment. They have an open relationship that Sarah was hoping Rick would take advantage of and enjoy, but upon checking with the other girls in the district, she has found out that he has not done so. Sarah is very concerned that she is about to lose Rick, whom she loves and fantasizes about every night in her dreams.

Rick takes Sarah to visit an old friend who has helped him with a romantic hideaway and then to a swingers’ club where they widen their sexual horizon and test the limits of their relationship. So is he believable or does this prove that he loves her? She, on the other hand, is concerned that she would be jealous if he does have sex with other women because she might not want to share him. Sarah's not sure of her feelings until she actually sees him with another woman.

I was a bit concerned that I couldn’t read this as a standalone book, but it was still very enjoyable. I didn’t feel as though I landed in the middle of a story that I couldn’t figure out. Since this was the fourth book in the series, the initial attraction part of the relationship had already occurred and the characters were reflecting on their life together which helps give readers the background on their situation. The only parts I could have used more information on were Rick’s job and someone named Hazel.

Ms. Rylon’s writing is very fluid, giving readers enough details to make them feel as though they are in the scenes living vicariously through the characters. This was a fun story and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Rylon.

For a short story on a sex worker with hot erotic scenes, make sure you look for Free For All! It includes glimpses into a swingers’ club in Amsterdam. It will definitely satisfy your curiosity and leave you hot and bothered!!!